In Need of Fashionista Advice

   Ok, so for those of you who don't know my dilemma, my 5 year high school reunion was rescheduled for the end of November. They didn't give many details but I do know it is at an ale house that hosts parties and events. It is at 8 p.m. on a Saturday night. I want to look hot but I just don't know what to wear for this. High School Reunions tend to be in the late Spring it seems like and ours ended up being rescheduled for Fall. So I want to look hot but I also want to be comfortable and not cold!

   I've been looking around on Pinterest and Google Images trying to get ideas. I have saved a lot of stuff but I just don't know. So here are my options/ ideas/ inspiration of what I should maybe wear and a pictures I found on Pinterest or somone's blog or something:

Crop top with high waisted pencil skirt

Dressy top with dress pants

A blazer and cute top (like a peplum or something) with skinny jeans or skinny pleather pants

Or a dress???

   I'm starting to feel the whole crop top (possibly even a cropped sweater or cropped crew neck sweatshirt) with a high waisted pencil skirt idea (not the exact outfit in the picture of course) and a statement necklace, but I still need your opinions!!! Please help!!!



  1. I think you should go with the third option with pleather skinnies. It is sexy while also still being classy. Good luck picking out an outfit and have fun at the reunion!


  2. I think you should definitely go with option three. You're looking to show these people you left behind in your high school years what you have become, and a blazer is perfect for that. The skinny jeans paired with some hot accessories tie it all together.

    1. Thank you for your opinion :) I think you girls have changed my mind from crop top+pencil skirt to blazer+skinnies+top


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