Burgundy Hair Don't Care

   Ok, so I dyed my hair over the weekend. Deep Burgundy by Revlon. My hair turned out darker than the picture which is completely fine with me because then it is like a dark burgundy and I think it looks really good on me. Unfortunately in my first few pictures below, the sun made my hair look reddish in the pictures but it actually looks more like the picture that is second from the bottom. I also have a picture on my Instagram (found at the bottom of my blog page) that I took after I dyed it after I blow dried it and you can tell it is darker. Either way, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my hair this color!

   Anyways, these pictures were taken by the fabulous Jen (she hates when I call her Jennifer) Hammel yesterday and you should really follow her blog: http://jenxxhope.blogspot.com/

   At work, we are required to dress casual and in jeans ( I work in an office but I am in the engineering/ construction management field). And because I tend not to do my hair or make-up really for work for three reasons:
   1. Sometimes I just don't feel like it
   2. I am usually weak (like too weak to lift my arm up to put a whole face of make-up on) to do my make-up and too fatigued.
   3. I don't want any attention from the guys- they already bother me and they're like old- ew! So I;m a bitch at work and just want them to leave me alone.

   So yesterday, I channeled my inner old lady lol or at least I kind of think I looked a tad old ladyish here. I ordered a size up in my cardigan and it reminds me of one of my Mom Mom's cardigans she wears like everyday (or almost everyday). I like old lady-like clothes sometimes though, so I don't mind dressing old ladyish every now and then. 

The exact hair dye I used

Bow Hair Clip: Forever21; Necklace: Alex and Ani; Cardigan: Forever21; T-Shirt: H&M; Jeans: Forever21; Shoes: Vans bought at Journey's

So what do you all think of my new hair color?

*Oh, and if you get this hair dye, you will probably need at least two boxes. I needed two boxes for my hair and I have short hair. It is understandable though because the boxes are small and less than $5!



  1. Great color choice! I've always dyed my hair for fall, auburn or burgundy, but have to take a hiatus this year because of the pregnancy.

    1. Thanks! This is the first time I've dyed my hair burgundy.

  2. I love the new color! How perfect for the changing seasons. Looks great on you :)I like your jeans a lot too!

    xo, carli
    Puppies and Polka Dots

  3. Wow! The burgundy 'do looks so fabulous on you. I really think that the wine red color is just perfect for fall. I particularly love the second and third pictures, where the soft sunlight really made your hair shine. Also, that is some chic outfit. Thank you for sharing your hair dyeing experience! Stay beautiful, Heather!

    Sadie Montgomery @ Hoshalls Folsom

    1. Thank you and thank you! I really love this hair color and when I saw those Forever21 jeans in the store, I just about died. It was love at first sight lol and then I tried them on and fell even more in love. They are a thinner type of jean and so soft and comfy!


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