Inspirational Woman of the Day: Jaime Primak Sullivan

   Well, so much for that whole "taking a picture of myself as soon as I wake up every morning thing." I knew I'd probably forget but hey, there is always tomorrow... if I remember. I love comparing things. I remember when I was apartment hunting because I didn't want to renew my lease at the apartment I was currently at. I made spreadsheet after spreadsheet after spreadsheet with apartments, their location, amenities, price, square footage, area, how far away they were from my job, reviews, ratings, etc. I did this for at least 3 months. Thank the Lord I didn't have to do that again this year and bought a house. I'm crazy weird. I also said I was going to post lyrics that I randomly break out singing. I think I've only done three posts that included them. I kind of forgot about that but I mainly haven't been including random lyric singing in my posts lately because I haven't been doing it everyday and when I have been, it has been later in the day. I am not one to jot it down real quick or make a note and if I do actually do that, I end up losing the note, forgot I jotted it down, forgot I put a note in my phone, etc. That's me for ya!

   But today I wanted to introduce you to and talk about one of the women who inspires me. Her name is Jaime Primak Sullivan.

   Jaime is a 38 year old Publicist/ Producer who founded and is the President of Bridge and Tunnel Entertainment. She has expanded her business and works with a lot of celebrities. You can read more of her bio here.

   Some of you might recognize Jaime Primak Sullivan from Bravo's t.v. show, Jersey Belle. She is the Jersey Belle (and the Creative Producer). She was born and raised in New Jersey but moved to Birmingham, Alabama to marry her husband, Michael. This is where she currently resides and she and Michael have three beautiful young kids together.

   I originally never even planned on watching the show, but I am sooo glad I did. I started watching it on demand like after the season was three or four episodes in because I was bored and had nothing to watch or something of that matter. As soon as I watched the first episode, I was hooked. Jaime is so real, hilarious, blunt, bubbly, and open. I really hope there is a second season but regardless, for those of you who didn't see the first season, go watch it NOW. 

   If I ever got the chance to meet this strong independent woman, I'd probably shit my pants- not literally- but I'd be insanely stoked. I can relate to her on a lot of things. It is actually ironic that she used to teach Special Education and was a Cheerleading Coach because I worked in a Middle School with students who have disabilities and although I never coached cheerleading (I did cheerlead though), I taught dance. 

   Wow this post is not really going as planned, so bare with me here. There are two articles I read on Yahoo! written by Jaime and while I will briefly talk about them, I highly encourage you to read them: article #1 and article #2

   The first one is about bullying. I first want to say that I was bullied and I was a bully. I was bullied by many different people throughout my life for various reasons. People trying to get all of my friends not to like me anymore or not talk to me, criticizing what I talked about, my weight (saying I was fat or probably pregnant when I weighed 120 lbs), girls threatening to beat me up and bash my face in, girls trying to get my boyfriends to break up with me, etc. I was mainly bullied in Middle School and I was harassed a lot in High School. But I was also a bully. I started bullying in late Elementary School. I did this to make myself feel better. I have also always been very judgemental, of myself and others- whether I knew the people or not. But enough about me, let's get back to the article...

   Jaime has openly admitted to being a bully in her past. The reason or main reason behind her writing on the topic was because a parent had came to her to inform her that her daughter (oldest daughter age 6) and a friend had been excluding another girl. So Jaime opened up to her daughter about her bullying past, in a way she would understand. I think talking about bullying is very important to discuss with your children and I know that it was difficult for Jaime to tell her daughter that she used to be a bully.

   Onto the second article. Jaime talks about how her Husband being the perfect Dad almost killed their marriage. What she went through is what a lot of couples go through but not every couple's marriage ends up being saved the way hers was. After having children, especially when the kids are close in age (Jaime had three kids within three years), your life starts to be all about the kids and revolves around the kids. This can cause your marriage to suffer. Her Husband was being the perfect Dad but was no longer acting like a Husband. If they talked, it was only about the kids. They weren't setting aside time for just them. Their marriage was deteriorating and Jaime and Michael were disconnecting. Jaime felt underappreciated. Michael was giving all of his attention to the kids and none to Jaime. 

   They weren't working as a team on parenting either. Michael was the fun parent that the kids loved, while Jaime was being the parent that taught her kids things like right from wrong and disciplining them. Parenting/ Co-Parenting as a team and being on the same page with how you are raising your children- whether you live in the same household as the other parent or not- is EXTREMELY important. Kids need consistency. And when one parent is the "good cop," it leaves the other parent to be the "bad cop" all the time, which in turn, results in the children wanting to spend time with the fun parent all the time.

   Especially in Jaime's case, where she was the one being neglected by Michael, it is difficult to even talk to other people about it because in a lot of cases you hear about, the woman is the one devoting all of herself and time and affection to the children and the man is feeling neglected. So all of her friends just constantly commented on how great of a dad Michael was and complained that their husbands constantly wanted sex (while Jaime's husband did not). It's like kicking you when you're down- if that makes sense? She had been feeling nothing for or from her husband, her marriage was falling apart, she was dealing with her post-baby body, etc. all at the same time. 

   It came to the point where Jaime told Michael that she wanted to separate. Luckily this turned on a light bulb in Michael's head and he realized what he had been doing. Later that very same day, Michael came to Jaime and broke down in tears apologizing and asked for another chance, which Jaime gave him.

   They made the necessary changes and their marriage was saved.

   I think this a very open, honest, and important article every man and woman should read and could learn a lot from.

   Although this post did not go as planned, it is ok. Not everything goes as planned. And you can't always transfer your thoughts and ideas to paper (or the computer screen) the way you wanted to. This is life. And while I do review what I type at least once, I do not need to obsess over it and make it perfect because nothing and no one is perfect. Everyone has flaws. 




  1. You always have such interesting reads on your blog! What a great story about Jaime. I'm glad her marriage was able to be saved. Going to go read those articles now!

    xo, carli
    Puppies and Polka Dots


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