WTF Wednesday

   So lets start off What The Fuck Wednesday with two personal WTFs. My Sister and I decided to put up my Christmas tree last night (I'll post pictures tomorrow). When we got to the ornaments I bought, we realized the ornaments didn't come with those hangy paperclip looking things that allow you to put them on the tree. WTF. Why would ornaments not come with these? And after days of trying to get my screw nose ring out (my piercer put this one in for me when I came back in like January to check if it was healed), I finally got it out last night. I bought a few L rings because they seemed like they would be easier to get in and I saw that a lot of people prefer them. Well, I couldn't get it the fuck in. I kept making my nostril piercing hole bleed. I tried for a long time and then took a break and tried again and still couldn't get it in. By that time, it was time for me to go to sleep and it already seemed like the bottom hole was closing up. Well, yup, the bottom hole (the hole that you can see from the inside of my nose/ nostril) seems to be closed up. WTF. So now I am going to have to go somewhere I trust to get it pierced again. I don't want to go back to the place I got it done before because it is a little ways away and this was just done on a whim last year anyway. I am pretty calm when it comes to getting tattoos but was pretty nervous with getting my nostril pierced- I'm ass backwards right? lol.

1. Mama June and Child Molesters 
   Last week, there was a rumor going around that one of Mama June's daughters, Pumpkin, believed her father was the man who molested her oldest sister, Anna. Apparently Pumpkin thought this man was her father her entire life. Then there was a rumor going around that Mama June didn't even know who Pumpkin's father was. Finally Mama June came out and said that Pumpkin and Jessica have the same father. Their father has not been in their life but it is not the man Pumpkin had believed was her father. Instead, her father is actually another sec offender. WTF Mama June. There also has been some clarity as to whether or not Mama June will be allowed to keep her three younger daughters, Jessica, Pumpkin, and Alana. CPS said that since all three girls are underage, they can live with Mama June as long as Mark McDaniel (Anna's molester) stays away from the house and the girls. CPS doesn't want him anywhere near the house or the girls.

2. Kim Kardashian in Paper Magazine
   In my opinion, these photos are gross. Mainly the ones where she is naked or partially naked. Just wtf??? And I will not be posting any of those photos on here so if you want to see them for yourself, here is the link.

3. Meghan Trainor claims she wasn't "strong" enough to have an eating disorder
   In a recent interview, Meghan admitted she struggled with weight insecurity. She even tried eating only ice and celery but that didn't even last a whole day. She claims she wasn't strong enough to have an eating disorder. Seriously? Who the fuck says that type of shit? People who have eating disorders are not strong. That is like giving them a compliment. Plus that makes no sense considering the eating disorder has the power over them. What an asshole. Thank goodness Demi Lovato stepped up and took to Twitter tweeting things like having eating disorders do not mean you are strong. Gotta love Demi! She is very open about eating disorders and mental illness.

4. Colorado man charged with 2nd wife's death is now being investigated for 1st wife's death
   So I don't know if you all remember when Harold Henthorn was charged with 1st degree murder earlier this month but now he is being investigated for the death of his 1st wife. Harold pushed his 2nd wife off of a cliff. His 1st wife died from being crushed by their car while trying to fix the tire. It was initially ruled an accident but now after all of this with killing his second wife, they are reopening the case of the 1st wife's death. I hope they find out the truth of the 1st wife's death and gets charged if he really did kill his 1st wife. What the fuck is wrong with people in the world today? Answer: A hell of a lot.

5. Arguing with your partner can make you fat
   There is a new study that suggests arguing with your partner can affect your fat metabolism. So basically, the stress is causing you to burn fewer calories. After reading this article, it shouldn't be focusing on just arguing with your partner. Arguing with anyone, especially if it is a prolonged feud, can happen between anyone such as friends and family members. It all boils down to stress being the causing factor- not just arguing with your partner. To me, this article/ research is just going to cause DRAMA.

