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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Simply Valentine

    Ah, love is in the air- or at least that's what they say this time of year. Hmmm, when I hear that [expression?], it makes me think, what does love smell like? Some might interpret it as a visual thing, like seeing couples in love but I interpret it as a sense of smell type thing. So, what does love smell like? I guess that really depends on everyone individually. For me, love smells like Starbucks peppermint mocha lattes, my three cuddling furr kids on the couch, dog hair- obviously, warm fuzzy socks, Steve, the beach in the summertime, black forest donuts from Fractured Prune- ok I'll stop, this is getting out of hand lol. I think I'm getting a little off topic and listing my favorite smells rather than what I think love smells like. I don't know, if you think about it, you could describe love using all 5 senses.

   Oook I'm going to stop myself now. I mean I could probably go on and on and on and continue to ramble. So I apologize for my confusing, ridiculous, rambling. Let's get down to what the original purpose of this post was: Valentine's Day (or Night) outfit. I have never ever had a valentine and usually sit at home with my dogs eating a box of Russel Stover's coconut clusters (my fav). But this year is different (*knock on wood*). I have a valentine (not trying to jinx this). I have been looking at outfits and dresses online but I am trying to stick to my word and not buy anything to wear on Valentine's Day. I am going to wear something I already own. But that doesn't mean I can't look and create outfits on Polyvore. I think if I were to make myself avoid looking at clothes and stuff altogether, then it would bug me and make me end up buying something. So I've got 2 more weeks to avoid buying an outfit for that night. Stay strong Heather.

   There are some great pieces of clothing, accessories, and shoes at Forever21, Charlotte Russe, Lulu's, H&M, and Bebe (just to name a few). This is my favorite that I want so badly and it is almost completely sold out- thankfully for me. It is from Forever21 for $27.80:

   As I mentioned above, I have also created some outfits on Polyvore. This is probably my favorite out of the Valentine outfits I've made. You can check out the complete list of my Polyvore creations at

Simply Valentine

Oneness purple dress
$45 -

Oxford shoes

ASOS crossbody handbag
$24 -

Ice sterling silver ring
$38 -

Sterling silver jewelry


Thursday, January 29, 2015

Weekend Recap

   Wow these weekend recap posts have been really late in the week- sorry! Well this past weekend was ok. Saturday night I hung out with Sexy Steve and some of his friends and went to a hookah bar for my first time. It was ok but I ended up feeling really sick and wasn't even feeling well earlier in the day. Steve literally had to drive me home because I felt that sick. Thankfully he didn't mind and had even offered to drive me and my car home and sleep over earlier that evening. There were so many times on the drive home that I was about to tell him to pull over b/c I literally felt like I was about to shit my pants- Sorry if that's TMI, which it probably is but luckily that didn't happen. I just kept feeling really hot and cold, dizzy, nauseous, light headed, and just overall not good. Right before we left, I went to get a water and then almost collapsed/ passed out to the floor.

   Anyways, I'm pretty much all better and still had a good time with my man. Still a little nausea but that is probably from my anxiety and migraines. And then last night I had an emotional breakdown. But let's not get into that.

   By the way, I am going crazy on Pinterest today looking at storage organization ideas, DIY organization, closet organization ideas, DIY organization ideas using stuff from the Dollar Store, etc. I am like in heaven right now lol.

  Oh and here are some pictures of the outfit I wore Saturday night.

 Yes, I'm weird and proud of it!

I don't even remember what I was doing and laughing about during these action shots.

    By the way, I'm going to be posting more so in the evening or at least for right now. Time to watch last night's episode of Mob Wives!


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

OOTD Office Edition

   Well the title kind of says it all. I had an important meeting today at work and wanted to share my outfit with you all!

 Apparently Mowgli wanted to photo bomb my pictures
 Blazer: Forever21; Top: Charlotte Russe; Pants: Forever21; Booties: Target; Necklace: Kohls
 If you can't tell, I don't have my nose ring in. I got it taken out on Saturday because lets face it, the way it was re-pierced made it end up looking weird. No offense Don. But I mean, it was freshly closed and had a lot of scar tissue which made it so much difficult to pierce. This time I'm going to wait 2-3 months and then get it re-pierced AGAIN but at the shop that Steve works at by one of their piercers.
So happy to be home! Had to throw a goofball one in. Sooo I don't usually do my hair or makeup really for work. Important meetings are the exception. However, I usually don't have the energy to do it full out. So I did a half up, half down do with the bottom half straightened and the top half in a bun. Kind of lazy- lazy girl chic- but I don't think it looks that bad.


What the ? Wednesday

   Ok, so I'm debating on whether or not to continue WTF Wednesdays. So I'm going to try out a little change for three weeks or so and then maybe decide. Starting today, WTF Wednesdays will feature 1-3 top WTF stories/ articles/ etc. Alright now let's get to the WTFs of the week.

