Operation Cover Up Tattoo, Phase 2: LOVE

   Sooo, I had my 2nd session with Dreamy Don a.k.a. Don Peddicord at Tattoo Dynasty today and it went amazing. My cover up is basically finished but needs maybe one more session, which is fine because then I get to see my dream husband again. Lol, hey, a girl can dream right? Except I'm a woman, not a girl.

   Anyway, I'm in love with my tattoo!!! Now my forearm is beautiful and I have a piece of Dreamy Don on me forever- woah that sounded just a little bit creepy. So just to clear that up, I did not mean that in a creepy way at all.

   I've said it before and I'll say it again, being tattooed by Don is like a dream and I wish I could just sit there and be tattooed by him all day long. Annnnnnd I may or may not have had erotic daydreams about him during this tattoo session. Ugh that man...

   Ok, ok, Heather. Mind out of the gutter and down from the clouds.

   I definitely have ideas of more tattoos I want. I've had theses ideas for years and while most of them I end up eventually deciding not to get, there are some that are definite. I want, I think it is called the song of solomon or something or a piece of it or something? (I don't know, it is framed up in my room and I'm too lazy and comfortable to get up), on the top of my right thigh but I actually think my next one will either be a paw print or a dandelion on my back right shoulder blade with the little seed things blowing off of it.

   Whelp, I'm a little tired, feeling an oncoming migraine and I'm watching last night's episode of Jane the Virgin and then Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. So here are some pictures from today (and of course I will post more pictures when it is healed):

 Two Blue Roses, 1 Teal Rose, Ruby Gems


 Don Peddicord and I
Dreamy Don

   Enjoy the pictures while I go daydream about..



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