Weekend Recap

   Wow these weekend recap posts have been really late in the week- sorry! Well this past weekend was ok. Saturday night I hung out with Sexy Steve and some of his friends and went to a hookah bar for my first time. It was ok but I ended up feeling really sick and wasn't even feeling well earlier in the day. Steve literally had to drive me home because I felt that sick. Thankfully he didn't mind and had even offered to drive me and my car home and sleep over earlier that evening. There were so many times on the drive home that I was about to tell him to pull over b/c I literally felt like I was about to shit my pants- Sorry if that's TMI, which it probably is but luckily that didn't happen. I just kept feeling really hot and cold, dizzy, nauseous, light headed, and just overall not good. Right before we left, I went to get a water and then almost collapsed/ passed out to the floor.

   Anyways, I'm pretty much all better and still had a good time with my man. Still a little nausea but that is probably from my anxiety and migraines. And then last night I had an emotional breakdown. But let's not get into that.

   By the way, I am going crazy on Pinterest today looking at storage organization ideas, DIY organization, closet organization ideas, DIY organization ideas using stuff from the Dollar Store, etc. I am like in heaven right now lol.

  Oh and here are some pictures of the outfit I wore Saturday night.

 Yes, I'm weird and proud of it!

I don't even remember what I was doing and laughing about during these action shots.

    By the way, I'm going to be posting more so in the evening or at least for right now. Time to watch last night's episode of Mob Wives!



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