1. Company Charges $35,000 for a Unique Name for your Baby
    Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah- hold up, $35,000 for a name??? WTF? Erfolgswelle is a Swiss company who will create/ pick an internationally unique baby name for $35,000 or a nationally unique baby name for $20,000. They say the process takes 100 hours and they give the customer a list of 15-25 unique names and the customer picks their top favorites and then the company makes sure there has never been anyone in history with those names. That is a lot of mullah. Click here for the detes.

2. KFC Releases the Double Down Dog
   Anyone remember KFC's Double Down? The one that had two chicken breasts in the place of the buns/ rolls and then cheese and bacon in the middle. I never tried it because it looks disgustingly fattening and looks like it will clog your arteries. If we didn't already have enough fattening food in the world, now they have created the Double Down Dog. Again, there will be two chicken breasts (crispy of course, just like the original Double Down) but these chicken breasts will be stuffed with cheese and then in the middle? A hot dog. I'm going to stop myself before I go throw up. You can read more about the Double Down Dog here.

   Well, those are my top WTF stories I have read for this Wednesday. Happy Hump Day everyone!


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Snow on the East Coast and My EEG Test Results

   Today is just not my day. But let's first rewind back to yesterday afternoon. I had my Doctor's appointment to get my EEG results to see if I have a seizure disorder or anything like that. The test came back normal- what a surprise. Right now my Doctor is trying to first focus on finding out why I am having these random brief blackout spells. He thinks Lamictal, a medication I take for Bipolar Disorder (and is also taken for seizures), is the cause behind that specific problem. Lamictal can also cause seizures and memory problems, etc. and so when I go to my Psychiatrist in February, he want me to tell him to take me off of Lamictal and put me on a different mood stabilizer and then see if that changes anything. Wait and See Games are very common in my life. Ugh.

   Ok, so now this morning. First I was freaking out on a verge of an emotional breakdown because I couldn't find my cellphone. One might think this is stupid but it isn't. Besides the fact that I need my cellphone for work because I don't have a work phone, I need it in case an emergency happened with my dogs or my sister, and what if my car breaks down on the side of the road or I get into an accident and have no phone? That would be horrible and definitely send me into a panic attack. Anyways, after a long search, I found it in my car. It must have slipped out of my pocket when I started my car up this morning.

   Theeen I couldn't get my car out of the driveway. I had shoveled the night before and then shoveled some this morning but the snow and ice and shit just wasn't allowing my car to get out of the driveway. In a frustrated and frantic state, I somehow thought that if I pulled into the snow in the grass a little bit and did like a 3 or 5 point turn, then I could get out of my driveway. Nope. I got stuck in the snow. So I shoveled, out salt down, out kitty litter down, used my sister's floor mats and couldn't get my car to budge. The front tires are in the snow in the grass and that is the problem right now. Even if I were to get them out of the grass, I would still be back to square one if I still can't get it out of the driveway. Every 30 min- hour since about 3:50 a.m., I have been trying to get it out and just can't. Ugh fml! But shit happens and I've tried all that I can. Heck, my sister and I even tried putting the car in neutral and see if we could push it out-we couldn't lol. I'm still upset and angry. I have work I have to get done and could do from home if my boss would just email me the one paper he has in his email. Buttt he has yet to return my text and will probably say no, which is ridiculous. And I'm not going to call him because talking on the phone gives me anxiety, plus, I can't hear people well on the phone because I am low tone deficit.

   Well, just wanted to give you all that little update and hope everyone else on the East Coast that got snow is warm and safe!


Saturday, January 24, 2015

Inspirational Woman of the Day: Yolanda Foster


   I know my Real Housewives fans know exactly who I am talking about. Yolanda Foster is one of the women featured on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Ever since she has been diagnosed with Lyme Disease three years ago, I have been following her journey.

   This is near and dear to my heart because I have or supposedly have an autoimmune disorder and I also have other health problems. Some of the symptoms I suffer from are the same that she has. I don't have Lyme Disease but a lot of autoimmune disorders and other disorders have a lot of the same symptoms.

   I am so proud of her and thankful that she has been so open about her journey and struggles with Lyme Disease. She is one of the fortunate ones that only took a year to get diagnosed. A lot of people wait years to get diagnosed, receive a misdiagnosis, and some don't ever get diagnosed/ properly diagnosed. After being diagnosed, she spent the next two years trying to cure this disease. She got a 60% recovery which is pretty lucky but then she, like many people out there, had a relapse. This is very common especially when you have an autoimmune disorder or other diseases that compromise the immune system. Anything, even stress, can cause a relapse.