6. Bill Cosby accused of being a rapist and now Janice Dickinson is claiming he raped her too
   What is wrong with this world? I honestly don't know what to believe. He is very well known, so sometimes people just make up stories about celebrities/ famous people to get attention and money. But sometimes this shit is true. WTF Bill. And now Janice is claiming he raped her too. Janice is sober now but I don't know if many people are going to believe her because she was a drug addict for so long. I just don't even know. You can read Janice's claims here.

7. Two separate articles about animals being duct taped and dropped off at animal shelters
   The other day I came across an article about a man who claimed a vicious feral cat had gotten into his house through his car door and in order to not be bit and tore up by the cat, he had to duct tape her paws and mouth. WTF. First of all, if the cat really was vicious and scratching and you don't have a box or cage or crate, grab a blanket and pick up the cat with the blanket. Second, the Animal Control Agent even said that if the cat was actually feral, the man would not have been able to catch it. The Agent also said that the cat was terrified and trembling and was definitely not a feral cat. Thankfully they are trying to get some justice for the cat named Ducky and the authorities are investigating into what the man did to her.
   Then yesterday I came across an article about a four month old Kelpie puppy, named Tiggy, who was taped inside a cardboard box and shoved through the overnight chute at the pound. WTF. Why would someone tape a dog inside a box and dump him at the pound. The poor little guy was understandably shaking and petrified. It is bad enough that people abandon their dogs, but to also duct tape an animal- that is just so cruel. I hate reading stories like these but they need to be put in the news and on the internet so that people realize that humans actually do this and that they realize this is wrong. Here is the article about Ducky and here is the article about Tiggy.

8. Big Sean disses Naya Rivera
   Ok, so A LOT of artists make great hits off of writing songs about their exes. This is nothing new. However, I feel like Big Sean is making shit up in his new song, "I Don't Fuck With You." It is all about his ex, Naya Rivera. Big Sean and Naya were engaged and he called everything off. It was surprising and unexpected. After he called off the engagement, there were rumors that Rivera cheated on him and then there were rumors that he cheated on Rivera. To me, it just seemed like he wasn't into her anymore. Who knows. Regardless, HE called it off. They both quickly got into new relationships. However, Rivera's new guy was someone who she was really close with for a while. It was a bit strange that she secretly married Ryan Dorsey not long after and they married on the same date that she was supposed to get married to Big Sean. But she's happy. I don't believe she was trying to make Sean jealous or anything but he is panning her out to be this pathetic bitch that was trying to make him jealous and shit. I strongly disagree. She doesn't even talk about Sean anymore, yet he is the one still talking about her and throwing shade at her. Sean, grow the fuck up and go back to your fake little diva Ariana Grande.

9. Dance Moms' Lawsuit: Judge sides with Abby Lee Miller
   For those of you who watch Dance Moms, you know how Abby can be and you know the drama that has been going on for a long time between Abby Lee Miller and Kelly Hyland. In the first season, I defended Abby's teaching methods and behaviors. I was a dancer, Rec and competitive, for many many years and also taught/ instructed/ choreographed dance. As the seasons went on, especially these last two seasons, Abby's behavior has spiraled out of control and is just not acceptable. You can't pick up a chair and throw it almost hitting the child. You can't punish a child solely on the reason that you hate or have beef with their Mother, especially time after time after time. You can't call a child stupid, worthless, mentally challenged, etc. and right to their face. Yes, you can actually do these things, but does that make it right? No. Now, I can see why the Judge sided with Abby because the lawsuit was focused on what Abby said about Kelly in an interview on the view. I really wish Kelly's younger daughter, Paige, hadn't dropped her lawsuit. Paige suffers from anxiety and anxiety attacks because of Miller's treatment towards her. Paige was treated the worst out of all of the dancers. She also stated what goes on in the classroom that is not shown on T.V., which includes even harsher punishments. There is much more to the story but I am not going to ramble on about this. I'm just not team Abby anymore.

*BREAKING NEWS* If you all remember last week I wrote about the army taking away Army Spc. Brent Grommet's combat dog Matty and not telling him where his dog was, etc. Well good news... Matty was returned to Brent!!! Thank The Lord!!! You can read the post I talked about this in here and you can read this new article here.



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