What The Fuck?.

   Well here it is... What The Fuck Wednesday again.

   Come on Heather, hang in there. After today. there's just two more work days this week. You can do this! Blah Blah Blah, my pep talk for the day. It's hump day and I want to rip my eyes out. But don't worry, I won't actually rip them out. I think I have pretty eyes lol.

   Alright, enough of me complaining about work. Let's move on to What The Fuck Wednesday...

1.) (In China) Groom calls off wedding because his bride showed up in Grandma stage makeup as a joke
   Asshole! Seriously? You're going to call off the wedding on the day of the wedding because your bride thought it would be funny to show up in Grandma stage makeup and she thought it'd make you laugh. Now I don't know this woman or their relationship but I do think it was stupid of her to show up like that and think it wasn't an appropriate place and time to do this joke. But I'm furious with the groom! It was a joke! Chill out! Why would you decide not to marry someone over a harmless prank she thought you would think was funny? And part of the reason he did this was because he refused to take wedding pictures with her looking like that. Who the fuck cares about the pictures so much that you would call of your wedding??? Wait for her to take the stage makeup off or redress in your wedding clothes a different day to take pictures. Him calling off the wedding was uncalled for. 

2.) Owner turns over several small dogs to animal control because their home is being remodeled
   Stories like these make me want to ring that owner's neck. I could post billions of stories of animal abuse, neglect, etc. This was just a recent one I came across yesterday. They claimed that they were remodeling their home and wanted/ "needed" more room. These dogs are four small Chihuahuas! How could they possibly take up so much room that you "need" to give them up? This is ridiculous. When I was younger, I used to go to the shelters and Just Puppies to just see the dogs and play with them. I remember at our local SPCA, a Poodle was turned in one time because she didn't match with the owner's new couch. What a sad pathetic excuse for a human being!

3.) Here Comes Honey Boo Boo's Uncle Poodle plans to file for temporary custody of Honey Boo Boo
   Well this new piece of information adds to the whole Mama June dating her oldest Daughter's rapist rumor to be true. Uncle Poodle and his fiance are planning on filing for temporary custody if Mama June doesn't end things completely with the sex offender. They will file for temporary custody only so that when Sugar Bear gets back on his feet, he will be the one caring for Alana. The article doesn't mention "Chubbs" but I'm assuming that maybe she is 17 or 18 now and that is why? It does however, mention "Pumpkin." Uncle Poodle will not be filing for custody of Pumpkin because she apparently dislikes Uncle Poodle. So I guess filing for temporary custody of her would just be pointless?

4.) Grill your doughnuts
   Why the hell have I not heard of or thought about this?!? Imagine a grilled glazed doughnut...yum...

5.) Time changes actually affects you health
   I came across an article yesterday listing 4 weird ways the time change affects your health:
  • Your risk of being in a car accident might increase
  • Your odds of a heart attack may decrease
  • Your mood may improve
  • The quality of your sleep might decrease

6.) Guy dresses up as a CVS receipt for Halloween
   Yes!!! This is awesome! CVS receipts are always ridiculously long.

7.) Miley Cyrus might be dating Arnold Schwarzenegger's son, Patrick
    According to this article, Miley Cyrus spent Halloween day with Patrick Schwarzenegger and a source says they are dating. Patrick's family is not happy about this and I don't blame them! Not a big fan of Miley's recent behavior right now.

8.) Man offering a free trip to a woman (of his choice) that has the same first and last name as his ex girlfriend
   What. The. Fuck. So this guy had purchased airplane tickets for him and his girlfriend to travel around Christmas time and they were purchased through discount sites. These sites require you to give the names of the people flying and you can't change them. He and his girlfriend broke up, so he now has an extra ticket under the name, "Elizabeth Gallagher." This dude is looking for someone with that name to give the ticket to. This is so freaking weird. I don't even know what to say about this. You can read the whole article and his 5 other requirements of his possible travel partner here.

   Alright, I'm gonna leave it at that. I am exhausted. Can't type or even think anymore. 



  1. Okay so I found your blog thanks to Note the Obvious/ the Liebster award. And OMG. LOVE this post!

  2. omg i hate when people have the sorriest excuses for getting rid of their animals! it seriously makes me so angry/sad :( what the heck is wrong with people!

    xo, carli
    Puppies and Polka Dots

    1. I agree! Did you see the article about a garbage trash truck guy who looked in the trash can he was about to pick up and toss and saw a dog that was barely living and skin and bones in a trash bag in the trash can and he called the Humane Society? What kind of scum bags would do that but thank God for people out there like that trash man who saved the dog.

    2. Woops, just saw that you posted about this :)


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