   Since her relapse in early December, she has "lost the ability to read, write, or even watch TV." She just can't process the information. She describes it as feeling "like someone came in and confiscated my brain and tied my hands behind my back to just watch and see life go by without me participating in it." I can 100% relate to her one this one. There are many days, time periods, etc. that I can't do the same things. I think that's one of the reasons it took so long for me to start a blog. I am also trying to write a book and that is taking me an extremely long time. It took me long enough to even just start writing it. I don't push it though because I know if I push myself to write the book, it won't turn out good enough and I won't enjoy it which will then probably result in me to stop writing it. So I'm just trying to do a little at a time.

   I can't remember the last work day I've had where I was able to "function" and do my work all day. Starting at 10:00 a.m. or later, I usually can't do anymore work and some days I can't even read after that time. I try to do brain games and stuff and I am pretty good with doing my Lumosity games in the morning 3-5 times a week. I did sudoku randomly throughout the day for a while but then stopped when I wasn't able to do it anymore and then I end up starting it back up months to a year later for a period of time and then stop it all together again. It's hard to explain but you just feel lifeless almost. You can't read, do your work, can't write, etc. And it's so hard because I have to work. I mean I want to work, I want to be independent but it is extremely hard, practically impossible some days. But I have to push through it and over exhaust myself because I have bills to pay and dogs to take care of and doctor's visits and medication to pay for, etc. I have to take off work a lot because I get sick easily or get sick from over doing it. The over exhaustion and some parts of some of my health problems also cause me to not be able to do normal things like clean, run errands, etc. I force myself to try and do those things but it is extremely difficult. Sometimes if my house is really bad, I have to take off a day of work just to try to get most of it cleaned and organized. It sucks! But it's life, it's my life and all I can do is deal with it and do everything I can to try to get "better".

   Buuuuuuuuut enough about me. Back to Yolanda. Yolanda Foster is truly an inspiration. By sharing her story, she has let others know they are not alone and could possibly help some people in pushing to get a diagnosis. I have suffered for so many years and didn't go to a doctor about it until after I was an adult because I thought it was normal or not that bad or I thought/ was being told that it was just all in my head, etc. I hope this also inspires other celebrities/ people in the public eye who suffer from long-term health problems to open up about their struggle and journey, etc. I know in the past few years (or so?) there have been famous people opening up like Catherine Zeta Jones opening up about going into treatment for Bipolar II Disorder. Even if you are not famous, you matter and your story matters. I know finding and following other Bloggers with the same or similar health conditions has helped me.

   You can read more on Yolanda Foster and her battle with Lyme Disease here.



Friday, January 23, 2015

Happy 4th Birthday to Princess Gemma Madeline

   Sooo my beautiful baby turns 4 today. I cannot believe it! Time flew by fast. I've only had her since she was 1 1/2, so that makes it 2 1/2 years, but still. My sweet cuddly mama's girl, Gemma. Ah I just love her so much and don't know where I'd be and what I'd do without her. She has helped me so much and brightens up my darkest days. I just love this girl sooo much!!! She has gone from a skinny malnourished 25 lb scared girl to a 52 lb (usually 56 in the winter but hey, don't we all gain some weight in the winter?) lovable snuggley cuddley Princess. You can read more about Gemma and her story in this blog post: Meet Gemma (Furrkid #1 of 3)

 Yes, she has a custom Birthday dog shirt.
 Gemma got another piggy for her birthday
 Audrey looks like a pirate lol
 "Audge, you cannot have my birthday present"
 I know this one is blurry, but for some reason I really like it 
 My baby with her birthday present this morning
Momma, you better give me my new piggy

   Happy Birthday Gemma, Mommy loves you!!!


Thursday, January 22, 2015

OOTD and Snow Ruins Plans

   Ugh the freakin' snow! I am not a huge fan of snow, mainly when it prevents me from going to important places I need to or want to go but ESPECIALLY when it makes it extremely difficult, unsafe, and/ or impossible to get home from work. I mean thank God I made it home yesterday from work in a timely manner considering the snow and ice but still. It gives me so much anxiety and then I'm scared the whole drive home.

   Ironically, one year ago yesterday was the day that Gemma and I actually got stuck in the snow and couldn't make it home. She had went to work with me and on the way home, it took us like an hour and a half just to get a few miles and then we kept getting stuck on the roads and couldn't get up hills and then finally, we were officially stuck. Luckily I was able to pull my car over to the side but my car would not warm up and we couldn't move. My mom couldn't get us at the time because she was on her way home from work trying to get home and having trouble and nowhere near us. So I had to call the police. We waited hours before a State Trooper finally showed up but I sent him on his way because at that point my mom was 10 minutes away from getting me and Gemma. So we had to abandon our car for the night and I am so thankful that we got help even though it took 3+ hours. That day was so fucking scary.

   Anyways, so I didn't get to meet Steve's mom yesterday. I was really looking forward to seeing him and meeting her and felt like I had the perfect outfit for doing so but nope, the snow ruined that. It just wasn't safe for me to be driving and would be really dangerous for me to drive home afterwards. Plus Steve's vehicle needs new tires. So it was not safe whatsoever for him to be driving either. Meeting boyfriend's mom has been postponed again. He might come over today but we will see.

