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Simply Valentine

Ah, love is in the air- or at least that's what they say this time of year. Hmmm, when I hear that [expression?], it makes me think, what does love smell like? Some might interpret it as a visual thing, like seeing couples in love but I interpret it as a sense of smell type thing. So, what does love smell like? I guess that really depends on everyone individually. For me, love smells like Starbucks peppermint mocha lattes, my three cuddling furr kids on the couch, dog hair- obviously, warm fuzzy socks, Steve, the beach in the summertime, black forest donuts from Fractured Prune- ok I'll stop, this is getting out of hand lol. I think I'm getting a little off topic and listing my favorite smells rather than what I think love smells like. I don't know, if you think about it, you could describe love using all 5 senses.

   Oook I'm going to stop myself now. I mean I could probably go on and on and on and continue to ramble. So I apologize for my confusing, ridiculous, ra…

Weekend Recap

Wow these weekend recap posts have been really late in the week- sorry! Well this past weekend was ok. Saturday night I hung out with Sexy Steve and some of his friends and went to a hookah bar for my first time. It was ok but I ended up feeling really sick and wasn't even feeling well earlier in the day. Steve literally had to drive me home because I felt that sick. Thankfully he didn't mind and had even offered to drive me and my car home and sleep over earlier that evening. There were so many times on the drive home that I was about to tell him to pull over b/c I literally felt like I was about to shit my pants- Sorry if that's TMI, which it probably is but luckily that didn't happen. I just kept feeling really hot and cold, dizzy, nauseous, light headed, and just overall not good. Right before we left, I went to get a water and then almost collapsed/ passed out to the floor.

   Anyways, I'm pretty much all better and still had a good time with my man. Still …

OOTD Office Edition

Well the title kind of says it all. I had an important meeting today at work and wanted to share my outfit with you all!

 Apparently Mowgli wanted to photo bomb my pictures Blazer: Forever21; Top: Charlotte Russe; Pants: Forever21; Booties: Target; Necklace: Kohls  If you can't tell, I don't have my nose ring in. I got it taken out on Saturday because lets face it, the way it was re-pierced made it end up looking weird. No offense Don. But I mean, it was freshly closed and had a lot of scar tissue which made it so much difficult to pierce. This time I'm going to wait 2-3 months and then get it re-pierced AGAIN but at the shop that Steve works at by one of their piercers. So happy to be home! Had to throw a goofball one in. Sooo I don't usually do my hair or makeup really for work. Important meetings are the exception. However, I usually don't have the energy to do it full out. So I did a half up, half down do with the bottom half straightened and the top half in …

What the ? Wednesday

Ok, so I'm debating on whether or not to continue WTF Wednesdays. So I'm going to try out a little change for three weeks or so and then maybe decide. Starting today, WTF Wednesdays will feature 1-3 top WTF stories/ articles/ etc. Alright now let's get to the WTFs of the week.

1. Company Charges $35,000 for a Unique Name for your Baby
    Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah- hold up, $35,000 for a name??? WTF? Erfolgswelle is a Swiss company who will create/ pick an internationally unique baby name for $35,000 or a nationally unique baby name for $20,000. They say the process takes 100 hours and they give the customer a list of 15-25 unique names and the customer picks their top favorites and then the company makes sure there has never been anyone in history with those names. That is a lot of mullah. Click here for the detes.

2. KFC Releases the Double Down Dog
Anyone remember KFC's Double Down? The one that had two chicken breasts in the place of the buns/ rolls and then che…

Snow on the East Coast and My EEG Test Results

Today is just not my day. But let's first rewind back to yesterday afternoon. I had my Doctor's appointment to get my EEG results to see if I have a seizure disorder or anything like that. The test came back normal- what a surprise. Right now my Doctor is trying to first focus on finding out why I am having these random brief blackout spells. He thinks Lamictal, a medication I take for Bipolar Disorder (and is also taken for seizures), is the cause behind that specific problem. Lamictal can also cause seizures and memory problems, etc. and so when I go to my Psychiatrist in February, he want me to tell him to take me off of Lamictal and put me on a different mood stabilizer and then see if that changes anything. Wait and See Games are very common in my life. Ugh.

