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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

WTF? Where has 2014 gone?

   WTF Heather? What happened to the WTF Wednesdays? SO my WTF Wednesdays have not been up to par but that's just because of all of the holiday crap. Everything should be- should be- back to normal next week.

   Woah, where has the time gone? I can't believe 2014 is almost over. I feel like this year has gone by so fast! Well, it only makes sense to look back and reflect on 2014.

1. I bought my house
   This was huge for me. I finally have a house- my house! No more apartments- *knock on wood* I am just so happy and grateful for this house and I know my babies are as well.

2. Audrey came into our lives
   Audrey, my English Bulldog puppy, was welcomed into our lives (mine and my 2 other furr babies) in August 2014.

3. Being at my job for two years
   February 2014 marked my two year anniversary of me being at my job and then in just a few short months- like just under 2 months- I'll have been here for three!

4. My Sister moved in with me
   When I bought my house and moved in, so did my little Sister. I love her to pieces and am so happy to have her living with me even though she gets annoyed of me.

5. Saw Demi Lovato in concert
   I went to the Demi Lovato concert, which was my 2nd concert and my Sister's first! Demi Lovato is such an amazing and inspiring woman.

6. New Doctor and MRI
   I finally, finally went and saw a new Doctor and got an MRI. January 5, 2015, I will be going back for my follow up to get the MRI results. So hopefully that brings me some more answers about my health (non-mental health related).

7. My Mom bought a new house and moved
   I know this doesn't necessarily have to do with me but I mean, she is my Mother and this was big for her and I am so happy for her. She moved into an area that she loves and an area where she is allowed to have farm animals. She originally planned to get 2 alpacas and 2 pygmy goats buuuuuuut she wants another English Bulldog. So she might be getting another English Bulldog and pygmy goats next year!

8. My Sister got Eleanor
   Eleanor, my Sister's 2nd furr baby, came into her life. Even though she and Audrey are the same age, Jen got Eleanor when she was 8 weeks old in May and I got Audrey when she was 4 months old in the beginning of August. So if you can't tell, this list isn't in order or anything. But anyways, this was big. My Sister now has two dogs, which obviously live at my house with her, and this is the first dog ever that she got to pick out- even though Ella (Eleanor) actually picked my Sister.

9. I met Steve
   Now I don't want to jinx it or anything but this year, although it was towards the end of the year, I met Steve. Even though we aren't like official or anything, I am so incredibly happy with him and I can't wait to see what the future holds. *knock on wood*

10. I started this blog
   I finally started a blog, this blog. I love blogging and all of my followers! I'm excited to see where this blogging journey takes me.

   I'm sure I probably left out some things but those are ten big things that happened in 2014. Tonight Sexy Steve is taking me to Philly to go see a band! So excited and can't wait!

Well, cheers to the New Year and I can't wait to see what 2015 has in store!


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Year's Resolution(s)

   Ahhh it's that time again- time to make your New Year's resolution or resolutions. I usually don't do this but ya know what? This year I am going to. I usually make goals as they come to me throughout the year but I'm going to start this year off right and I'm going to make 3 New Year's resolutions.

1. Don't buy any shoes this whole year unless...
   Ok, I was originally going to say don't buy any shoes at all but shit happens and sometimes you actually need to buy new shoes. I'm not a shoeaholic or anything but I don't wear a lot of the shoes I have. Like some of my heels I haven't even ever worn. I'm really going to try not to buy any shoes though and even though I'm not a shoe obsessed person, this resolution is going to save me money. So I am not going to buy any shoes unless:  
 -They are like on sale for under $10 and absolutely love them and would wear them all of the time or something.
 -They are shoes that are needed that are replacing old messed up ones- perhaps running type shoes if I actually end up working out?
 -I need shoes for a very special occasion where my shoes I already own don't go with anything or something.
 -They are weather-type shoes like rain boots.

2. Eat healthier and try to work out at least once a week
   I do try to eat healthier and I have been. I would say on work days, my breakfast and lunch are both pretty healthy and I only drink soda if I'm eating out and sometimes I don't even order soda when eating out. But I want to continue eating healthier.

   When I got Audrey, the weather was warm and I was trying to build up her muscle and getting her used to her surroundings and improve her socialization and stuff. So I would take her on a walk at least once a week with my Mom and my Sister and my Sister's dogs. However, when my Mom moved and my Sister started working more (her job is after school), we stopped. I want to make a resolution to walk or do some type of work out, even if it is just crunches or something, at least once a week and I want to start actually trying to use my Sister's xbox kinect (?) thing and try to do workout type things on that.

