Hyperbiotics Immune Review

   As many of you know, or if you didn't know, I have two autoimmune disorders- or at least that is what I was diagnosed with over two years ago. Throughout my entire life I have always had a weak immune system. Besides the fact that I literally am sick everyday, I get sick (viruses, sore throats, sinus infections, etc.) very easily. So if someone is sick, I try to stay away and as soon as I start feeling any signs of being sick, I immediately start drinking orange juice, eating chicken noodle soup, and taking sudafedrine or Dayquil/ Nyquil. I also taking vitamins on a daily basis that specifically have extra immunity support.

   I partnered up with Hyperbiotics to test out and review their new advanced immune formula. What differs this product from other immune products is that it fortifies the immune system unlike other products that just stimulate or boost it. PRO-Immune is a vegetarian product that does not contain GMOs, Lactose, Soy, Iron, Gluten, Wheat, Nuts, Chemicals, Preservatives, Sugar, Artificial Colors, Flavors, or Sweeteners.

   Don't have an autoimmune disorder/ disease? Doesn't matter. Hyperbiotics Immune isn't just for people who have problems with their immune system. It is for everyone. Keeping your immune system in check is especially important for the winter months. No one wants to get sick. Getting sick usually results in you having to take off work, not being able to complete your daily routine, and it affects your ability to do things and take care of your responsibilities.

   All you have to do is take two tablets once a day (with or without food). PRO-Immune is time-released, so the benefit will be delivered throughout your day. When you feel your immune system is compromised, continue taking two tablets or bump it up to three twice per day.

   I haven't taken it long enough to see if it works but I think it is still worth a shot to try to strengthen your immune system and reduce the risk of getting sick.

This product contains EpiCor. To learn how EpiCor works, watch this YouTube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WV76LfT6hC4

You can order this product on Amazon but remember to sign into smile.amazon.com instead of just amazon.com so that you can choose a shelter, charity, or organization that part of the money you spend will go towards. And it does not cost any extra money to use Amazon Smile.


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