Ink Master!!!

   This is probably going to be a short one- but we shall see. I have been so exhausted from the extra work one of my higher ups has been making me do for him and it has made me oversleep, turn off my alarm in my sleep, and confuse my dream and reality when my alarm goes off.

   Anyways, lets move onto something positive. I can not wait to leave work early today! Why? Because I have an appointment with Don Peddicord from Season 5 (the current season on t.v. right now) of Ink Master!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is the co-owner and one of the artists at Tattoo Dynasty in MD and I have an appointment with him today to start brainstorming and planning out my cover up tattoo. I have three tattoos and haven't been tattooed in over 4 years! My last tattoo was me being dumb and young. I was in love with my loser liar cheater user no good abusive drug dealing boyfriend. His cousin's friend did tattoos (not in a shop or anything). His cousin had just got some great work done by him. This guy lived out of his car and had no phone, so if someone got a hold of him, you kind of had to jump on it to get tattooed. So he spent nine hours on my tattoo starting around midnight. This tattoo should not have taken that long. It is not what I asked for and it looks like shit. But hey, that was my own fault for letting him tattoo me. So I am not going to ramble on about how much I hate my tattoo and stuff.

   I have waited over 4 years to start this cover up process for many reasons. One, it is a big tattoo that covers a lot of my forearm and cover up tattoos have to be even bigger. So basically I will end up with a half sleeve on my forearm (which I don't mind). Second, tattoos and especially a big cover up tattoo, are expensive. But this cover up will take multiple sessions, so it will probably take a lot of time until it is finished and hopefully each session is affordable. Third, I needed a good tattoo artist that I liked and that was experienced in cover up tattoos. And fourth, my cover up is going to be a BIG project because of the size and dark thick black line work. Even Don said it is going to be a project. But I am staying positive.

   And besides that exciting event today, I took off work tomorrow. My Sister is off of school and lets face it, my house is a MESS. Mess doesn't even describe how horrible my house looks right now. So we'll see if we are successful with completing that before she goes to work.

   Friday evening, Prince Eric is coming over and he is sleeping over. That is a big step but calm down ladies, he is sleeping on the couch lol. And then we're spending the whole day Saturday together. Don't know what we are going to do but I have made a request to have breakfast at a diner. I LOVE getting breakfast at diners and haven't done so in so long!

   Well, I'll keep ya'll updated!



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