   Ok, so now this morning. First I was freaking out on a verge of an emotional breakdown because I couldn't find my cellphone. One might think this is stupid but it isn't. Besides the fact that I need my c…

Inspirational Woman of the Day: Yolanda Foster

Image via
   I know my Real Housewives fans know exactly who I am talking about. Yolanda Foster is one of the women featured on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Ever since she has been diagnosed with Lyme Disease three years ago, I have been following her journey.

   This is near and dear to my heart because I have or supposedly have an autoimmune disorder and I also have other health problems. Some of the symptoms I suffer from are the same that she has. I don't have Lyme Disease but a lot of autoimmune disorders and other disorders have a lot of the same symptoms.

   I am so proud of her and thankful that she has been so open about her journey and struggles with Lyme Disease. She is one of the fortunate ones that only took a year to get diagnosed. A lot of people wait years to get diagnosed, receive a misdiagnosis, and some don't ever get diagnosed/ properly diagnosed. After being diagnosed, she spent the next two years trying to …

Happy 4th Birthday to Princess Gemma Madeline

Sooo my beautiful baby turns 4 today. I cannot believe it! Time flew by fast. I've only had her since she was 1 1/2, so that makes it 2 1/2 years, but still. My sweet cuddly mama's girl, Gemma. Ah I just love her so much and don't know where I'd be and what I'd do without her. She has helped me so much and brightens up my darkest days. I just love this girl sooo much!!! She has gone from a skinny malnourished 25 lb scared girl to a 52 lb (usually 56 in the winter but hey, don't we all gain some weight in the winter?) lovable snuggley cuddley Princess. You can read more about Gemma and her story in this blog post: Meet Gemma (Furrkid #1 of 3)

 Yes, she has a custom Birthday dog shirt.  Gemma got another piggy for her birthday  Audrey looks like a pirate lol  "Audge, you cannot have my birthday present"  I know this one is blurry, but for some reason I really like it   My baby with her birthday present this morning Momma, you better give me my new pi…

OOTD and Snow Ruins Plans

Ugh the freakin' snow! I am not a huge fan of snow, mainly when it prevents me from going to important places I need to or want to go but ESPECIALLY when it makes it extremely difficult, unsafe, and/ or impossible to get home from work. I mean thank God I made it home yesterday from work in a timely manner considering the snow and ice but still. It gives me so much anxiety and then I'm scared the whole drive home.

   Ironically, one year ago yesterday was the day that Gemma and I actually got stuck in the snow and couldn't make it home. She had went to work with me and on the way home, it took us like an hour and a half just to get a few miles and then we kept getting stuck on the roads and couldn't get up hills and then finally, we were officially stuck. Luckily I was able to pull my car over to the side but my car would not warm up and we couldn't move. My mom couldn't get us at the time because she was on her way home from work trying to get home and havi…

What the ? Wednesday

Happy hump day everyone!!! Ah, so after I'm done taking care of my furr babies after work, I'm going to meet Steve's mom! A little nerve wrecking, I mean this is his mom. And my makeup looks like crap. Oh well, I tried lol. And now here is WTF Wednesday.

1. Former America's Next Top Model Contestant ends up in prison
   Renee Alway, who came in third in season 8 of ANTM, is now in prison for felony burglary charges. It is really sad that she turned to drugs (like heroin) and became homeless and committed crimes. She seemed like such a strong woman and loving mother. What's even more sad is her first two children were born addicted and she gave birth to her 3rd child weeks before her arrest and has given up custody to all three. You can read more about her charges and what she says about life after being on America's Next top Model here.

2. New Frozen App
   The movie, Frozen, and all things related to the movie are still very popular. There is this new app tha…

A Quick Weekend Recap

Hello Monday, nice to see you- NOT! So I didn't have an extremely eventful weekend but Sexy Steve did come over Friday night and spent the night :)

   I made mashed potatoes for the first time, while he made the steak for our dinner. Making mashed potatoes is not fun. I'm pretty good in the kitchen but this was stressful. I used like 4 different recipes as guides/ for reference and used some extra ingredients a coworker had recommended. I mean they turned out good and all, but they weren't what I like in a mashed potato. The coworker had told me to add cream cheese, sour cream, and chives- I think I used too many chives. I really wish I would've went for what I was originally going to do- rosemary and garlic mashed potatoes. Or I wish I had made my roasted garlic & rosemary red potatoes because that shit is banging. Oh well, it still turned out good and I learned and I used a potato masher for the first time and peeled potatoes for the first time.

