New Year's Resolution(s)

   Ahhh it's that time again- time to make your New Year's resolution or resolutions. I usually don't do this but ya know what? This year I am going to. I usually make goals as they come to me throughout the year but I'm going to start this year off right and I'm going to make 3 New Year's resolutions.

1. Don't buy any shoes this whole year unless...
   Ok, I was originally going to say don't buy any shoes at all but shit happens and sometimes you actually need to buy new shoes. I'm not a shoeaholic or anything but I don't wear a lot of the shoes I have. Like some of my heels I haven't even ever worn. I'm really going to try not to buy any shoes though and even though I'm not a shoe obsessed person, this resolution is going to save me money. So I am not going to buy any shoes unless:  
 -They are like on sale for under $10 and absolutely love them and would wear them all of the time or something.
 -They are shoes that are needed that are replacing old messed up ones- perhaps running type shoes if I actually end up working out?
 -I need shoes for a very special occasion where my shoes I already own don't go with anything or something.
 -They are weather-type shoes like rain boots.

2. Eat healthier and try to work out at least once a week
   I do try to eat healthier and I have been. I would say on work days, my breakfast and lunch are both pretty healthy and I only drink soda if I'm eating out and sometimes I don't even order soda when eating out. But I want to continue eating healthier.

   When I got Audrey, the weather was warm and I was trying to build up her muscle and getting her used to her surroundings and improve her socialization and stuff. So I would take her on a walk at least once a week with my Mom and my Sister and my Sister's dogs. However, when my Mom moved and my Sister started working more (her job is after school), we stopped. I want to make a resolution to walk or do some type of work out, even if it is just crunches or something, at least once a week and I want to start actually trying to use my Sister's xbox kinect (?) thing and try to do workout type things on that.

3. Work on improving/ expanding my blog
   I am so proud of myself for actually starting this blog and how far I have come with it. I can't believe how much I love blogging. In 2015, I want to improve even more, join more blogging programs, and change the whole look of my blog. Lookout 2015!

   I'd love to hear your New Year's resolutions if you have made any!



  1. Happy New Year
    I hope 2015 will be a great year for you!

  2. Sounds like it will be a great year!!! What are blogging programs?

    1. I guess I kind of meant organizations. Oops lol. Like doing more product reviews, there's like this east coast blogger thing, and some others I've come across.


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