A little Fibro but lets talk Fall Fashion and Miley Cyrus???

***Let's please take a Moment of Silence for all of those whose lives were lost during the tragedy on 9/11 and those who lost their loved ones, friends, and family in the tragedy***

   Ok, so I definitely had a Fibro/ CFS moment yesterday. I was making cheese raviolli and while the water was boiling, I set out my bowl and glass and got my diet iced green tea from the fridge. Well after I had been pouring my tea for a little while, I had realized that I filled up my bowl with tea instead of my glass. I filled up the whole bowl and was even staring at it while I was filling it up. That definitely gave me a little giggle.

   Lets talk Fashion. So over the Summer, I have been doing a lot of shopping- especially lately. I mainly do online shopping. There have been a lot of summer sales recently and lots of promo codes. I've been shopping online at www.oldnavy.comwww.forever21.comwww.hm.com, and a little bit at www.charlotterusse.com. The online promo code to get 25% off today or 20% off tomorrow at Old Navy is SAVEMORE.

   Lets talk Fall. While there are a lot of good summer sales, a lot of sites have been emailing me promo codes in general to use on all items. So not only is it a good time to take advantage of buying Summer clothes for next year for really cheap, but you can also start getting some new Fall items at a discounted price for your wardrobe as well. When shopping for Fall, think of denim, flannel, cardigans, open shawls, light sweaters, flats, boots, and scarves. Think light, warm and cozy. Sometimes the beginning of Fall weather is still warm. So lightweight pieces are a must. They are great for the days where it is warmer, transitioning weather days, and on days when it is colder, you can layer! I love layering because these types of clothes are so diverse. You can use them with so many different outfits and accessories and in different seasons. Right now I am looking for the right pair of ankle booties with just a little heel. I'm thinking of buying a pair from Target or Old Navy. Ankle boots are a must for Fall.

   My closet is an absolute mess right now. I have a room that is actually a third bedroom that I turned into a closet room for my Sister and I. So right now it is definitely not picture worthy- yet. But when it is all organized and finished, I will most definitely be posting pictures for you all.

   So I was doing my daily morning ritual of skimming through new articles and news on Yahoo! and came across Miley Cyrus' jewelry line debut. I mean it is creative, gotta give her props to that, but maybe it is a little beyond over the top. Like jumped off a cliff over the top. It is very 90's, which I LOVE, since it reminds me of trends from my childhood. Key word here: childhood, as in for children. She should be selling this shit on Etsy lol. Then her line might be successful. Hey at least she wore one of her pieces that had a car air freshener on it in attempt to mask the smell of her weed breath. Not loving her outfit either. Did she get so high before her show that she thought she was going to a circus or maybe entertaining a child's birthday party as a clown? I, personally, would wear a more simple outfit with maybe all solid colors if I was going to wear multiple over the top clutter ball hot mess jewelry. I'm not a big Miley fan but I do commend her for making every piece of jewelry that was showcased herself.

Well, that's all for now.



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