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Pinterest, Fibromyalgia, and a Question

So... I have been looking at Fibromyalgia related pins on Pinterest today. Pinterest is something I use once in a blue moon and I had no idea there was stuff about Fibromyalgia on there.

   I often find my self wondering if I was misdiagnosed and I have a different autoimmune disorder. But I don't think like that as much as I used to. When I was first diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and then Fibromyalgia, I think I was in a stage of denial because I kept searching for other possible answers.

    In the beginning, I think I also felt very alone and sometimes I still feel like that, but reading other people's blogs about Fibromyalgia and their experiences has helped so much. While reading through others' blogs and posts, I'm constantly saying, "Yes! I feel that way too!" It makes me feel not alone and that I can relate to what other people are going through. And to read these things that other people are feeling and struggling with that I can relate …

Date Night and Mondays

Happy Monday- NOT! I mean who actually likes Mondays anyway? "Monday gives you a fresh start to your week!" Not to me, that just means it is the start to the work week and there's still 4 more work days to go. So yea, Mondays aren't really my thing. These two pictures I have in my office pretty much explain my relationship with Monday:

   So anyways...Friday evening I went on a date with a guy I met on Tinder. Lol that sounds kind of funny/ lame. It was our first date and he was such a gentleman. We had dinner and then we sat in the back of his truck in the parking lot and just talked and laughed for an hour or so. It was a great night :) and no, I did not kiss him. Here are the flowers he got me (he couldn't find my favorite- lilies) and my date night outfit:

Top: Delias; Cami/ Tank: Forever21; Skinny Kick Jeans: American Eagle; Sandals: American Eagle


Meet Gemma (Furrkid #1 of 3)

Gemma in "her" swivel chair in the Living Room
   Meet Gemma Madeline, also known as The Princess. And just so you know, the "G" in her name is pronounced like a "J" like the way you pronounce "gemstone." You will not believe how many people pronounce the "G" with a "Guh" sound. People are freaking weird. Anyway she is a little over 3 1/2 years old, her birthday (estimated birthday) is January 21, 2011, and she is an English Bulldog/ Beagle mix, also known as a Beabull. She is my first rescue dog, first mix breed, and first dog that I didn't get as a puppy. I adopted her when she was 1 1/2 years old. I don't know a whole lot about her past other than she had lived in an apartment with a white furry small breed dog who used to annoy her and was mean to her, her owners got evicted, her owners abused her, and she had been in two different animal shelters. She was also heartworm positive (the shelter's cheap tests did…

Treat Yourself Every Now and Then

So yesterday I took a day off from work. Last week I had left work early three times and the week before I was sicker but pushed through work anyway (not the smartest idea). I just felt like I needed a day off. I snuggled with my three cuddlebugs, watched reality tv, and tried to relax and let my body rest. I also went to the nail salon. My eyebrows really needed to be waxed and I can't even remember the last time I had a pedicure- it has been years! So I treated myself.

   I used to pluck my eyebrows myself but I usually went crazy obsessive with it and it got more difficult to do it on days where my hands and fingers would cramp up and were in pain, days where it was hard to even hold my arm up and hold the tweezers in my hand, and days where I felt like my fingers were being electrocuted or something. So I decided to just have someone wax them from then on. Plus, only paying $5 and the fact that they do a great job helps too lol.

   But today I am back at work. My goal is to…

Recent Wedding Trends

I wanted to discuss a few wedding trends, some recent and some that started a year or so ago.

   One trend that started probably over a year ago: Mix & Match Bridesmaids' Dresses. Sometimes people go as far as having the bridesmaid dresses all different colors and styles. I love the whole mix & match trend but I like it when they use the same color and have all different styles of dresses or all different styles of dresses with the same color but different shades of that color. Lauren Conrad recently got married. She let her bridesmaids each choose from two colors and their dresses were different as well.
Image via
While there are two different colors (nudes and pale pinks), the color palates are somewhat similar and neutralish. With the colors being soft and down to earth and the lengths of the dresses being about the same or almost all the same, they go together quit beautifully. It reminds me of blending different color eye shadows when doing …
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New Boots

Sorry I haven't posted in almost a week. Still not feeling well but really, what's new? I feel bad everyday. Yesterday I felt like I had been hit by a truck or a train but I still managed to push through and stay at work all day. I am going to try to do the same today. I'm still also having issues with the pharmacy regarding my ADD meds. So I am going to call my doctor's office today -if I remember to- and ask them to deal with it for me. Because of the stupid pharmacists, I have not had my ADD medicine since July! How ridiculous is that? And it is all the pharmacy's fault because my insurance said they approved me to be on the medicine for another year (they have to renew it each year) back in July. Ugh!

On a positive note, last week my new boots were delivered! I had been looking for the perfect pair of ankle boots and found them! I absolutely adore them. They are so cute and comfortable and the heel height is perfect. I wanted an ankle boot with a heel but not to…


I'm going to keep this post short. Ugh I am so fatigued. One of my shirts I have explains how I feel exactly: "I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired." I was just getting over being sick last week and now I'm a little sick again. Not as bad as last week but still. So I left work early today and when I got home (after eating lunch), I tried taking a nap and had a crappy nap. I hate these. I just wish I could work from home half the time. Technically I can, but will my boss let me? Probably not. Since I have moved, I have not seen a general physician and although I keep saying I need to find one, I think I really really need to and see if he can help me at all. The majority of my work I do is all on the computer. I don't know, we'll see what happens. 