 This is my favorite picture out of these 3. Audrey's little action shot with her ears flying in the air lol.

 I really love this outfit.

I am a sucker for tops with pretty backs. 
Top: Forever21; Cami: Forever21 in Rust; Jeans: American Eagle; Boots: Jennifer Lopez at Kohls; Earrings that you can't see: H&M; Necklace: H&M

   For all of you who got some snow, drive safe and stay warm!


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

What the ? Wednesday

   Happy hump day everyone!!! Ah, so after I'm done taking care of my furr babies after work, I'm going to meet Steve's mom! A little nerve wrecking, I mean this is his mom. And my makeup looks like crap. Oh well, I tried lol. And now here is WTF Wednesday.

1. Former America's Next Top Model Contestant ends up in prison
   Renee Alway, who came in third in season 8 of ANTM, is now in prison for felony burglary charges. It is really sad that she turned to drugs (like heroin) and became homeless and committed crimes. She seemed like such a strong woman and loving mother. What's even more sad is her first two children were born addicted and she gave birth to her 3rd child weeks before her arrest and has given up custody to all three. You can read more about her charges and what she says about life after being on America's Next top Model here.

2. New Frozen App
   The movie, Frozen, and all things related to the movie are still very popular. There is this new app that gives you the role of Anna's Doctor and helping her to give birth. You give her a sedative, slice her open, and cut off the baby's umbilical cord. WTF. Is the creator of this app trying to create more serial killers? Hey let's teach children how to give people sedatives and slice them open. It will not be surprising if this app gives children the idea to do this shit in real life on animals and people- not becoming a Doctor, but slicing people open. And then there are people out there that steal pregnant women's babies by kidnapping them and slicing them open when they are full term. This is just disturbing and I'm not the only one who thinks this. You can read more about the app, see pictures, and hear what a professional Therapist has to say about the app here.

3. Immigrants can get Mexican birth certificates in the U.S.
   I don't think there's much more to say here. Just wtf? Here are some more details.

4. Some of Amber Rose's family didn't attend her wedding because Wiz Khalifa is African American
   Racism much? Her family feels that they are better than African Americans. Wow, I think those family members need to get punched in the face. Just saying. Click here for more.

5. Children in Myanmar are sniffing glue to forget hunger
   WTF? This is so freakin' sad and heartbreaking. Article here.

6. 5 Year old gets invoice for missing a birthday party
   This deserves a big WTF??? So this kid misses a friend's birthday party and the mother of the child who's birthday it was got the school to slip the invoice into this 5 year old's backpack. First of all, you are going to get the school to do your dirty work? Second, you don't have the balls or respect to go to the parent yourself? Third, you freakin' are charging a child $25 for missing a birthday party? Seriously? Apparently she sent this invoice because the cost or part of the cost was per "head," like at a wedding but shit happens. The mother of the child who received the invoice wanted to know why the mother of the birthday kid never informed her that the party cost was per child and the mother responded that it didn't matter because she had said her kid was going. Look woman, if you want to send an invoice for this kid missing a party and be a bitch like that, then you have the responsibility of notifying the parents of the children that they will have to pay if their child misses the party. And then this woman has the audacity to say that if the parents don't pay up, she is taking them to small claims court. Really? You are going to pay to take them to small claims court for $25. My Verdict: This birthday kid's mom is a crazy stupid bitch. Just saying. You can get all the details here.

7. Human Ken Doll takes the risk of becoming blind for latest surgery
   I'm sure most of you have heard about the human ken doll. Justin Jedlica was also featured on Botched's first season. Justin's latest surgery involved removing the veins from his forehead- like wtf? I guess because Ken dolls don't have veins showing? Doctors had to burn the veins off in order to perform this procedure and they had to enter through his eyelids. This could have resulted in Justin becoming blind but it didn't- he is extremely lucky. I know he is willing to take the risks, but why take the risk of blindness? If he became blind, then he wouldn't be able to see what he looks like. He wouldn't be able to see the results of all of his custom plastic surgeries. So what would be the point? This is one crazy mofo. Click here for the rest of the story.


Monday, January 19, 2015

A Quick Weekend Recap

   Hello Monday, nice to see you- NOT! So I didn't have an extremely eventful weekend but Sexy Steve did come over Friday night and spent the night :)

   I made mashed potatoes for the first time, while he made the steak for our dinner. Making mashed potatoes is not fun. I'm pretty good in the kitchen but this was stressful. I used like 4 different recipes as guides/ for reference and used some extra ingredients a coworker had recommended. I mean they turned out good and all, but they weren't what I like in a mashed potato. The coworker had told me to add cream cheese, sour cream, and chives- I think I used too many chives. I really wish I would've went for what I was originally going to do- rosemary and garlic mashed potatoes. Or I wish I had made my roasted garlic & rosemary red potatoes because that shit is banging. Oh well, it still turned out good and I learned and I used a potato masher for the first time and peeled potatoes for the first time.