3. Work on improving/ expanding my blog
   I am so proud of myself for actually starting this blog and how far I have come with it. I can't believe how much I love blogging. In 2015, I want to improve even more, join more blogging programs, and change the whole look of my blog. Lookout 2015!

   I'd love to hear your New Year's resolutions if you have made any!


Monday, December 29, 2014

Holiday Recap Briefing- does that even make sense?

   Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great Christmas!!! I actually had a nice Christmas this year. We went to my step sister's house and I got to meet some of her fiance's family and I got to see my adorable handsome 7 month old twin nephews- LOVE them!

   It's pretty much tradition for me and my sister to go shopping the day after Christmas- sooo we did lol. But I was good with my money and didn't spend much at all. I also ordered some things online so I might just wait til everything is here to take pictures of what I bought.

   Oh yea, and my sister and I never finished decorating and didn't even decorate the sugar cookies I made. Oh well- there's always next year! So I'll just show you the little bit that we did get done.

My Christmas Tree

Rocking my Red and Green on Christmas

The two pictures on the left are the sides I decorated and the pictures on the right are the sides my Sister decorated
If you haven't read it in a previous post, I am not Jewish- my Sister accidentally picked out the blue and white gingerbread house. Oops. So yea, we weren't really in the mood for gingerbread house decorating but it was Christmas Eve when we did it, so we kind of had to.

Yea I didn't take but two pictures of my cookies I made and we didn't decorate them. 

Audrey getting into some of their Christmas presents

Mowgli and Gemma wanted the same toy... or Mowgli just wanted to aggravate and play with Gemma

My new Pandora bracelet and hippo charm from my twin nephews! LOVE this!!!

   Well that's all for now. Don't really feel in the blogging mood. I mean, come on, it is Monday morning and the day back to work after the Holidays. So who wants to do anything anyway? But I will tell you that I have my car back and it is fixed- hopefully *knock on wood* and I got to see Steve this past Friday and we're spending New Year's Eve together! 


Wednesday, December 24, 2014

WTF Wednesday and Christmas Eve

   Oh. My. God. It is Christmas Eve!!!

   But first... ok so on my way home from work on Monday, my car kept feeling like it was being hit by strong winds and it was hard to steer straight (no strong winds that day). When I got somewhat closer to home (I have a long commute), a light/ alert popped up saying "Steering Fault Service Now." I Googled on my phone to see what it meant. Other people with Ford Focus and people with Ford Fusions have experienced this and one said that when she turned her car off and then restarted it, the alert said loss of steering and you couldn't turn the steering wheel. Well good thing I waited until I got home to try that because mine did the same thing. I read online that Ford has received 450 complaints of this exact problem in certain year models of Fusions and Focuses. I have a 2012 Ford Focus SE and that model was included. I also read a lawsuit was filed against Ford in July because they have not fixed this problem. Anyway, a tow truck had to come to my house to tow my car to Ford. Thank goodness my Mom convinced my Sister to let me drive her car to work on Tuesday so that I could actually work and my Sister got a ride from her friend to school. Thank the Lord when I called at 10:00 a.m. they said my car had been fixed- or so they say- and it would cost like $230 or something. This total consisted of the price for towing, which I really don't think I should have to pay or have to pay almost $100 for a tow from my house to two minutes down the street, and a software update or something. A lot of people who had this problem said Ford did this and then within days or weeks, the steering went out again. This really worried me because I have such a long commute to and from work and it's on the highway and with rain and snow coming, it could be super dangerous. Lots of these people who filed complaints had gotten into accidents and some ended up in the hospital.
   -Well guess what? Thirty minutes into my commute, the same alert, "Steering Fault Service Now" pops up. So I drive back home (making sure not to turn the car off) and got my sister to follow me to Ford to drop off. Ford had said yesterday that only time would tell if this worked and that if it didn't, they'd have to replace the safety rack or something that would cost around $1600, but it will probably be more since Dealerships throw in other stupid fees. I don't even think they are open today either. FML! Whenever it is fixed, hopefully Friday, I'll have to max out my credit cards and hopefully won't have to pay any extra in cash. Ugh.

   Alright alright, let's forget about that shit for a moment. I wanted to do a Santa-related post since Christmas is so close and Santa is related to Christmas. It only makes sense.