   And then on top of all of this sick crappy feeling crap, I have been having problems with my pharmacy for the past few months. They keep saying my ADD medicine needs authorization. My doctor's office…

Kerry Washington Takes a Stand Against Domestic Violence

I am all about charity and purchasing from places that give a percentage of the proceeds to animal shelters, as well as other organizations and causes. So when I read about this on and went to to learn more, I was immediately interested. 

   Kerry Washington hosted the 2014 Allstate Foundation's Purple Purse Program and was spotted showcasing one of her purple purses she designed herself specifically for domestic violence awareness. I have gained a new respect for her. I think domestic violence awareness is so important. It takes a lot to realize you are a victim of domestic violence and to get out of it. I used to be one of those women who said that if I ever got involved in a violent abusive relationship, I would leave right away and I couldn't understand why women didn't realize they were in these types of relationships and why they wouldn't leave. It wasn't until I became a victim of domestic violence and after I finally got ou…

If I Stay and The Giver.

So this past weekend, my sister and I took our puppies to get spayed and we saw two movies. My sister's puppy, Eleanor, is mainly Pug with a little tiny bit of Beagle but she looks like a purebred black Pug. Audrey is a purebred English Bulldog. They are the same age but Audrey is one day younger. Eleanor takes all that medical stuff like a champ but my poor Audrey was in some pain. Luckily the medication they sent home has worked for her pain. She has been extra affectionate and cuddly and I have been letting her sleep in my bed with her big sister and brother.

Now onto the movies. We saw If I Stay and The Giver. Keep in mind, I didn't read either of these books. If I Stay was a lot better than I thought it was going to be. BEWARE, it is definitely a tear jerker! My sister isn't very emotional and she cried in the movie theatre and of course me being the emotional one, I was bawling my eyes out. Chloe Mortez did a phenomenal job in this movie. I mean she nailed it on p…

It's Friday, Friday...and a Petco promo code!

Hello everyone!

It's Friday!!! Now it just needs to be the end of the day.

   I want to get started off with something I heard on the radio this morning. Every morning on my long commute to work, I listen to The Kane Show on z104.3- LOVE them. They were talking about fighting with your significant others. One female caller said she had gotten in a fight with her boyfriend over his comic conventions he spends a lot of time at (she doesn't enjoy going to them) and it was going on 8 weeks of her giving him the silence treatment. 8 weeks?!?! I'm sorry but regardless of how mad I was at my significant other (single at the moment), I could not hold out the silent treatment for 8 weeks. Now if he did something horrible like cheating or something and I was giving him the silent treatment, by 8 weeks I would have just broken up with him. She said he spends around 6 hours at a time at these conventions and she goes with him even though she hates it and just wants some more time for …

A little Fibro but lets talk Fall Fashion and Miley Cyrus???

***Let's please take a Moment of Silence for all of those whose lives were lost during the tragedy on 9/11 and those who lost their loved ones, friends, and family in the tragedy***

   Ok, so I definitely had a Fibro/ CFS moment yesterday. I was making cheese raviolli and while the water was boiling, I set out my bowl and glass and got my diet iced green tea from the fridge. Well after I had been pouring my tea for a little while, I had realized that I filled up my bowl with tea instead of my glass. I filled up the whole bowl and was even staring at it while I was filling it up. That definitely gave me a little giggle.

   Lets talk Fashion. So over the Summer, I have been doing a lot of shopping- especially lately. I mainly do online shopping. There have been a lot of summer sales recently and lots of promo codes. I've been shopping online at, and a little bit at The online promo code to get 25% off today o…

Migraines, Migraines, and More Migraines.

Today's main topic of discussion- or me just complaining... migraines. 

   Luckily these past few weeks I haven't had a migraine every single day but before that, I was having a migraine every single day for about 3 months straight. I used to take prescribed medication for them but stopped because of course my insurance stopped covering the one that actually worked and because I hate taking all of these pills. So right now I use Excedrin Migraine and it usually works. 

   This morning what did I wake up with? A migraine. I'm not surprised considering I felt very tired when I woke up and according to the Sleep Cycle app on my iPhone, my sleep quality was only 47% last night. I've only had my iPhone for about a month and a half, so I haven't been using this app for that long but I love it. My main problem with sleep is that I don't ever get restful sleep. I have tried going to bed at different times, waking up at different times, sleeping shorter amounts, sleeping …

First Post

Ok, Hi everyone! I am a new Blogger and will be updating my page over the next few days. I am writing- typing- this post to give you all a little insight about my life.

   Ahhh where to start? My name is Heather Hammel, I am 23 years old, and a dog mom of 3. Hmmm, lets start with the dog part of my blog. I have grown up with dogs my entire life, from Beagles to Labs to Bulldogs to Bullmastiffs. I have experienced a lot of things with my dogs and have gained a lot of knowledge. I want to open up this blog to other dog parents to discuss any issues or concerns they are having with their dogs, those seeking recommendations on anything dog related, and to people out there that want to or are considering becoming a pet parent. 

   Fibromyalgia. I have went to different doctors and specialists seeking answers for my symptoms. Although I have taken a break from looking for the right doctor for right now, I have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. I was diagnosed al…