What the ? Wednesday

   So I know my WTF Wednesdays still aren't back to what they were when I started them. I'm working on it. Ugh my eyes hurt so bad from the pressure on them. At least my throat is starting to feel better *knock on wood* and at least I have a nice hot cup of green tea with me. Just bare with me here.

1. Why the heck am I sick?
   I'm really hoping I'm not getting sick or this is just a little something that won't progress into something bigger. I'm taking some precautions just in case like drinking hot green tea, DayQuil (not taking NyQuil because I'm on a new sleep medication), and eating/ drinking chicken noodle soup. And today and yesterday I have felt a horrible pressure on and behind my eyes. Ugh.

2. Is Beyonce pregnant or not???
   Celebrity pregnancy rumors are nothing new but rumors of Beyonce being pregnant with a second child have been going on foreverrrrrrrrr. The latest Beyonce pregnancy rumor was sparked by a photo of her buried in the sand with a large round sand belly and two hands prints on the belly. Just tell us already, are you pregnant again or not??? Jeez.

3. Why did I want to play battle ship yesterday- why do I still want to play it?
   Battle ship, ya know- the game? I haven't played it in forever and I'm sure the radio show talking about it on the radio yesterday is why I want to play it but still. I think I need to go buy it (my old games are at my dad's which means I'll never be allowed to take them- oh well).

4. Why does Girls have to be only 30 minutes long, wtf?
   The season 4 premiere of Girls aired Sunday and so I watched it yesterday when I got home from work. I LOVE this show. I just hate that its only half an hour long.

5. My employer has been giving me crap about my health
   I don't know exactly how I wanted to word that but yea. I had to get a doctor's note because my newest doctor, the one that actually is trying to help me, said I will never be able to do shift work or work at different times each day. I have to work at the same time everyday. There's this stupid thing on Monday and its farther away and there is always tons of traffic going to and from there. Plus it starts an hour and a half after I normally start work and ends at least 2 hours after I normally get off work (but it runs late. Last year it ran late and they got pissed off when people left at the time it was supposed to end). So my doctor had to send in something to my employer who decided to be an asshole to me and thought it was bullshit- just like everyone else. They all don't take my health seriously. So after talking to his boss (and/ or maybe my doctor?), he called back and changed his tone and is going to provide me with my accommodations and excuse me from the thing and let me just work and work at my normal hours. Ok, I'm just going to stop that ranting. Point blank, employers are difficult.

6. Send glitter to your enemies
   So I heard about this on the radio while driving home yesterday and coincidentally I see an article on Yahoo! about it this morning. I love glitter but it makes an effin' mess and takes forever to completely get rid of. An Australian website is offering to send your enemy an envelope full of glitter and a note stating why they deserve it for $8. I think this is pretty funny and an effective non-violent way to get back at your enemies. Here is the article.

7.  Orange is the New Black
   Um why have I never watched this before?! I decided to start watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix on Monday and I am sooo glad I did. This show is so good. I can't believe I didn't start watching it until now. So yea, I'm watching it like everyday until I finish both seasons.

8. Kurt Busch believes his ex-girlfriend is a trained assassin
   For those of you who don't know and believe me, I didn't know who he was either, Kurt Busch is a NASCAR driver. So yea, he thinks his ex is an assassin. You can read about his claim here.

   Ok, that's enough for now. I'll try to update you on this past weekend tomorrow. Love you all!



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