   First, finding out Santa isn't real. At what age did you find out Santa wasn't real? How did you find out? How did you react? WTF Heather?! Why would you talk about Santa not being real and the moment you found out this dream crushing truth??? Well I'm pretty blunt and honest and just curious- so responses would be much appreciated.

   I found out when I was 10 (5th grade). One of my "friends" was talking about it at recess. I am like two people. I look at things very realistically and I also have an overactive imagination. At this point, I was ok with finding out Santa wasn't real. Was I sad? yes but I didn't mope over it or anything. I just accepted it and continued acting like he was real for my Sister. I also kind of still imagined he was real. I have a very wild imagination. Like really wild and overactive. When watching movies, if the character is hurt physically or emotionally, I can imagine myself as the actress or actor and feel their pain and emotion. I also watch a lot of reality t.v. and shows that people say are completely scripted. When I watch these shows, I don't necessarily think realistically in the sense that the thought of the show being scripted doesn't even come to mind at all. "Thinking" that it is all real is what makes these shows so good! I know that not everything in those shows are real, but letting my imagination take over and pretend it is real is what makes me enjoy these shows so much.

   Ok let's stop the rambling before it gets out of control Heather.

   Is it crazy that I never finished putting my few Christmas decorations up??? WTF Heather? I was originally not going to decorate except for my little tree but then I ended up buying three things and my sister and I have yet to put them up. So today I plan to actually do that or at least put two of the three up. And we didn't do our cookies or gingerbread house yet. So that is on the to-do list today as well. By the way, we waited til this past weekend to get our gingerbread house. There weren't a lot left and we were in a little bit of a hurry since my sister had kind of early plans and we had went to Target before Walmart (got the gingerbread house at Walmart) and the line at Target was so freaking long and out of control that the line had to be woven in and out of aisles and directed by sales associates!!! We were in there forever!!! Anyways, my sister just picked one real quick and the decorations were blue. When we got home and I had a good look at the box, I realized she picked out a Hanukkah gingerbread house! Hahahahah! Oh well, we do things a little differently if you couldn't tell. And if you also couldn't tell, we aren't Jewish. We are Catholic. So we'll just decorate it like a regular gingerbread house with the white and blue decoration stuff in the box and not draw a Jewish star or anything with the icing. Plus I have some red glittery icing and green sugar sprinkle things to put on the cookies that we could also use on the house- maybe. We'll see. So I'll take pictures of all that and my tree and decorations and show you all in a post on Friday or this weekend. I know, I've been procrastinating. Shit happens.

   Anyways, enjoy these funny cute Christmasy dog pictures!

On a Serious note, remember:

Merry Christmas everyone!!!
   By the way, my MRI is scheduled for this Friday- wish me luck in finding answers!


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

New Year's Eve Outfit- Opinions Wanted and Help Needed Please

   Christmas Eve and Christmas is almost here!!! And next comes New Year's Eve and New Year's Day! I seriously cannot remember the last time I went out- like out out- for New Year's Eve. Like seriously. Well this year is different because Steve asked me to come see a band with him and his friends in Philly on New Year's Eve! I said yes of course and was super excited. The next thought that came to mind? I need an outfit!

   Being the online shopper that I am, I bought my outfit online- obviously. Everything but the shoes are from Forever21. I plan on going to Forever21 like actually in the store this weekend to look at the jewelry. I just couldn't make a commitment to buying the jewelry online because I was so indecisive about what jewelry I wanted to pair with this outfit and what would look good and I wanted to hurry up and order the outfit so that it arrives at my house before New Year's Eve. I might end up getting jewelry at Target or somewhere else in the mall but I'll definitely be looking at Forever21 first.

   Usually the go-to outfit for New Year's Eve is a dress. Well I'm not doing that. I'm going to Philly and going to see a band and I just feel like it'd be more appropriate and I'd be more comfortable in a pant+top combo rather than a dress.

   So here's my outfit that I ordered. What do you think??? I'm not sure if the shoes match/ if I want to wear them but I got them anyway just in case because they were on sale for only $12.24!!! How could I resist? Especially when I had been looking for cute wedges over the summer and didn't buy any. I can't decide if I should wear these wedges, get a lower closed toe wedge, or wear flats. I think I shouldn't wear heels since I'll be at a concert and might have to do some walking as well. Aggggghhhh I need your opinions!!!!!!!!!! Pleeeeease!
Ultra-Hydrating Color Lip Balm in Nude $2.90
Sequined Double-V Cami in Jade $12.90
Skinny Scuba Knit Trousers in Black $17.90
Gladiator Wedge Sandals in Black on sale $12.24
Quilted Faux Leather Moto Jacket in Olive $32.90

   I'm also not sure if I'm going to wear this jacket with the outfit or not. I wanted a faux leather moto jacket and I really like this one. It had great reviews and while I did want a black one, this one is pretty much exactly what I was looking for- besides the color of course. And it needs to get here first because who knows? Maybe it won't fit, maybe I won't like it on me, and maybe I just won't like it at all. Buuuuut if I do like it, do you think it'd go with this outfit?

