This Weekend, Baking, and Need Fashion Advice!!!

   Morning! This weekend...hmmm, where to start? Well Friday I took off of work to clean my house. How sad is it that I had to take off of work to do that? While we didn't get the whole house cleaned and organized, we did get most of it done. So I would say that taking off of work was worth it and our day was successful.

   Prince Eric came over later that night. We had dinner at Noodles & Company and came home to drink a glass of wine and watch Oculus. My Sister watched it after us and while she didn't think it was a great movie, I really liked it. Saturday, we stayed in almost the whole day besides going to breakfast at a diner, grocery shopping, and dinner. It wasn't a very eventful weekend. But he did help me bake cookies, which was really nice. I haven't baked in sooooooooooo long. We baked oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies and they were so good. I got the recipe from:

   I don't remember how many total the recipe made (I think it was like 15 or something) but I made half of them bigger than they were supposed to be but oh well. Also, after the cookies are cool and even the next day, if you want to put them in the microwave to warm a cookie up, 11-15 seconds (depending on the size of the cookie) is like the perfect amount of time.

   On another note, my 5 year high school reunion was rescheduled for the end of November. It is at an ale house that hosts events and parties or something. My graduating class is horrible at organizing stuff and giving out information. They did not inform us of the dress code. Either way, I need help deciding what to wear! I wanted to buy a new outfit for it because I want to make sure I look hot, especially since people in my high school usually did not like me. If all else fails, I'll just get a little black dress but I wanted to get your opinions on what I should wear and what you all wore to your high school reunion(s). Help!!!



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