Update from yesterday!!!

   Morning Loves! So I'm going to keep this one short because I am tired, unfocused, and need to start trying to clean and organize my entire house soon.

   My quick appointment with Season 5 Ink Master Tattoo Artist, Don Peddicord was AWESOME!!! This dude is so freaking chill. A lot of Tattoo Artists I have met are stuck up and assholes and look down on me regarding my crappy forearm tattoo. Don was so down to earth and funny. We discussed ideas for my tattoo cover up and he totally gets what I want. We figured out something that will work and that I like and I'm getting tattooed on Thursday the 16th!!! I can not wait!!! My cover up will consist of blue roses and black lace and stuff like that. So keep a look out for pictures!

   I also wanted to post these pictures from yesterday because they show what my actual new hair color looks like better than the other pictures I previously posted and they include my cute English Bulldog puppy, Audrey.



I missed you 

I am so glad you're home! 

Mommy is home!



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