   I also am thinking about getting pasties or like a sheer thin bra that has no wire lining or anything. I just think the pasties or something would look better than a regular bra with this top. And it has a V cut in the front and back and I don't know how far down it goes. Reviews suggested to go down a size, which I did, and I'm hoping I don't regret it. Sometimes reviews are accurate and sometimes they're not. We'll see. According to the tracking, it is going to be here tomorrow and so will the shoes- hopefully! *fingers crossed* *knock on wood* Yay!!!

   Also, what do you think I should do for the jewelry? I was thinking maybe silver and do a simple pendent necklace and subtle semi-dangly earrings? And then I'm going to curl my hair. 

   Would absolutely love your opinions!


Monday, December 22, 2014

My Weekend

   Oh Lord, it's Monday again. But cheer up because this is a 2 1/2 day work week!- for me at least.

   Let's recap what all happened this weekend. Friday night I met Steve at the tattoo shop, 717 Tattoo in Mechanicsburg, and then we went to see a band at HMAC. They were really good. Oh yea, before that, we had sushi at a place neither of us had been to before and we maybe ate like 1/4 of the sushi we ordered because we started feeling sick. So that was unfortunate but didn't ruin our night. After the band played, we just hang out and talked in his car. Then we went to Walmart to get his kitty some food. When we were going to the checkout line, he realized he never closed his tab out at the bar and left his card there. We raced over there and I kept calling trying to get a hold of the place because they closed at 2 and we were gonna be there after 2 a.m. Luckily we got there just in time right before the owner had left and Steve got his card. Phew!

   So I ended up getting home at 3:30 a.m.- crazy right? For me at least. By that time, I figured I might as well stay up til 4 and feed the dogs before going to bed since they are used to eating at before 4:00 a.m. on week days. And Audrey woke me up around 7ish after I went to bed. All weekend she has jumped off my bed at some point and decides to chew on my bras. Ugh that girl. So I was running on like 2 1/2 hours of sleep on Saturday (not including a nap I took during the day). Oh yea and Steve invited me to go see a band with him in Philly on New Year's Eve. So I bought an outfit online for that :)

   Annnnnnnnnd Sexy Steve invited me to his work's Christmas Party that was on Sunday. So I went to that which is another unusual thing for me to do because it started around 7ish p.m. and I basically refuse to go out on Sunday nights because of work in the early morning on Monday. But I made an exception :) and I'm glad I did. It was worth getting 3 hours less of sleep to spend time with this uhmazzzzzing man.

 Friday Night Out with Steve
I wore my hair down but pulled it back for this pic so that you can see my earrings better

 Sunday Night Out with Steve
 Curled my hair with the KISS Instawave again

 My outfit for Steve's work's Christmas Party


Friday, December 19, 2014


   Finally getting around to showing you all the pottery piece I painted almost 2 weeks ago. I'd show you the one(s) for my Mom but I can't spoil her Christmas present(s) by showing them off before she opens them.

   So yup, I painted a hippo for myself. Hippos are my favorite animal besides dogs. They are so cute and if you have ever seen a baby hippo- oh my God they are so freakin' adorable!!! I hope one day I can see a baby hippo in person.

   Ok, random, but since we're talking about hippos, I have to throw this in here (to all of you who have ever seen the movie Big Daddy); "Hip, Hip Hop, Hip Hop anonymous?" HAHAHAHA LOVE it!

   Back to my hippo. Here he is. And his name is Henry (real original right? lol *sarcasm*). Henry did not have an eye patch before I picked him out and decided to paint him. I hate painting eyes. I am quite artistic and can draw eyes great but painting them? I try to avoid it. So I painted one of his eyes- I mean that wasn't so so bad especially since he is a little animated instead of life-like. To avoid having to paint his other eye, I gave him an eye patch and put an anchor on it. So I guess Henry is a pirate hippo.

