Look What Got Delivered Yesterday

   Yes! Only one more day until Friday! Ugh and I have a Doctor's appointment today. The Psychiatrist. And I have to tell him my other Doctor switched one of my meds and wants him to wean me off another one of my meds and put me on something different.

   Anyways, so everyone tells me my purse is too big. I love my purse and love big purses but I knew I needed to get something smaller for going out to restaurants, places to see bands, convention centers (like the Philly tattoo convention this weekend!), etc. I am so picky with purses and I didn't want to spend a lot of money either.

   I really love Rebecca Minkoff bags. I really loved this one and some similar ones:
   But me being the practical money saving woman that I am (or trying to be), I knew I couldn't afford one. So I decided to look for something similar but much cheaper (I think the Rebecca Minkoff bag shown above is $195). Finally, I found this crossbody at Nordstrom (online of course). And it was only $32.00!!! Plus tax but that was like nothing and they have free shipping. Score!

   I love it! And love the blush color! Now another thing to add to my list of things to do: switch my necessary stuff from my big bag to this one before Saturday night. Oh yea, and Steve actually made plans- kind of. Yesterday he suggested we go to dinner after he gets off of work Saturday night and then drive to his dad's house in Philly. It's much more practical and easier this way because 1. we have a plan, 2. we don't have to wake up super super early Sunday morning to drive all the way to Philly and hope we don't hit traffic, and 3. we get more/ better sleep. On Saturday nights, we are usually out til like 2 or 3 a.m. So we would've ended up getting like maybe 2 hours of sleep. I'm so proud of him for making a plan and coming up with it 3 days in advance! Planning things= a happy girlfriend. 

   What do you all think of my new bag? 



  1. Such a cute bag! I always do the save vs splurge option. That or I'll just wait for a REALLY good sale haha.


    1. Thanks Monica. I do the same. I get super excited if something I want is on sale, I have a promo code that can be applied for an additional percentage off and get free shipping.

  2. lovely bag :)


  3. Very pretty and chic! I feel like I have way too large bags or small ones, but I do love this size as it really is great for running errands or dining out :)

    1. I only have big purses until now. It was really nice having this bag for the tattoo convention I went to. Walking on the streets of Philly and walking in a super crowded convention pretty much requires a small bag and a crossbody is perfect for it.


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