   We had a great evening. Bed time didn't go exactly as planned. His back was really hurting- which I can totally relate to since I have back problems too. My mattress just wasn't doing anything good for his back, so he slept on the couch. The next morning my sister had sent me a text while she was at work and was like, "What did Steve do to get banished to the couch?" Haha, well at least he didn't do anything bad and get banished to the couch and it was just his back pain. My couch is really comfy. In fact, Saturday night, the furr babies and I fell asleep on the couch and ended up sleeping there all night.

   Oh and here are a few pictures of our pottery that I picked up from the other week.

He painted the mug (and drew the fox on the mug) and I painted the monster who I named Suzanne after Crazy Eyes in Orange is the New Black, which I have been watching on Netflix and I'm close to finishing Season 2.

   I didn't really do much Saturday and Sunday besides watch Netflix, start to make a pile of clothes to donate to GoodWill, and make ground turkey nachos.


Friday, January 16, 2015

My Tattoos and the Reason I Got Each One

   So I was on Bloglovin' and saw a post explaining the meaning behind Sage the Blog's peony tattoo. I loved reading this post. So you should go follow her blog and read her post, which you can find here.

   Anyways, this inspired me to do a post sharing all of my tattoos, in the order I got them, and the meaning behind me getting these tattoos.

1. A butterfly on my right hip
   My mom took me to get my first tattoo about a month (or so?) before my 17th birthday. I didn't really have anything planned out but knew I wanted a butterfly. So I picked a small one (this tattoo is about 2 inches in height, maybe a smidgen more. It also has this design thingy behind the butterfly that I wanted blue because whether or not it's supposed to be wind, I think it looks like wind and therefore, to me it is wind. Anyways, I had a traumatic childhood thanks to my father but I'm not going to get into that. Like two months prior to me getting my tattoo, my mom told my father that she wanted a divorce. He was not happy. My mom didn't have a place for us to move to until the end of July (like a little over 3 months after she told him she was leaving him). So we had to live with my dad and he made those few months a living hell. The butterfly represented my freedom. I was getting away from all of that crap and starting fresh (now shit didn't end up going down like that and I had a pretty rough few years after that but that isn't the point). So yea, my butterfly represents my freedom.

2. Just Dance on the arch/ inner side of my left foot
   My mom also took me to get my second tattoo. This was about a month and a half after I had turned 18. Dance was a HUGE part of my life. I danced for about 15 years or something. I danced at a recreation council and also was part of a competitive dance team. At the age of 16, I was given the chance to prove my ability to become a dance teacher and choreographer. After being an assistant choreographer that year, I became a dance teacher/ instructor and choreographer and was one until I quit dance all together 3 years later for lots of reasons. Dance meant the world to me. I loved it and I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty damn good. I got this tattoo like a year after the song, "Just Dance" by Lady Gaga came out. I thought that would be a perfect tattoo for me and my foot was the perfect place to have it. This tattoo represents my dedication to and love for dance.

3a. "Lillies and swirly vine things on my right forearm
   Oh boy, here we go. This was done by my drug dealer felon boyfriend's (boyfriend at the time) cousin's friend who didn't have a phone and lived out of his car about a month before I turned 19. So when we got a hold of him, we got tattooed. At midnight. But that's a long story and has no relation to the tattoo and why I got it. I wanted this tattoo before I even met that monster of an ex boyfriend. The swirly vine things were there for design and stuff and he did his own interpretation of my drawing of the vines. I chose three lilies, which ended up not looking like lilies, because that is my birth flower and 3 is my lucky number and I was born on the third. I knew better and should have never gotten a tattoo that wasn't done by a professional in a shop. DO NOT get a tattoo done if it is not done in a tattoo shop by a professional tattoo artist.
(This picture is from like 3 1/2 years ago. And don't try to say this tattoo looked good. You can't see all the fuck ups by looking at this photo. Trust me, it was a piece of shit)

3b. My cover up tattoo
   About 4 1/2 years later, I finally got this shit covered up. I got the vine things fixed the best Don at Tattoo Dynasty could do and added some more vine things, covered up the "lilies" with 2 blue roses and 1 teal rose, and then got jewelry-like string things with beads and gems and an anchor on them. The gems are ruby colored because ruby is the color of my birthstone. So I obviously got this shit covered up because it was shit. Now it is beautiful. The cover up not only covered up that piece of crap tattoo, it covered up a reminder of a bad time in my life. So it represents like a new beginning/ leaving the past behind, and like I said, the ruby is my birthstone, we still stuck with the three flowers for my lucky number three, and we made the tattoo more feminine.