 Before (I like it so much better before they glaze/ burn it or w/e)

After (Oh yea, I forgot. Henry has a butterfly sidekick named Zip haha)

   Originally, Sexy Steve and I had planned on painting pottery yesterday. I thought it was awesome and super cute that he suggested we go paint pottery because I love it and a lot of guys- or at least the ones I've dated in the past- don't like doing that shit. I love that he's artistic. But this plan will be postponed until after Christmas for very understandable reasons. Plus, it isn't like he cancelled on me last minute. He called me up Tuesday and told me. At least I have a sure thing to look forward to the week after Christmas! So instead of painting pottery this week, we are going to see a band play tonight and then were supposed to hang out Saturday night. He is so freakin' cute and awesome :)

   Hope you all enjoy your Friday and weekend!


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Health Update

   Ok, so I wanted to update you all on my newest health discovery adventure? Um yea "newest health discovery adventure" doesn't exactly describe this well and kind of makes it sound fun- which it is NOT!

   I've been seeking answers about my health (not mental health related) since about 2012 when everything had just continued to get worse and worse and worse, that I finally decided to start seeing Doctors in order to find out what is wrong with me. I first visited an Endocrinologist in 2012 who was like 80, had to pee after seeing every single patient, was late, couldn't remember what he was writing down, like beyond ready to retire OLD. He didn't really give me answers. When he wasn't giving me answers after he read my blood test results I was like, well do I at least have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or something? And he said yes. He also told me to take iron supplements (which I eventually stopped taking because they literally made no difference) and magnesium pills for when I get muscle cramps (I sometimes take a magnesium supplement but the muscle cramps in my calves and arches of my feet haven't been frequently occurring lately). So yea, I didn't go back to that guy.

   I think I saw a hand specialist after the Endocrinologist but before the Rheumatologist. He said I didn't have Rheumatoid Arthritis or anything but that I did have inflammation which probably is caused by an autoimmune disorder.

   In 2013, I visited a Rheumatologist who was foreign and a bitch. She was one of the Doctors who is like, "If nothing is wrong with your blood test results, we won't call you." I hate those types of Doctors. She said because my Dad has Fibromyalgia (among all of the other health problems he has) and because of the symptoms I am experiencing, I have Fibro and to tell my Psychiatrist to put me on something like Cymbalta, which would help some of my mental health problems and Fibro pain. She also wrote a referral to go to aqua therapy. Bitch does it look like I have time and energy for aqua therapy? And I honestly don't think that would help a whole lot and if anything, it would only help my joint pain. So I didn't go to aqau therapy, never got a call back from her office, and didn't go see her again.

   Last week I saw this new Doctor who works in family medicine and Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy- whatever that is. His wife is a Podiatrist and apparently has Fibromyalgia and he's done a lot of research on it. I believe I mentioned in a post last week that he doesn't think I have Fibro and thinks I may have a sleep disorder. He gave me a prescription for a sleeping pill and he also sent me to get blood work done the next day. Well I went back for my follow-up yesterday. By the way, I don't know what to think of the sleeping pills. I've tried others in the past and I mean, I feel like I'm asleep but I still never get restful sleep- just like before. And this one seems to make me feel drowsy during the day and I'm still tired and fatigued. Anyway, so he discussed my blood test results with me, All of my blood work came back completely normal. I kind of expected that. While that doesn't give me a diagnosis, it does rule things out and kind of contradicts what my other Doctors have said. But this Doctor seems like he really does want to help me and genuinely cares. He said he is going to send me in for an MRI. I have never had one. When I was like 12 or something, I was supposed to see a Neurologist about my migraines but never did. Anyway, so yea. He wants me to have this type of MRI where they put a liquid/ dye or something through an IV in me or whatever and he's going to see if I have MS, any brain tumors, any lesions caused by migraines or anything like that. So I'm just waiting for his office to call me and tell me when the appointment to get the MRI is after they talk to my insurance. So, we will see what happens with that.


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

WTF Wednesday- Holiday Edition

   Today's WTF Wednesday is going to be a little bit different. It is only 8 more days til Christmas and so I wanted to do a WTF Wednesday Holiday themed post.

1. WTF? These Gingerbread houses are freaking AMAZING!!!
And this one is freaking life-size!!!

2. WTF? Looks like Elf on the Shelf is going to get coal this year...

3. WTF? These Christmas decorations are definitely different but creative!

   Well I hope you enjoyed this week's WTF Wednesday- Holiday Edition post!