Operation Cover Up Tattoo, Phase 1: AMAZEBALLS

   Well, I did not shit glitter, rainbows, or unicorns yesterday. That would have been a weird one to explain to the doctors. But I am weird sooooooo...yea lol.

   I am still beaming from my fantastic tattoo session yesterday with Don Peddicord. So yesterday I said I was 99.999999999% sure Don doesn't read my blog or knows that it exists. Well I was wrong. He read my blog post yesterday- pretty cool if you ask me :)

   I actually didn't feel any anxiety at all- don't know the last time I felt like that and it all put me in a really good mood and I felt really happy. I guess my dogs approve of the cover up so far because they won't stop sniffing it. I'm like, "Woah, back off. I know you're jealous of this awesome work on my arm but Mommy says you are not allowed to have tattoos." It is obvious they notice my calm state too because this morning, Gemma and Mowgli did not do any obnoxious barking, or barking at all, on the drive to drop Mowgli off at Daycare.

   Don is so chill (as I've said before) and this experience has been one for the books. Yesterday felt like a dream. I am in love jkjk lol but forreal, he is so easy to talk to and is quite humorous. I could just sit there all day being tattooed by him. Ugh why does he have to be so good looking and my type???!!! FML, but that's life. It is what it is. Enough about how dreamy Don Peddicord is.

   Tattoo Dynasty (in Joppa, MD) is the Tattoo Shop I was at yesterday, which is also co-owned by Don. It's a really nice shop and very clean. They have very reasonable prices and their artists' work is impeccable. There's just a positive, happy-go-lucky, judgement-free zone, calming aura about this place. Don't know how well I did at explaining that but hey, it is early, I had less than 6 hours of sleep, and according to my Sleep Cycle app, last night's sleep quality was only 45%. It happens. Regardless, this shop is awesome and you need to go there.

   Either Don is super gentle at tattooing and/ or I'm just really good at taking it- taking tattoo pain that is...not talking about the D haha. Wandering dirty mind here. Oh Lord, it is way too early for these thoughts. Focus Heather, jeez.

   On a more serious note, I 150% recommend going to Tattoo Dynasty and I am completely confident in saying that the rest of my tattoos will be done there and done by Don.

   I didn't ask Don to do my cover up because he is on t.v. in a Tattoo Artist competition. While that is cool and an accomplishment, I don't think that's a very good reason to get a tattoo done by that person. Of course I watch the show and root for him every week, but I wanted him to be my artist because I really like his work and I felt a good vibe from him from the start. I mean, I waited over 4 years to get this shit covered up and part of the reason I waited so long was because I wanted to find the right Tattoo Artist. One that I felt like I could trust. I was beginning to think that no one would want to take on the challenge of covering up this crap or that it wouldn't turn out successful. But Don changed all that.

   My once embarrassing ugly shitty forearm tattoo is now blossoming into a beautiful piece of art. Wow I crack myself up. That sounded so gay. But it seriously is an amazing work of art and absolutely beautiful. I love it and can't wait until it's done!

   I'll shut up now and let you look at these pictures. I'll admit they're not the best pictures. Some were taken late last night when my sister and I were really tired and some I just took this morning. Enjoy!


   Now the sad part is that I have to wait 11 more days to see Don again and get my tattoo finished. *Sigh* And no Ladies, I do not have a picture of me with him.

Well, I have to put some A+D on this bitch.





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