4. Paw Print behind my right ear
   So I met this guy Steve Gentile (now my boyfriend) who works at 717 Tattoo in Mechanicsburg, PA on Tinder this past year (2014, so at age 23). I suggested that our first date should be me being his last tattoo appointment and then we go out to dinner. So we did that and then went to a bar too but again, that part isn't important. I chose to get a small tattoo because I didn't have much extra money since I had to get that cover up tattoo finished and still had one more session for that and also because I had never gotten a tattoo done by Steve and was just being safe and guarded b/c of that previous experience with my shitty tattoo. I chose a paw print because I'm an animal lover and absolutely adore dogs. This tattoo represents my love for dogs and love for my dogs: past, present, and future.

5. Seashell- start of my under boob tattoo
   I wanted a beautiful under boob tattoo. I looked around on Pinterest and Instagram to give me inspiration and one morning on my way to work, it hit me. I wanted a seashell to be the centerpiece and have like a beachyish vibe. I started sketching when I got to work and came up with a super rough sketch and put it on Instagram for Steve to look at. He totally got my idea and understood what I wanted. It is going to look like something a mermaid would wear and have pearls and maybe fisherman netting, or seaweed- stuff like that. The point is, he 100% got my vision. I LOVE summer (I'm a summer baby), the beach, seashells, pearls, and MERMAIDS. So this tattoo is perfect for me! He's only done the seashell center piece so far, which hurt like hell but totally worth it, and it looks amazing! I'm so glad I picked him for the job. He should be doing some more work on it soon.

6. Warrior with an arrow on my right rib
    Early December 2014 (still 23 years old), I got Don to do another tattoo the same day I got my last session of my cover up done. I chose the word, "Warrior" because to me, I am a warrior. I have overcome all of the traumatic experiences I've had to endure and guess what? I'm still here. I also have multiple health problems and each day truly is a struggle. But I'm still here. I am battling this shit and surviving. I am a strong woman. I am a warrior.
   I got the arrow underneath because the meaning of the arrow is this: "an arrow can only be shot forward by being pulled back. So when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means that it's going to launch you into something great. So just focus, and keep aiming." I have gone through a lot of shit and a lot of rough years. My life has finally been turning around these past 2-3 years and every time something bad happens, I just try to remember that things will get better. My grandmother gave me a magnet with a quote on it that says something like, God doesn't give you something that together you can't handle. So the arrow is reminding me that even when life brings me down, there is something better to come.

   Well those are the tattoos I have so far. There will definitely be more. I tried my best to not ramble and to not get off the topic of the meanings. I hope you enjoy this post and would love to hear about your tattoos!

   By the way, Happy Friday! Later tonight Steve is coming over. He is going to cook steak and I'm going to make mashed potatoes, which I'm nervous about. I've never made mashed potatoes and while most of the stuff I cook is my first time cooking it, this one really makes me nervous. He is also sleeping over. Have a great weekend!


Thursday, January 15, 2015

My Weekend

   Finally, my weekend recap post. Why did I take so long to get around to this??? Me starting off the week being sick probably contributed to that. Sorry loves.

   So this past weekend. Saturday night I hung out with my man, Sexy Steve. I met him at the tattoo shop and we didn't really have a plan on what we were going to do. So we got in his car and then we decided to go see a movie. We didn't know what movie we were going to see either. This is pretty surprising considering I'm a total planner, but he isn't a planner type person. So I let go of my control freak self that night and let it be. When we got to the theater, we decided to see the 3rd Night at the Museum movie, Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb. I think it was a good choice considering we had both seen the first two Night at the Museum movies and they are pretty good.

 Do you like my hair color? A fellow blogger did a review on hair dye from and her hair turned out so great looking. So I ordered hair dye off of that website. They actually mix colors for you to make a custom hair dye specifically for your that caters to what color you want and what you are looking for in a dye. I am very happy with the results.
Shirt: Love Culture; Jean Vest: Pink Ice; Black Skinny Jeans: Forever21

   We got our tickets and had some time to kill. What better way to kill time than go to Walmart? So we did lol. We got some candy, pringles, and drinks to sneak in my purse into the movie theater- shhh don't tell on me. Let's get real. Everyone does it. I also got my mom's new puppy a yellow leash- we'll get to that a little later- and Steve got one of these mystery box things that only certain stores at certain locations have. They are like t.v. themed or something and have a character from that show in it. They are by Funko and they're miniature figurines of the Pop! figurines, if anyone knows what I'm talking about. Of course he chose the Game of Thrones one and it ended up being one of the dragons, which he was happy about.

   After that we went back to the theater to see the movie. We were the only ones seeing that movie at that time. It was really nice to have the theater all to ourselves, especially since I'm sure a lot of kids and teens went to see this movie and sometimes kids just can't be quiet and teens can be rude and obnoxious. So it was nice and peaceful. After the movie, we went to a different Walmart, the one by the shop because Steve wanted to get another mystery box- he's so cute. Well this Walmart did not have any. I found out about the mystery boxes only being at certain stores and certain locations when I searched online the following day.

