What I Wore This Weekend

   I wanted to do a separate post for the outfit and make-up I wore to the Demi Lovato concert because if I put this post and the concert post all in one, that just would have been way too entirely long.

   Wow and now I am kind of worn out from the other post even though I posted that one over an hour ago. But I was worn out before I even wrote that post, so...yea.

   By the way, definitely had Fibro brain last night. I laid in bed, eyes closed, tossing and turning for 45 minutes when I finally realized I forgot to take my acai berry cleanse pills and Melatonin. I'm starting to think the Melatonin actually does work since I fell asleep not long after I took it and stayed asleep. Didn't get the best sleep, but I usually don't get great sleep anyway. At least I got better sleep than if I hadn't remembered to take my Melatonin at all.

   And this weekend I finished the dogs' Halloween costumes! My Sister's dogs' costumes and Audrey's costume were bought but I handmade Gemma and Mowgli's costumes, as well as my Mom's dogs' costumes. I chose an easy theme this year- Winnie the Pooh. I ran out of glitter glue when I was almost done Gemma's costume and I doubt I'll go all the way back to JoAnn's to get more. So the poor princess will have to deal. What's even worse is when I started the glitter glue on her costume a few weeks back, I was about to get up to put it somewhere so that the section I did could dry and it fell on her. So she had red sparkly glitter glue all over her left hip, leg, and paw. 

   Poor girl. But at least her new dress came. Gemma was feeling pretty sad when I bought Audrey three dresses soon after I first brought Audrey home, so I bought Gemma a new dress and she loved it! So first, I will show off just a few pictures of the princess in her new dress:

   And now time for pictures of me, my outfit for the concert, and my make-up for the concert. I really wish I could actually do a tutorial of my make-up but this was the first time I did the eye shadow like this and when it comes to doing my eye shadow, I usually just wing it- no pun intended. 

Top: H&M; Faux Leather Leggings: Charlotte Russe; Necklace: Forever21; Earrings: Claire's; Boots: Target; Crossbody Bag: Nine West



  1. Pretty makeup!


  2. Okay soo.. were you sitting near the hearing impaired peopel. like were they on the floor and to the right of you.... I think we were section 119 row c. I m trying to figure out if thats us in the pic way down below you haha

  3. your dog looks very cute in her new dress! looking forward to seeing your dogs in their halloween costumes :) also, your make-up looks really pretty!

    xo, carli
    Puppies and Polka Dots

    1. Thank you :) She was so excited that she was running all over the house. So I had to wait for her to fall asleep to get a good picture. And thanks so much!


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