New Makeup App Review: GlamST

   Do you love makeup? Do you want to find an easier way to see what makeup colors and looks that will look good on you without spending money to buy the makeup first? Do you want to know what makeup some celebrities are wearing and affordable versions of their makeup they wear? Then download the free GlamST app! It is a free makeup app that you can download on your iphone from the App Store.

   When I saw this opportunity to test out and review the new GlamST app, I was really excited and interested. Who doesn't like playing around with makeup? Especially when you can do it on a phone screen without actually having to buy makeup first and create a mess in your bathroom. Whether you do it to actually find makeup that will compliment you or playing around for fun, I recommend this app.

   I will admit, it takes a few tries to get it right. Don't give up and just have patience.

So this is what the app looks like when you search GlamST in the Apple app store.

You are first going to choose what kind of style or celebrity's style of makeup you are looking for. Your options are Trendy, Sexy, Edgy, Glamorous, Fresh, and Hipster. Your celebrity options are Jennifer Hudson, Drew Barrymore, Jessica Alba, Kat Dennings, Queen Latifah, Heidi Klum, Nina Dobrev, Elizabeth Olson, Lupita Nyongo, Sarah Jessica Parker, Blake Lively, Reese Witherspoon, Rita Ora, Lea Seydoux, Miley Cyrus, Carley Rae Jepsen, Selena Gomez, Kate Walsh, Michelle Monaghan, Kate Mara, Cara Delevingne, Eva Mendes, Penelope Cruz, Angelina Jolie, Diane Kruger, and Jessica Chastain.

Next you are going to choose a picture of yourself to work with. This first choice wasn't the best picture to use but practice makes perfect! Then you have to adjust the red dots around your face, eyebrows, eyes, and lips by moving the dots with your finger and adjusting them accordingly. This part was very difficult for me, especially at first because there are so many dots on each area and you have to tap or double tap the dot first and then drag it. A lot of the time it won't tap the dot or it will think you tapped the wrong one because there are so many dots and they are so close together. My suggestion with this part for the creators of this app would be to have the app actually zoom in on each eyebrow, eye, and the lips when it is that time to adjust the dots so that the dots are bigger and easier to move around and the body part is bigger as well.

So this was the result of my first attempt. I like that it will give you multiple looks and then you can slide the bar over and it will show you what makeup was actually used and how much it costs. As you can see, it gives you three different options according to your price range. I LOVE this part because you can adjust it on how much you are able to spend or willing to spend and you can go buy the makeup that compliments you.

This particular picture of me was my biggest success in using this app. My head is straight, I'm looking straight at the camera, my eyes are a little wider opened, and my lips are closed. When aligning the dots to your lips, it gives you an option to click on to let the app know whether your mouth is closed or open.

These are two of the makeup looks I got when I was chose the "Trendy" option.

You can also slide the bar over to split your face to compare a before and after picture which I think is really cool and lets you see the difference. 

Here is another Trendy look and the cheapest priced makeup you can buy to recreate this look yourself.

This picture used wasn't too bad of a choice. These are two examples of "Glamourous" makeup. I think it kind of makes me look like a modern day vampire- and not in a bad way. The one on the right is perfect for Christmas!

Here's a Lea Seydoux makeup look.

And here's a Carly Rae Jepsen makeup look.

I really like these two "Sexy" makeup looks. The one on the left surprised me because I usually don't wear blue eye shadow but the way they styled the whole look actually looks really cool. The second look screams "me"- I completely love it! Both makeup looks are pretty versatile. They would look great in any season.

   As you can see, finding the right photo of you and practicing with the app is key. Despite the difficulty using the dots to adjust to the shape of your eyes and lips, I really like this app and think it is a useful tool to use in trying to find makeup looks that not only compliment you, but also provides you with the brand and price of the specific makeup.

You can visit these links to learn more about this creative app!


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