My Date and 4th Tattoo!!!

   Today I want to give you a completely positive post. I know I can be negative, critical, judgmental, and I complain a lot. That's just who I am and who I've always been, but I have been working on toning it down a little.

   So I'm finally going to talk about this past Saturday night. I went to 717 Tattoo, the location in Mechanicsburg, PA. Obviously I got a tattoo. I suggested that we should set up my appointment so that I would be Steve's last appointment for the night and then we could go out to dinner right after. So yea, my date's name is Steve. He is verrry good looking, tall, dark hair, and has lots and lots of tattoos- just what I like! Anyway, enough about Steve's good looks for right now. He tattooed a little dog paw print behind my right ear like I wanted and I think it is perfect and super cute. I love it! So this paw print makes it tattoo #4. Some people might consider the big tattoo on my forearm to be more than one tattoo but I consider it as one tattoo.

   After he got off work, we went to TGI Fridays- can't go wrong with TGIF and then a bar and then we just sat in his car for a while talking and laughing. I had such a great time with him :) !!! And can you believe I stayed out until almost 2 a.m.?!?!?! I can't remember exactly what time. I think I left to go home at 1:15. That is super late for me to be awake and especially awake and "out" and functioning. So that was really nice. And I believe we are going to hang out/ see each other again/ go on date #2 this weekend!

Sorry that it is difficult to see my outfit and everything. My Sister wasn't home to help me take pictures of my date night outfit. That is my new plaid flannel shirt I got from Old Navy on Thanksgiving when they opened and I looove it! So comfortable.
Ok now that I look at this picture, I look a little weird in it lol. I'm wearing a more neutral smokey eye and cat eye again and then I'm wearing a purplish lipstick.

Gotta love black & white pictures and "fierce" faces lol
My new tattoo a little after I got it done!

This picture was taken when I got home. So it was still fresh in this pic.

   So now I have two black tattoos and two color tattoos. Can't wait to get more. Keep checking back b/c Dreamy Don is doing another session of color on the roses on my forearm and he is also doing a small tattoo on my ribs next week! That is really going to test my pain tolerance for tattoos (tattoos specifically). Can't wait! And then if you follow me on Instagram, you can see a rough- and I mean rough- sketch of something I want for a sternum/ underboob tattoo next year. Steve is working on changing it up a bit and adding his artistic touch. He'll be doing tattooing my sternum/ underboob tattoo next year. It'll be like a sea/ seashell theme but look like something a mermaid would wear. I love that because that is kind of what I was going for and I love mermaids. Ahhh so exciting!



  1. I really love your new tattoo! If I ever got a tattoo, I always wanted something that could relate to my love for dogs lol. And I'm glad you had a good date night! Never can go wrong with TGI Friday's. Also, love your new flannel!

    xo, carli
    Puppies and Polka Dots

    1. Thank you! I also saw another paw print tattoo idea on Pinterest where it is like the outline of a paw print and the inside is filled with like a paisley type print. Kind of hard to explain. We are going on our second date this weekend- a tattoo date. He's going to tattoo me and hang out. Now I just have to figure out what tattoo I want done this weekend.


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