   So yea, I had another great time with Sexy Steve.

   Ok, so now onto the puppy business. My mom has a French Bulldog and an English Bulldog, Batman and George. Saturday morning, she got a female English Bulldog puppy. She is super fat. She's only 14 weeks old and already weighs 23 pounds! (Audrey is 9 1/2 months old and weighs 40 pounds.) They decided to name her Gretta. After picking up Gretta, I made my mom meet me and Audrey at Pet Supplies Plus so that we could meet Gretta. They LOVED each other. Gretta instantly became playful and these two wiggle butts were just so cute playing with each other. If you follow my Instagram, you'll see that I refer to her as "Auntie Gretta" because she is Audrey's (as well as Gemma and Mowgli's) Aunt since Gretta is my mom's puppy and yea, you get the point- I hope.

See how chubby Gretta is??? Audrey is on the verge of trying to chew on Gretta's new leash lol

   I also made my mom bring her to my house the next day and I gave her two dresses that didn't fit Audrey anymore. They fit Gretta, but we couldn't get the dress over her chubby belly lol. Oh yea and before I went to the tattoo shop to hang out with Steve, I stopped at Petco and got this adorable little bear that says "My First Toy" on the tummy for Gretta.

   Such a good weekend :)


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

What the ? Wednesday

   So I know my WTF Wednesdays still aren't back to what they were when I started them. I'm working on it. Ugh my eyes hurt so bad from the pressure on them. At least my throat is starting to feel better *knock on wood* and at least I have a nice hot cup of green tea with me. Just bare with me here.

1. Why the heck am I sick?
   I'm really hoping I'm not getting sick or this is just a little something that won't progress into something bigger. I'm taking some precautions just in case like drinking hot green tea, DayQuil (not taking NyQuil because I'm on a new sleep medication), and eating/ drinking chicken noodle soup. And today and yesterday I have felt a horrible pressure on and behind my eyes. Ugh.

2. Is Beyonce pregnant or not???
   Celebrity pregnancy rumors are nothing new but rumors of Beyonce being pregnant with a second child have been going on foreverrrrrrrrr. The latest Beyonce pregnancy rumor was sparked by a photo of her buried in the sand with a large round sand belly and two hands prints on the belly. Just tell us already, are you pregnant again or not??? Jeez.

3. Why did I want to play battle ship yesterday- why do I still want to play it?
   Battle ship, ya know- the game? I haven't played it in forever and I'm sure the radio show talking about it on the radio yesterday is why I want to play it but still. I think I need to go buy it (my old games are at my dad's which means I'll never be allowed to take them- oh well).

4. Why does Girls have to be only 30 minutes long, wtf?
   The season 4 premiere of Girls aired Sunday and so I watched it yesterday when I got home from work. I LOVE this show. I just hate that its only half an hour long.

5. My employer has been giving me crap about my health
   I don't know exactly how I wanted to word that but yea. I had to get a doctor's note because my newest doctor, the one that actually is trying to help me, said I will never be able to do shift work or work at different times each day. I have to work at the same time everyday. There's this stupid thing on Monday and its farther away and there is always tons of traffic going to and from there. Plus it starts an hour and a half after I normally start work and ends at least 2 hours after I normally get off work (but it runs late. Last year it ran late and they got pissed off when people left at the time it was supposed to end). So my doctor had to send in something to my employer who decided to be an asshole to me and thought it was bullshit- just like everyone else. They all don't take my health seriously. So after talking to his boss (and/ or maybe my doctor?), he called back and changed his tone and is going to provide me with my accommodations and excuse me from the thing and let me just work and work at my normal hours. Ok, I'm just going to stop that ranting. Point blank, employers are difficult.

6. Send glitter to your enemies
   So I heard about this on the radio while driving home yesterday and coincidentally I see an article on Yahoo! about it this morning. I love glitter but it makes an effin' mess and takes forever to completely get rid of. An Australian website is offering to send your enemy an envelope full of glitter and a note stating why they deserve it for $8. I think this is pretty funny and an effective non-violent way to get back at your enemies. Here is the article.

7.  Orange is the New Black
   Um why have I never watched this before?! I decided to start watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix on Monday and I am sooo glad I did. This show is so good. I can't believe I didn't start watching it until now. So yea, I'm watching it like everyday until I finish both seasons.

8. Kurt Busch believes his ex-girlfriend is a trained assassin
   For those of you who don't know and believe me, I didn't know who he was either, Kurt Busch is a NASCAR driver. So yea, he thinks his ex is an assassin. You can read about his claim here.

   Ok, that's enough for now. I'll try to update you on this past weekend tomorrow. Love you all!


