Love Makeup? Love One Direction? Love Free Stuff? Say No More...

   Who loves makeup? I know I do! So I was ecstatic to be able to try out this makeup by One Direction kits.
   This kit includes lip gloss, mascara, and nail polish (with glitter!). As you can see, this makeup kit isn't just your regular old plain makeup. It features a variety of bold fun colors. Also, Makeup by One Direction is offered at affordable prices! 

   Lets start off with the mascara. This kit features three Electro Glam Mascaras. My first instinct was to go for the Pinkest Hot Pink aka Does he know? I applied this color to my lashes. Although it took a few coats to show up better, I really liked this shade of pink for my lashes. These bold colors can be worn everyday, to parties, with costumes, dances, clubs, etc. and would be super fun to use at sleepovers.

On the eye on the left (which is my right eye), I actually kept my regular black mascara I use everyday on and put the pink over it and then on the eye on the right, I took my black mascara off and only applied the pink mascara to my lashes. 

   The really cool thing about this mascara is that it also can be used on your hair. I'll admit, I had a little difficulty with this. I think it would be easier to apply to straight hair/ straightened hair, lightly brushed on in random areas of your hair, or apply to the tips. I made the mistake of trying to coat strands of hair with the product. I still think it looks cool though.
Shock of Blue (Why don't we go there) and Amped Canary Yellow (Story of my life)

   Now onto a girl's go-to makeup product- lip gloss. The Liquilights Glow Glosses are probably my favorite out of all of the makeup products in this kit. You can never have too much lip glosses in your makeup collection. One of the things I really like about these lip glosses is that they are enriched with natural oils and Vitamin E to keep your lips soft and hydrated all day and all night. These glosses can be worn everyday but they also change color under UV lights. Unfortunately I don't have a UV light to show you the color changing.

Kiss You is an orange glitter rush lip gloss that glows to neon yellow under UV light. It is actually more of a light coral color than orange, which I think is more flattering. I think this is my top pick out of the glosses.

This lip gloss is called Taken. Taken is a powerhouse glitter pink lip gloss that glows to neon orange under UV light.

And finally, there is Through the Dark. An electric glitter poppy lip gloss that glows to neon red-orange under UV light.

   The final product included in this kit? Nail polish and who doesn't like that? What's even better is that each of the three nail polishes comes with their own complimentary glitter that you can sprinkle on (while your polished nails are still wet) to add a little sparkle or dip your entire wet mani in for a mega-watt sparkle. These polishes are neon UV reactive and so is the glitter!

The Rock Me Nail Kit
Happily is the iced blue glitter nail polish and the snow cone blue glitter is called Kicks.

Moments, the neon pink nail polish, comes with an electrified pink glitter called Not Afraid. Diana is 3D holographic nail polish that comes with Star, which is a holo glitter. 

   The blue nail polish is the only one that I showed with the glitter on it. The 3D holographic nail polish already has glitter in it and then you can add the glitter it comes with to intensify the look. I applied two coats for each polish. Normally I would wait for one coat to dry before applying the second coat but with these I only waited a few seconds, maybe half a minute, before applying a second coat.

   Needless to say, I would recommend this product and with the Holidays right around the corner, this would be a perfect gift! From girls to teens to women- anyone can wear these products. Makeup by One Direction hit the following stores on November 15th- it's available now!:

   Stage Stores
   Beauty Brands
   Lord & Taylor

   And woah, it gets even better... I am providing you with a chance to win this limited edition makeup set by One Direction!!! The giveaway ends in 9 days. What are you waiting for? Go enter now at the following link:

   Be sure to check out their Facebook page:

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  1. Oh this make up kit looks so cool! I love how that lip gloss changes color underneath UV light! And I really like those nail polish colors!

    xo, carli
    Puppies and Polka Dots

    1. Me too! Now I just need to get a UV light or go to a club haha.


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