WTF Wednesday

   Sorry I've been gone for a little while. Work has been hectic with moving offices, getting shit set up, and drama that is pissing me the fuck off. Although I am not a morning person, for work I am most productive if I come in at 5:30 a.m. My medications don't work to the fullest and they definietly don't last past lunch time so working 5:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. is the best option for me. It is also the safest because leaving at 2 is the safest for me to get home without completely being so overexhausted that my eyelids are too heavy too keep open and my arms and shoulders and hands are to heavy to keep on the wheel and drive. They are singling me out and trying to get me to come in at 7 and work til 3:30. There is no way in hell that is happening. They are using like 10 different bullshit excuses and don't care about my health. And one of the bullshit reasons is because I'd be the first person to come in, in this specific trailer (which I'd be the first one in regardless) and I am a woman, so they say it is not safe. First of all, that is fucking sexist. Second of all, there are PLENTY of people in my position that are in their trailers first and alone or practically alone all day. All I have to do is lock the doors like everyone else. PLUS the location I'm in right now has like 10 other trailers that are work trailers and tons of people come in before 5:30 and almost everyone is here before 6.

   So this morning I came in at 6 like yesterday (b/c I'm not coming in at 6:30 or 7, even 6 is pushing it), well technically I ended up getting here at 5:45. Anyways, I was so over exhausted, fatigued and weak from them making me wake up later and doing the whole 6- 2:30 schedule yesterday that I did not have a safe drive this morning. I even drank an iced latte on my way to work, put the a/c on to blow cold air on my face and kept slapping myself in the face. My eyelids were heavy, arms were heavy- just like my drive home yesterday but worse, and I could barely steer. I kept swerving and almost hitting cars, tractor trailers, sidewalks, and barrier walls. I am so lucky I made it in safe without hurting or killing myself, hurting or killing others, fucking up my car or someone else's car, or getting a ticket.

 Tomorrow I'm going to try to post an update on how my date went Saturday night. So stay tuned! But first, here is WTF Wednesday.

1. Janay Rice stands up for her abusive husband 
   Oh Janay, this really angers me but at the same time, I understand. Domestic violence really hits home for me. People stay in abusive relationships for many reasons whether they are blinded by love, afraid to leave, stay for the children, etc. Although Janay says she will tell her daughter, one day, that domestic violence is not something you should tolerate. I mean, thank God she is going to talk to her daughter about this but the problem I have with this is that she is suppose to be a role model for her daughter. How are you going to tell your daughter not to tolerate domestic violence when you are staying in a marriage where you were punched by your husband. You should practice what your preach Janay. If you want to read this article, here you go.

2. Adam Lind, Teen Mom 2 star, in jail AGAIN
   Stop letting this pathetic immature "man" off on charges and shit. How many times has he been arrested and in jail??? A gazillion and they are usually for DUIs which I find extremely important considering he has two young daughters and even drives illegally with them in vehicles when he has a suspended license. And the judge just lets him off. He is never going to grow up and fully change and stop being immature. Anyways, this time he is being charged with domestic stalking. He was stalking his ex girlfriend- not Chelsea or Taylor and not even his last girlfriend on the show, Jessica. Nope, this is a new one. And at first he was being held without bond and then just hours later his bond was set at 3 grand. I am definitely NOT team Adam. Here is the article. And here is another article on this matter which gives more details. This ex was also granted a temporary restraining order against Adam Lind. He apparently had gotten to the point of physically harming her. She is scared and wants to protect her and her two children (not fathered by Adam). This just proves that Adam's behavior is getting worse.

3. 13 year old boy forced to hide in an attic crawl space found by police
   Sooo happy police found this boy. He was forced to hide in the crawl space so that police couldn't find him but he usually stayed in a room with someone else who lived in the house. In the house, his Father, Stepmother or Father's girlfriend (this has not been yet determinded), and three of his Father's children (well police think they are. I'm assuming these other three kids who are teenagers have a different mother than the 13 year old). Everyone who lives in the house was arrested. This boy has been missing since 2009. He left his Mother's to go visit (an arranged visit) his Father and never returned. I'm not familiar with any other details of the missing part of this case but this boy was being physically assaulted by his Father and the Stepmother or girlfriend or whoever she is. The biggest aide in helping police find the boy was a service the boy downloaded called Magic Jack. He used this service on his cell phone and contacted his mother and described where he was. The part that really pisses me off is that every single person in that house, including his Father, told police they didn't know the boy. Seriously? What a fucking lie and an obvious lie. You can read the entire article here.

4. Beth is dead!
   Nooo! If any of you watched Sunday night's episode of The Walking Dead, you know that Beth died in that episode.

5. Bulldogs are increasingly being abandoned by their owners on the streets of NYC
   This seriously makes me want to cry. It's bad enough that people abandon their dogs and it's even worse when they abandon them on the streets, fields, roads, etc. I have an English Bulldog and two English Bulldog mixes and this really breaks my heart. This breed is very expensive to care for and they require a lot of health supplements, surgeries, etc. They definitely cannot survive on the streets. And then you have to worry about the Chinese people killing them for food or selling them to people in China or what not to make them food for people and people using them as bait dogs for dog fighting. A lot of people think this breed is so cool but they fail to realize all of the expensive health care that this breed needs. People are going to see these dogs and take them. They are then most likely not going to get the care they need and suffer. And then you have people that will pick them up and sell them and then the animal abusers. The bulldogs that are lucky enough to make it to bulldog rescues don't always survive and are usually dog aggressive because their previous owner's failed to socialize them and then this makes it more difficult for them to get adopted or even get foster homes. This is where you can read this sad article.

6. Justin Bieber abandons another one of his pets
   I seriously hate this kid and yes, I am going to refer to this adult as a kid because he acts childish. Stop selling pets to Justin! He is irresponsible! How can his parents not step in and say something to their son? In February, Justin left his American Bulldog puppy, Karma with a dog trainer. Even though he should be dedicating the time to train his dog himself, maybe he did this because he is so busy and wanted her to be trained- which I can totally respect. However, he never picked his puppy back up. She was only supposed to be there for a few weeks just to be trained. By the way, this is in Canada and then after she was trained, he planned on taking her to America. Justin has not picked her up, won't return any of the dog trainer's calls, and has not even paid for her upkeep. She has been there since February people! WTF Justin?!?!?! This is similar to him not picking up his monkeyfrom Germany after he failed to send in the paperwork for the monkey's immunizations and import paperwork. This idiot didn't have enough sense to know that you have to have this paperwork to travel with your pet and/ or didn't have the sense to look this shit up and then never came to pick up his monkey from German customs officials. Here is the article.

7. Mother leaves three kids in car while in Walmart and car catches fire
   WTF. This woman leaves her kids in the car (ages 2, 3, and 10) to go shop at Walmart for what she claims was 5 minutes. You know darn well that shopping takes more than 5 minutes, especially when you have to go through checkout as well. Well while this mother was in Walmart, the 11 year old decided to play with the lighter that was in the car to see what it would do. Well it caught some papers on fire which caused the car to burn. Luckily a passerby saw the burning car and rescued the kids just in time. Besides the fact that you left your kids in the car, you left a lighter in there! And you thought nothing would happen? The article also brings up another report about a father who left his 4 year old son and 11 year old disabled daughter alone in a hotel room. At first he was supposed to just go pick up their mother/ his wife? at a shopping mall but then decided to go Black Friday shopping with her instead. Even if he ended up just picking the mother up, there is no excuse for someone to leave children at a hotel alone. Especially when the oldest is disabled. How is she supposed to take care of her 4 year old brother??? And here is the article with these two stories.



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