New Boots

   Sorry I haven't posted in almost a week. Still not feeling well but really, what's new? I feel bad everyday. Yesterday I felt like I had been hit by a truck or a train but I still managed to push through and stay at work all day. I am going to try to do the same today. I'm still also having issues with the pharmacy regarding my ADD meds. So I am going to call my doctor's office today -if I remember to- and ask them to deal with it for me. Because of the stupid pharmacists, I have not had my ADD medicine since July! How ridiculous is that? And it is all the pharmacy's fault because my insurance said they approved me to be on the medicine for another year (they have to renew it each year) back in July. Ugh!

   On a positive note, last week my new boots were delivered! I had been looking for the perfect pair of ankle boots and found them! I absolutely adore them. They are so cute and comfortable and the heel height is perfect. I wanted an ankle boot with a heel but not too high of a heel and the 2.5" heel is just right. They are true to size and only $39.99! You can purchase them here:

Had to add some pictures with each of my dogs photobombing lol :)



  1. These are super cute! I love the stud accent on the side.


    1. Thanks! They are so comfortable too!

      Just followed you on bloglovin', want to follow me?


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