2nd Date and Surprise...Tattoo #5!!!

   So this weekend was great!!!- specifically Saturday. During the day my Sister and I painted pottery. We each painted something for ourselves and then something for our Mom for Christmas. I'll post pictures of the pottery I did for myself after I pick it up this Saturday and obviously I can't put up pictures of my Mom's present yet. Sorry Mom, you are just going to have to wait until Christmas!

   After our fun day of Pottery, I went on date #2 with Steve the Tattoo Artist that did my paw print tattoo the weekend before. I want to call him Sexy Steve but is that too lame? So for our date we just hung out at the shop and he tattooed me :) He gets me! lol. LOVE tattoo dates!!! He tattooed a clam shell on my sternum which is the centerpiece of my upcoming under boob tattoo. I really didn't think tattooing in the sternum area was going to hurt. Boy was I wrong. That shit hurt so bad. The outline was the most painful part. I honestly didn't even know if I was going to make it through the outline but I made it through the whole thing thanks to this amazing man! This tattoo is so life-like and looks like it's popping off of my chest area. The detail is phenomenal. So tattoo #5 isn't finished since this is part of a really large piece but tattoo #5 has commenced!

   And then today I am going to go see Dreamy Don and get another session of color on the roses on my forearm and get tattoo #6! Can't wait and can't wait to show you all tomorrow!!!

   So excited for date #3 this weekend with Steve!!!



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