So yesterday the fabulous Jennifer Hammel (Follow her blog! http://jenxxhope.blogspot.com/) took a few pictures of me and the princess. Gemma wanted to be in the pictures- she loves modeling and of course she is just so cute and an amazing listener. Plus, we matched lol. Both in black and rust colors. At my job, you have to dress casually and in jeans. I wanted to talk about these great skinny jeans I am wearing. Keep in mind that they look a little less "skinny" around my calves b/c I have skinny calves, but they are skinny jeans. I mainly shop at American Eagle for jeans but occasionally, I do buy jeans from other places. For instance, these jeans are from Old Navy. They're the sweetheart style skinny jeans (mid-rise I believe) and are sooo comfortable (order one size down from your usual Old Navy jean size). They come up just below my belly button/ right at my belly button. I have that annoying belly fat in the lower abdomen/ right under my belly button area that is so hard to get rid of. Having these specific jeans helps to cover that and makes my tummy look flat. And because these jeans make me feel more comfortable in my body, it also boosts my self confidence. These are great jeans for everyone but I think they are especially great for anyone with a curvy tummy and they might be a great post- pregnancy jean? I am saying "might" because I haven't had a baby, so I can't say from experience. No matter your body type, I think these are a must have pair of jeans to add to your wardrobe.

"Mommy, why are you copying me?"

"Auntie, you see that Mom is copying me, right? I think I pull off these colors better."


"Seriously Mom?"

"I still love you though."

"So...do I get a treat for doing this photo shoot?"


"Nope. Ok I'm over this. Nap time."

   Sunglasses: Forever21; Scarf: Have no idea, borrowed it from my Sister; Top: Forever21; Cami/Tank: Forever21; Jeans: Old Navy; Shoes: Vans (bought at Journeys)



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