OOTD and Snow Ruins Plans

   Ugh the freakin' snow! I am not a huge fan of snow, mainly when it prevents me from going to important places I need to or want to go but ESPECIALLY when it makes it extremely difficult, unsafe, and/ or impossible to get home from work. I mean thank God I made it home yesterday from work in a timely manner considering the snow and ice but still. It gives me so much anxiety and then I'm scared the whole drive home.

   Ironically, one year ago yesterday was the day that Gemma and I actually got stuck in the snow and couldn't make it home. She had went to work with me and on the way home, it took us like an hour and a half just to get a few miles and then we kept getting stuck on the roads and couldn't get up hills and then finally, we were officially stuck. Luckily I was able to pull my car over to the side but my car would not warm up and we couldn't move. My mom couldn't get us at the time because she was on her way home from work trying to get home and having trouble and nowhere near us. So I had to call the police. We waited hours before a State Trooper finally showed up but I sent him on his way because at that point my mom was 10 minutes away from getting me and Gemma. So we had to abandon our car for the night and I am so thankful that we got help even though it took 3+ hours. That day was so fucking scary.

   Anyways, so I didn't get to meet Steve's mom yesterday. I was really looking forward to seeing him and meeting her and felt like I had the perfect outfit for doing so but nope, the snow ruined that. It just wasn't safe for me to be driving and would be really dangerous for me to drive home afterwards. Plus Steve's vehicle needs new tires. So it was not safe whatsoever for him to be driving either. Meeting boyfriend's mom has been postponed again. He might come over today but we will see.

 This is my favorite picture out of these 3. Audrey's little action shot with her ears flying in the air lol.

 I really love this outfit.

I am a sucker for tops with pretty backs. 
Top: Forever21; Cami: Forever21 in Rust; Jeans: American Eagle; Boots: Jennifer Lopez at Kohls; Earrings that you can't see: H&M; Necklace: H&M

   For all of you who got some snow, drive safe and stay warm!



  1. What a cute top! Love that back. I left work a little early yesterday because of the snow, but luckily had no issues. I had to abandon my car at one point last year because my little Jetta would not make it up snowy hills. Ughh is it spring yet??

    Natalie // Sprinkled with Pealrs

    1. I feel ya girl! I'm ready for that warmer weather and no snow.

  2. Love the top and so glad you were safe- good luck with meeting the fam!!


  3. I love tops with pretty backs too! Scary experience with the snow. I'm from a tropical country so I still hope to see snow someday though!


    1. Lucky! But I'm sure everyone who is sick of the snow wishes they were somewhere warm and tropical and everyone who has never experienced snow, wishes they were where the snow is right now.


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