More Howloween and Sugar Skull Makeup

   With all the pictures, I had to divide the posts about Halloween/ Howloween.

   As some of you know, I did not plan on dressing up for Halloween. I did not have any plans to go to parties or anything and was just focused on my dogs' costumes. At the last minute, I decided I wanted to dress up. I love dressing up. However, I did not want to go buy a costume because that would be pointless and a waste of money. I mean, I wasn't going anywhere and money doesn't grow off trees. So I decided that Friday after work, I was going to look in my closet and throw something together.

   Throughout that week, which is when I decided to dress up, I started brainstorming a little bit. On Wednesday I did go to Walmart and buy a black tube of face paint and those face paint crayon things. So those are the ONLY things I bought for my costume. This came to a total of about $3.

   As you can see, I went with a Day of the Dead/ sugar skull makeup theme. I have never tried to do my make-up like this and did not use a tutorial. I just winged it. After making a mess with the spider web design on my forehead, I realized that I should have just used black eyeliner! How did I not think of that before?! So I used black eyeliner for the mouth and the outline of the flower on my chin but left the spider web as is. The purple color on the flower and the white on my face are from those face paint crayons and the teal-like color is actually eyeliner in peacock (I think from Ulta). The burgundy lip is just lipstick. The spider web, black around my eyes, and black on my nose are all from a liquid black face paint.

   The flower clip (H&M), necklace (Forever21), earrings (Kohls), crop top (Charlotte Russe), and maxi skirt (H&M) were all from my closet. What was even better about my outfit was that I hadn't worn the flower clip, crop top, or maxi skirt before. Those were some of the items in my closet that just sat there unworn. With it being so cold out now, I would've had to wait until next year to wear the crop top and maxi skirt. I still froze my butt off when I briefly went outside my house but at least I can now say these aren't unworn pieces in my wardrobe! Oh and the shoes were just old Ralph Lauren sandals that I decided to wear because they are comfy and you could hardly see them anyways. Yes, one of them is chewed up and yes, I still wear them. Mowgli was mad one day while I was at the store or somewhere and he decided to eat the top of my sandal.

   Anyways... I think for never doing this make-up before, pretty much not planning any of it at all, having limited resources, and using mainly what I had at home, I did a pretty good job.

   When I decided I wanted to dress up, I planned on sitting on the front porch with Audrey, my bumblebee, and hand out candy. Well, that didn't happen. First of all, I started getting ready when I got home because my Mother, who used to live a few minutes away, said that the trick-or-treaters in her neighborhood would start coming at 5. So when 5:30 rolled around, I said fuck it. It was FAREEEZING and I was hungry. So I sat out the candy and went to Chipotle for my $3 boorito. If you showed up in costume, your burrito was only $3. Gotta love a discount and amazing food!

   Sooo... this post seems a little scatterbrained. I tried touching it up a little bit but I'm not going to spend anymore time on it, so you all will just have to deal. What do you think of my Halloween makeup and costume? And be COMPLETELY honest.



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