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   I got nominated by Carli at Puppies and Polka Dots to participate in the Tour Around Blogland. Thank you so much Carli!!! I am so exited to be a part of this, get my blog out there, share some awesome blogs with you, and continue to meet more Bloggers in the process.

   Let's get started, shall we? I am going to answer some questions about my blogging process and nominate 3 other Bloggers to do the same.

   I am nominating Jen from Blue Eyes, Jazz and Attitude, Ali from Thirty and a Half, and finally, Wild Hearts + Green Tea



Ready. Set. Go.

1.) What am I working on? I only started blogging less than two months ago. So I am still learning this whole blog thing. I try to blog almost everyday. Practice makes perfect! Plus I have really grown to love blogging! I started this blog because I always wanted to start blogging and put it on my 30 things before 30 list.

2.) How does my blog differ from others in its' genre? I don't know if my blog actually fits into a genre. I couldn't limit myself to just focus on one particular subject. I'm a dog mom who battles disorders like Fibromyalgia and I love fashion and celebrity gossip. But what ties all of these jumbled subjects together is that they are personal and relate to me and who I am. I want to share what I experience, what I love, and my life. So I guess my blog is different because it covers such a wide range of subjects.

3.) Why do I write about what I do? I write about what I do because I want to share my experiences and thoughts with the blogging world. Reading others' experiences have truly helped me and made me feel like I'm not alone in what I battle (Fibromyalgia and more) on a daily basis and that they understand. I hope to provide that to other readers and inspire them. As for the dog part, I'm sometimes considered a crazy dog lady. I LOVE my dogs and writing about them. I also want to be here to give other pet parents advice, reviews on products, and help them anyway that I can. Fashion- love it. I remember in Middle School I wanted to be a Fashion Designer and even started my own books full of sketches. Anyway, even though I don't get dressed up and do my hair and make-up as much as I used to, I still like to share my outfits and sense of style. And although I haven't written much about celebrity gossip, I read articles on celebrities from multiple sites almost everyday- I really find it interesting and enjoyable. So that is something I plan to start including in my posts a little more for those of you who read articles about celebrities too!

4.) How does my writing process work? Hmmm, how does my writing process work? Well, I basically get on the computer, write what is on my mind and/ or share pictures from the day before and what is going on in my life and that's it. I usually write early in the morning and I review my post at least once before publishing it but I don't really review it that much because I don't want to over think it and stress myself out or something. So yea, that's my "process."

   So I really tried to keep the rambling to a minimum in my answers- sorry not sorry! It is just the way my mind is. I start talking about what thing and it leads to something else and then something else and so on. Oh well, I answered the questions, right? I think I should get an "A" for effort haha.

   Anyways before I bore you all, I just wanted to thank Carli again and you all need to check out these blogs!



  1. Awesome post! Great to learn more about you! Have a great weekend!


  2. Yay you did the post! It was great learning more about you :) I am a crazy dog lady too and love celebrity gossip, so I will be looking forward to those posts! Have a good weekend!

    xo, carli
    Puppies and Polka Dots

  3. Oh what a fun post! I love getting to know bloggers a little bit better.

    Little Lady Little City

  4. I'm new to your blog and so it was wonderful finding this post first. It's so nice
    'meeting' you and getting to know more about the girl behind the blog.

    Tami Marie

    1. Welcome to my blog lol and I just followed you back :)


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