Art and the Start of Tattoo #7

   Hope everyone is having a great Saturday! And for those of you getting snow like I am right now, please be safe and stay warm! I've actually done some cleaning today and am in the middle of doing a lot of laundry. I'm not getting as much accomplished as I wanted to but at least I am getting most of it accomplished. Steve is supposed to come over later tonight after he gets off work and I am cooking him chicken & mozzarella pasta. I'm hoping the snow stops before he gets off of work and the roads are safe enough for him to drive here *knock on wood*.

   So before Valentine's Day, like maybe two weeks before or something, Steve made me a piece of wall art. He makes these awesome shadow boxes with his drawings of moths and/ or crystals. He gave me one with a crystal drawing inside. They are so cool and it looks great in my kitchen against the red wall.

    He also just sent me a picture he made for me in case he doesn't make it over tonight to give to me. He drew me a geometric English Bulldog with a beautiful blue background, which will look perfect in my room. It is amazing and perfect and I love it.

   He is so talented and I LOVE his artwork and that he makes stuff for me. You can click here to visit his Facebook page that specifically has artwork and tattoos he has done. He just made this page. Also, follow him on Instagram here. If you are ever in PA, live in PA, or are on the East Coast, you should definitely hit up 717 Tattoo in Mechanicsburg, PA and get a tattoo done by him, Steve Gentile. If you like his artwork style, contact him and see if you can buy some of his artwork or pay him to make you a specific piece. 

   Speaking of my amazing man... Thursday night he started on my 7th tattoo! I have a skin condition I was born with called Keratosis Pilaris and so I have sensitive bumpy dry skin. So he is taking his time with this one since it is on my Keratosis Pilaris. He drew this up this week and then asked if I wanted to come in to get it started. That definitely made my day! Here is what my 7th tattoo looks like so far:
 I took this picture when I had gotten home that same night. 

I love it! A hippo and a lotus flower. My mom's co-worker/ my co-worker said I had to name the hippo, so I just named her Henrietta lol. 

   What do you think?



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