Happy Halloween!!!

   Thank the Lord it is Friday and Happy Halloween everyone!!! I will be posting pictures of my furr kids in their costumes probably this weekend. I am also going to attempt to put a costume together for myself out of the crap I already have in my closet. I wasn't going to dress up because I'm not going anywhere, but at the last minute I decided I really wanted to dress up. So I'm going to put something together and wear it while I sit on my front porch handing out candy with Audrey.

   Audrey is going as a bumblebee, one of the ones who tries to steal Pooh's honey (Winnie the Pooh theme this year). Gemma and Mowgli (Piglet and Tigger) will have to stay inside because Gemma is very protective of the house. So if anyone brings their dogs trick-or-treating, she is going to flip a shit with non-stop barking and Mowgli being the goofball dummy he is, will follow her lead. Plus Gemma was abused in the past by her previous owners. So she is going to be super scared by any brooms, swords, sticks, etc. Audrey might be a little scared too because she is still a little skittish, but it will be a good socializing experience for her. And she didn't get to socialize much outside the house this week because I didn't get a chance to take her on any of our weekly walks to get used to people and sounds, etc.

   So yesterday and this morning I drew and colored three pumpkins. Here they are...

This pumpkin I completely drew and shaded by hand from memory. Didn't use a reference picture and made up the little design on the stem

Same pumpkin from above

I did not draw this one. I printed it out, but did all of the coloring myself because I like to use my spare time coloring a pumpkin using like 15 different colors *sarcasm* but I really did use like 15 colors/ shades of color

This is another print out but I drew the eyes, design dots, carved nose, and semi-carved mouth myself. I did all of the coloring and the face and the details/ designs I drew were something I just made up on the spot, no reference used

   Well, whether you think my drawing and coloring skills are awesome or not, I'm still posting these pictures.

   Have fun! If any of you are dressing up and/ or dressing your pets or kids up for Halloween, I'd LOVE to see pictures!!!



  1. You are a very talented artist, girly! I wish I could have put my pup in a costume but they never make any big enough to fit her.

    1. Thank you! And I know what you mean! I usually have to alter their costumes/ clothes or I make them myself :)


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