Monday, January 12, 2015

Golden Globes

   Mondays- ugh. For all of you that have snow and/ or freezing rain & ice, I hope you are safe today! Even just letting my dogs in the yard to go potty this morning, they were slipping and sliding because we still have some snow and now there's a layer of ice over top of it. I put dog paw-friendly ice melt on some of it but didn't put a lot because knowing my dogs they, or at least Mowgli, will try to eat it.

   So, the Golden Globes. I have to admit that I don't watch any of the award shows like the Golden Globes, VMAs, Oscars, etc. I basically just read the top moments and look at what people wore there and stuff online the following day.

   The first article I came upon on Yahoo! was the best and worst dressed on the red carpet. I wasn't surprised to see Kate Hudson on the best dressed list. I mean come on, I don't think I've ever seen her in a bad outfit. She's always looking gorgeous and dressing stylish.

   I think my top pick for the celeb who dressed the best is Frances O' Connor. I just love everything about this dress.

   Now before I get onto who I thought dressed the worst, I want to bring up Rosamund Pike's dress. This dress is absolutely stunning, however, it just did not fit her right and therefore didn't flatter her. I don't know if it was too big or what, but I think it also might of just not been the right dress for her body shape. 

   And finally, my pick for the worst dressed celeb at the Golden Globes goes to... Robin Wright. Crop tops paired with maxi skirts are totally in right now, but these two particular pieces just don't look good on her and I'm not sure they'd look that great on anyone for that matter. It's hard to explain but all in all, it was not a good choice for her.

   Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are two of the funniest women ever and make a great duo. LOVE them! They should host like everything. I wonder if they would and how much they would charge to speak at my wedding (if and when that ever happens)- hey, a girl can dream right?


Saturday, January 10, 2015

BIG News and More About My Health

   Sooo Thursday I went for my EEG test. I had a horrible migraine because I was not allowed to have any caffeine- no chocolate, no coffee- before the test. It went pretty smoothly though. They had to put all this gook on my scalp/ in my hair to make the like 30 things (don't know what they are called but they are attached to wires that are hooked up to the machine they use) stick to my head so that they could run the test. The test looks at my brain waves and whatnot and checks to see if I'm having seizures and stuff. I had to lay there for who knows how long and alternate between having my eyes open, eyes closed, breathing deep quick breaths, having a light flash at my eyes, etc. After he removed all the things from my head, my hair was a MESS. Gook all in it but I didn't really care because at least I was getting this test to try to determine more about my health and I'm thankful I now have a doctor who is determined to find out exactly what is wrong with me and come up with a game plan for treatment.

   Ok so now for the big news. Sunday (technically it was Sunday because Steve came over Saturday night and stayed til almost 2:30 a.m. or something and this happened after midnight- I'm pretty sure) Steve and I became official and then Facebook official lol. We are now a couple! So exciting! Randomly I was just like, "So what's going on with us?" And the conversation went a little like this with Steve saying, "I don't know, what's going on with us?" and then I was like, "I don't know." and then he was like, "Well what do you want to go on with us?" and I was like, "Well I want you to be my boyfriend." and then he said "Ok" and smiled and whatnot and we are now boyfriend and girlfriend. Haha my little description of our convo kind of sounds like a teenage girl talking about a conversation but whatever, I'm happy!

   But before that whole convo went down, I made him dinner, I haven't cooked like cooked cooked in a long time. I wanted to cook for him and felt like I had the energy to do so, so why not? I made fire roasted baked ziti and then put an Italian round of bread in the oven to warm it up. Honestly, some parts of the ground beef were a tiny tiny bit dry, it had too many onions, I had only made this once before and that was 6 years ago, and I went a tad overboard on the cheese in some places but overall it was still really good. He said it was really good and I always tell him to be 100% honest with me and he is, so I believe that he liked it. And they say, a way to a man's heart is through food. So I think it worked lol.

   Thursday after my EEG test and getting my oil changed and a tire replaced (apparently my one tire wasn't just low on air- it was flat and couldn't be fixed), we finally went to go paint pottery. I didn't get any pictures of our pottery because my phone died when I was taking pictures of the paint pallet I messed around with lol. But I will definitely take and post pictures when I pick up our pieces next week. He did a mug with an amazing fox on it and I painted a monster [piggy] bank. I chose something super plain and simple because I usually take forever and we were a tad limited on time. Overall, we had a really good and fun time. I can't wait til we go paint pottery again.

   Annnd I can't wait to see him tonight! Originally I was supposed to meet his Mother tonight but then her plans changed, so it might happen like next week or something. I'm happy he had asked me to meet his Mom though. Either way, I get to see him tonight still. And shortly I will find out if my Mom will be adding another English Bulldog puppy to her little fur baby clan. She has a male French Bulldog and a male English Bulldog and they are going to look at a female puppy. If she does end up getting her, I'm making her bring her over tomorrow to play with Audrey and I will definitely take pictures.

   Well have a great weekend everyone!