What The Fuck Wednesday

What the Fuck???

   Well, it's hump day but I won't be getting any humping action :( boo hoo hoo. This is the day that I have to constantly be like, "Come on Heather, you can get through today. Get through today and then there's only two more days of work this week." 

   So I'm pretty sure I am not the only one who came up with a "What The Fuck Wednesday," in fact I'm almost positive someone else made it up but I don't care. I think I might make this the theme of my weekly Wednesday posts. So here you go!

1.) People taking selfies with bears at the Taylor Creek Visitor Center in California Yahoo
   Seriously People??? Who the fuck in their right mind would think taking a selfie with a wild bear would be a smart and safe idea?

2.) A man in Michigan is being ordered to pay child support for a child that isn't his, which was proven by DNA testing (the Mother of the child listed his name as the Father in order to receive income assistance in the early 1990s) 
   What the fuck Michigan? Seriously, just what the fuck? And the Mother of the child even admitted that he isn't the Father.

3.) Renee Zellweger's New Face
   Ok so I know this is like last week's or even the week's before old news but this is appropriate for this post. What the fuck Renee? It is one thing to get plastic surgery, injections, etc. to look younger but your face looks COMPLETELY different besides your skin tone. You don't look like Renee Zellweger anymore. I actually like Renee's old face. Her eyes aren't even the same and I thought her old eyes were cute and feminine. 

4.) Mama June from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo dating a convicted child molester who molested her oldest Daughter, then 8.
   What the fuck June? Apparently Mama June has denied the rumors but there must be truth to this because TLC even did an investigation into these allegations and ultimately cancelled their show, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, because of this. If she truly is back with the man (or even hanging out with him as friends) who she previously dated who is the same man that molested her daughter and went to jail for 10 years because of it, then this is truly sick. Who the hell would do that? And if these rumors are true, she could risk losing all of her kids. 

5.) Kelly Lee Dekay (Fetish Model) has a 16" waist
   Of course she wasn't born this way. She did waist- training using a steel corset for 7 freakin' years! Kelly's decaying waist- pun intended. Hope you thought that was even the slightest bit funny but I probably just sound lame. Oh well, I don't care. Now back to Kelly Lee Dekay. To me, this is just gross and painful to look at. I mean doesn't her back hurt from having such a teeny waist with big tits??? I feel like when she takes the corset off and bends forward, she probably can't lift herself back up. This girl looks like her body is gonna snap in half.

6.) Nikki Ferrell dumps Juan Pablo
   What the fuck took so long??? I don't like Nikki or Juan Pablo. I started disliking Nikki because of her attitude and the way she acts on Couples Therapy. She dislikes being in the spotlight, cameras following her all the time on the show, etc. Hello, you were on a dating show on t.v. and now on another t.v. show- are you an idiot? And she's so annoying. Last week's episode she talked about her life growing up and bragged about being perfect at sports and everything she did and her home life was great and getting lost in Walmart was traumatizing for her (which she laughed at). The fuck? And I'll just say one word about Juan Pablo: Douche Bag- ok that's two words.

7.) Jennifer Hudson's Fashion Choices
   Of course I can't find all of the pictures of her recent horrid fashion choices now that I want to write this post, but I did manage to find two. Girl you look great but that doesn't mean dress like a streetwalker or let everything show. Come on Jen, get yourself together.

8.) Naomi Campbell and Mariah Carey- dress your age!
   These two women in my opinion show way too much and dress way too young. Now I'm not saying they don't have good fashion sense but these outfits are just way too revealing. These women are both 44 years old. They don't have to dress like old ladies but at least cover it up a little more. And of course, I couldn't find all of the pictures I was looking for but these will do.

How fucking cute is this?!?:
I had to add this picture from a Yahoo! article. I think it is absolutely adorable and a great Mother and Son costume. I would definitely do this if I had a human son!

Enjoy your day!



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