Ugh, is it really Monday again? Yes, Heather, yes it is... And what's even worse is that it is cold. I didn't get the greatest sleep last night either. Lately Audrey, the puppy, has been wanting to play bite her brother when it is time to go to bed (she still has two more puppy teeth to lose). When I finally got them settled down, my sister came home. Well the noise of that and the noise of her dogs freaking out disrupted everyone in my bedroom. It took forever to get all three of my dogs back on the bed, calm, and ready for bed. I also did not put the heat on last night. This mistake contributed to my poor quality sleep (58% according to the Sleep Cycle App). My dogs, all of my dogs, were extra extra extra snuggly since it was cold. I was already towards the edge of the bed to start with and then they all lined up to the left of me all cuddled up with Audrey against my face, Mowgli against my tummy, and Gemma against my legs. They kept pushing me further and further to the edge. The last hour or so, Audrey pushed my head completely off the bed and it is very difficult to scoot a stubborn bulldog's head over so that you can comfortably have room. Needless to say, I will not be making the same mistake tonight- if I can even remember.

   I get to leave work early today. You would think I'd be saying, "Yay." However, I'm like half saying it and half not. I'm leaving a little early to go to the doctors. The Psychiatrist. Basically just to get my scripts. Lovely. I do not feel like going and do not want to go. But I have to.

   Anyways, this weekend my sister and I went to visit my Mom's new house. It was my first time seeing it. She moved even more so into the country where there is no Comcast (she did not think to ask these questions before moving) and the cell service isn't always that great- depending where you are and if it is windy. But hey, she likes where she lives and that's all that matters. I usually bring Audrey so that she and George (their English Bulldog) could play but his leg was hurting and they haven't put up the fence yet. 

   There is apparently this old house that a witch used to live in or something of that matter like 10+ minutes away from her house. We didn't research that much and I had no idea what my sister and mom were even talking about. But we went to go look for it and couldn't find it. I looked online at the picture and swore it had to have been this brown house and must have been painted from white to brown. No one listens to me but when we got home and my sister looked online, she found out that I was right. Next time we go looking for it and do more research on the story behind this house, I'll fill you all in. Around Thanksgiving, we might go visit some haunted places like that. Since I am actually being filled in on that, I will make sure we are prepared with the necessary information so that we can find it and everything because I'm usually right when it comes to this stuff and finding things. I know this paragraph sounds a little rambly and confusing but because I did not know the information behind this or even that we were going to look for a witch's house, I can't really explain it clearly.

   Well, here are some pictures of me on their deck. Not showing the best view but oh well. Sundays I usually try not to even go anywhere. Sundays are like a lazy day and day of trying to rest, relax, and prepare for work the next day. So surprisingly, I got my ass up to go to my mom's and got myself looking pretty decent lol.

Me and my Sister. Check out and follow her blog here

   My stepsister and her fiance met us at the house so that my Sister and I could see them and see our adorable 6 month old twin nephews! They are the cutest babies ever. Little Italian boys, Roman and Vincenzo (Vinny). We were finally able to give them the pottery monsters we made for them. Obviously the one with the "R" is for Roman and the one with the "V" is for Vinny. I painted Roman's and my Sister painted Vinny's monster. I love painting pottery.

   What do you think?


  1. I saw your outfit on Instagram and thought it was so cute! Snuggling with the pups is the best when cold temperatures are coming! It's one of my favorite activities :)

    xo, carli
    Puppies and Polka Dots


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