   We had a gr…

My Tattoos and the Reason I Got Each One

So I was on Bloglovin' and saw a post explaining the meaning behind Sage the Blog's peony tattoo. I loved reading this post. So you should go follow her blog and read her post, which you can find here.

   Anyways, this inspired me to do a post sharing all of my tattoos, in the order I got them, and the meaning behind me getting these tattoos.

1. A butterfly on my right hip
   My mom took me to get my first tattoo about a month (or so?) before my 17th birthday. I didn't really have anything planned out but knew I wanted a butterfly. So I picked a small one (this tattoo is about 2 inches in height, maybe a smidgen more. It also has this design thingy behind the butterfly that I wanted blue because whether or not it's supposed to be wind, I think it looks like wind and therefore, to me it is wind. Anyways, I had a traumatic childhood thanks to my father but I'm not going to get into that. Like two months prior to me getting my tattoo, my mom told my father that she …

My Weekend

Finally, my weekend recap post. Why did I take so long to get around to this??? Me starting off the week being sick probably contributed to that. Sorry loves.

   So this past weekend. Saturday night I hung out with my man, Sexy Steve. I met him at the tattoo shop and we didn't really have a plan on what we were going to do. So we got in his car and then we decided to go see a movie. We didn't know what movie we were going to see either. This is pretty surprising considering I'm a total planner, but he isn't a planner type person. So I let go of my control freak self that night and let it be. When we got to the theater, we decided to see the 3rd Night at the Museum movie, Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb. I think it was a good choice considering we had both seen the first two Night at the Museum movies and they are pretty good.

 Do you like my hair color? A fellow blogger did a review on hair dye from and her hair turned out so great looking. So…

What the ? Wednesday

So I know my WTF Wednesdays still aren't back to what they were when I started them. I'm working on it. Ugh my eyes hurt so bad from the pressure on them. At least my throat is starting to feel better *knock on wood* and at least I have a nice hot cup of green tea with me. Just bare with me here.

1. Why the heck am I sick?
   I'm really hoping I'm not getting sick or this is just a little something that won't progress into something bigger. I'm taking some precautions just in case like drinking hot green tea, DayQuil (not taking NyQuil because I'm on a new sleep medication), and eating/ drinking chicken noodle soup. And today and yesterday I have felt a horrible pressure on and behind my eyes. Ugh.

2. Is Beyonce pregnant or not???
   Celebrity pregnancy rumors are nothing new but rumors of Beyonce being pregnant with a second child have been going on foreverrrrrrrrr. The latest Beyonce pregnancy rumor was sparked by a photo of her buried in the sand with a…

Golden Globes

Mondays- ugh. For all of you that have snow and/ or freezing rain & ice, I hope you are safe today! Even just letting my dogs in the yard to go potty this morning, they were slipping and sliding because we still have some snow and now there's a layer of ice over top of it. I put dog paw-friendly ice melt on some of it but didn't put a lot because knowing my dogs they, or at least Mowgli, will try to eat it.

   So, the Golden Globes. I have to admit that I don't watch any of the award shows like the Golden Globes, VMAs, Oscars, etc. I basically just read the top moments and look at what people wore there and stuff online the following day.

   The first article I came upon on Yahoo! was the best and worst dressed on the red carpet. I wasn't surprised to see Kate Hudson on the best dressed list. I mean come on, I don't think I've ever seen her in a bad outfit. She's always looking gorgeous and dressing stylish.

   I think my top pick for the celeb who d…

BIG News and More About My Health

Sooo Thursday I went for my EEG test. I had a horrible migraine because I was not allowed to have any caffeine- no chocolate, no coffee- before the test. It went pretty smoothly though. They had to put all this gook on my scalp/ in my hair to make the like 30 things (don't know what they are called but they are attached to wires that are hooked up to the machine they use) stick to my head so that they could run the test. The test looks at my brain waves and whatnot and checks to see if I'm having seizures and stuff. I had to lay there for who knows how long and alternate between having my eyes open, eyes closed, breathing deep quick breaths, having a light flash at my eyes, etc. After he removed all the things from my head, my hair was a MESS. Gook all in it but I didn't really care because at least I was getting this test to try to determine more about my health and I'm thankful I now have a doctor who is determined to find out exactly what is wrong with me and com…