Mondays, Memories, Mockingjay, and Christmas Cards

   Oh my Lord it is Monday. Ugh. My eyes hurt and feel so gritty and fatigued. I'm just so drained and blah and I'm pretty sure it is from working my ass off last week to get so much of our entire office packed and labeled in detail. They always tell me shit last minute. I still have a decent amount to do today and tomorrow but I'm so glad I got most of it done last week or I would be having anxiety attacks all this week. I started to have like maybe two last week but I tried to just stay calm and get it done.

   I'm really hoping I have some energy this coming weekend to clean at least some of my house and get my closet room organized. This past weekend was not productive. Ok, well it was a little productive because I took pictures of the furr babies for their Christmas cards and ordered them. And that was a must on my to-do list. And I did get to see The Hunger Games: Mockingjay- Part 1! I didn't read any of the books (not a surprise) but I love the movies and Mockingjay was great. Want to know what the furr babies and I got accomplished yesterday besides watching Pit Bulls and Parolees after breakfast? We laid on the couch and watched an entire season of Kendra on Top On Demand.

   Speaking of seeing movies but not reading the books... So I am 98.73% positive I have never finished reading a book I've ever had to read for school like in all of school. Maybe one- if that. Some of them I didn't even read one page. I have started to enjoy reading this past year but anyways, back on topic. So I remember in second grade, we were supposed to be reading Stuart Little and we would get questions to answer about the book for either homework or classwork. (By the way, I had a lot of difficulty when it came to school.) So I got called on to answer one of the questions even though I hadn't raised my hand and I actually didn't read the chapter or do the worksheet. It is so funny how I can remember this. I was asked what the boy used to direct/ control/ steer or w/e the boat at the boat race. My answer? A remote control. I had watched the movie, but not read the book. That was pretttttttty obvious.

   I hate Mondays, as most of you know. I'm trying to stay positive though because it is a three day work week. "Woohoo!"- in my Vicki Gunvalson voice (If you've watched The Real Housewives of OC, then you know what I'm talking about lol). And I didn't finish putting up the rest of the little bit of Christmas decorations I have. So I'm not posting pictures of my tree and that stuff yet but if you follow me on Instagram, then you already know what my tree looks like.

   Alright well here are a few of the MANY pictures I took this past weekend in an attempt to get "the one" for my Christmas cards:

 Gemma: "Um I think we should turn around and actually look at the camera Tweedle dee and Tweedle dum"

 Mowgli "I think Sister went this way." Audrey: "No, I think she went this way."

 Mowgli: "Mom, why are you telling me "off" when you are holding a toy in the air?"

 It was so hard to get these three to sit still and all look at the camera.

 Um lets just all not look at the camera.

 Audrey: "I'm sick of this shit." Mowgli: "Is this good Mom?" Gemma: "These two are impossible to work with, so I am refusing to look at you."

So I went with this picture (minus my legs and feet showing).
I'll show you all the finished product when I receive the cards! Can't wait! I customized and ordered their cards on and luckily I had a promo code at the time to get 60% off of cards. LOVE a great deal and saving money :)



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