What the ? Wednesday

   Happy hump day everyone!!! Ah, so after I'm done taking care of my furr babies after work, I'm going to meet Steve's mom! A little nerve wrecking, I mean this is his mom. And my makeup looks like crap. Oh well, I tried lol. And now here is WTF Wednesday.

1. Former America's Next Top Model Contestant ends up in prison
   Renee Alway, who came in third in season 8 of ANTM, is now in prison for felony burglary charges. It is really sad that she turned to drugs (like heroin) and became homeless and committed crimes. She seemed like such a strong woman and loving mother. What's even more sad is her first two children were born addicted and she gave birth to her 3rd child weeks before her arrest and has given up custody to all three. You can read more about her charges and what she says about life after being on America's Next top Model here.

2. New Frozen App
   The movie, Frozen, and all things related to the movie are still very popular. There is this new app that gives you the role of Anna's Doctor and helping her to give birth. You give her a sedative, slice her open, and cut off the baby's umbilical cord. WTF. Is the creator of this app trying to create more serial killers? Hey let's teach children how to give people sedatives and slice them open. It will not be surprising if this app gives children the idea to do this shit in real life on animals and people- not becoming a Doctor, but slicing people open. And then there are people out there that steal pregnant women's babies by kidnapping them and slicing them open when they are full term. This is just disturbing and I'm not the only one who thinks this. You can read more about the app, see pictures, and hear what a professional Therapist has to say about the app here.

3. Immigrants can get Mexican birth certificates in the U.S.
   I don't think there's much more to say here. Just wtf? Here are some more details.

4. Some of Amber Rose's family didn't attend her wedding because Wiz Khalifa is African American
   Racism much? Her family feels that they are better than African Americans. Wow, I think those family members need to get punched in the face. Just saying. Click here for more.

5. Children in Myanmar are sniffing glue to forget hunger
   WTF? This is so freakin' sad and heartbreaking. Article here.

6. 5 Year old gets invoice for missing a birthday party
   This deserves a big WTF??? So this kid misses a friend's birthday party and the mother of the child who's birthday it was got the school to slip the invoice into this 5 year old's backpack. First of all, you are going to get the school to do your dirty work? Second, you don't have the balls or respect to go to the parent yourself? Third, you freakin' are charging a child $25 for missing a birthday party? Seriously? Apparently she sent this invoice because the cost or part of the cost was per "head," like at a wedding but shit happens. The mother of the child who received the invoice wanted to know why the mother of the birthday kid never informed her that the party cost was per child and the mother responded that it didn't matter because she had said her kid was going. Look woman, if you want to send an invoice for this kid missing a party and be a bitch like that, then you have the responsibility of notifying the parents of the children that they will have to pay if their child misses the party. And then this woman has the audacity to say that if the parents don't pay up, she is taking them to small claims court. Really? You are going to pay to take them to small claims court for $25. My Verdict: This birthday kid's mom is a crazy stupid bitch. Just saying. You can get all the details here.

7. Human Ken Doll takes the risk of becoming blind for latest surgery
   I'm sure most of you have heard about the human ken doll. Justin Jedlica was also featured on Botched's first season. Justin's latest surgery involved removing the veins from his forehead- like wtf? I guess because Ken dolls don't have veins showing? Doctors had to burn the veins off in order to perform this procedure and they had to enter through his eyelids. This could have resulted in Justin becoming blind but it didn't- he is extremely lucky. I know he is willing to take the risks, but why take the risk of blindness? If he became blind, then he wouldn't be able to see what he looks like. He wouldn't be able to see the results of all of his custom plastic surgeries. So what would be the point? This is one crazy mofo. Click here for the rest of the story.



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