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 I am very happy to announce that I was accepted for my first brand review: the Kiss InstaWave. For years I have struggled to find a curling iron that not only created perfect curls, but kept them intact. So I was ecstatic when KISS accepted my campaign and sent me this new curling iron to try out and review. While I couldn't wait to test it out, I was also still hesitant due to the fact that I haven't found a curling iron that will curl my hair beautifully and stay curled.

   I was also a little nervous that the InstaWave would be difficult to use properly. After a few tries, I got the hang of it and loved the results! Even the following day I still had curls. They were a little more wavy than tight curls but I still couldn't believe that they stayed! I definitely recommend this product 100% and will be using this curling iron from now on since it was a complete success for me.

   If you are hesitant about being able to operate the KISS InstaWave correctly, don't worry. Practice makes perfect. I still sometimes occasionally have to redo a curl because I didn't get that strand to curl right on the curling rod. Trust me, it gets easier.


Just opened the box!

When the light turns to blue, that means it is heated up and ready to use.

Hold the InstaWave vertically, place a section of hair on the curling rod, touch the curl dial either left or right and watch as the Instawave instantly and automatically catches and curls the hair! Then, hold for 5-10 seconds depending on whether you want tight curls or beachy waves.

Pull the InstaWave down vertically, letting hair out.

And you are left with beautiful curls!

It is recommended that you alternate between curling right and left to create the most natural looking curls. 

As you can see, the InstaWave works amazing on both long and short hair.

Here are some looser waves.

   My hair is naturally wavy and is short with layers. My Sister's hair is long, layered, and is also naturally wavy, however, she had straightened her hair earlier in the day prior to me curling it with the InstaWave and beautiful curls were still created!

   Watch my introduction and demonstration videos for a visual on how to use the KISS InstaWave.

I apologize, these are not the best videos and I had to cut some of them short to be able to send them. Plus, these are my first videos on my blog ever.

   To learn more about the KISS InstaWave, visit

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