Valentine's Day Flowers

   It is Friday!!! Yay, it is finally here!!! Who's excited for it to be Valentine's Day tomorrow??? I'm so excited for this weekend. Still have a lot to do and the cupcakes I was originally going to make just seems like they are going to take too much time and energy for my schedule. So I'm going to make heart shaped brownies instead. I'm hoping to find an alphabet mold or alphabet cookie cutters at Walmart tonight to make X and O brownies too.

   Well, it looks like this will be my last Valentine's Day related post besides the post I will do to recap the weekend and share my outfit I wore on Valentine's Day. So one thing people tend to get (or give) on Valentine's Day is flowers. In fact, my sister's unofficial guy gave her red roses yesterday for Valentine's Day since he will be in Vermont this weekend.

   I came across an article the other day on Yahoo!, no surprise there, listing 10 different Valentine's Day flowers and their meanings. So I thought I'd share that with you all.

1. Roses
   Roses are probably the most popular flower given on Valentine's Day. And the meaning of roses? Romantic love.

2. Daisies
   I don't know why but this one surprised me a little. Personally, when I think of Valentine's Day, I don't think of daisies buttt I mean daisies are some people's favorite flower and they mean Beauty and Innocence. So after knowing their meaning, daisies definitely make sense to give on Valentine's Day.

3. Carnations
   You can't really go wrong with carnations. They come in so many different colors. Carnations means new love. I didn't know this either. This would be really appropriate for new couples.

4. Sunflowers
   Sunflowers doesn't scream Valentine's Day to me either but they mean warmth and happiness. So they're pretty versatile and can be given to anyone on Valentine's Day, not just your significant other.

5. Alstroemerias 
   Ok I have never even heard of this flower before but by looking at the picture, they look familiar. These flowers mean friendship. Like sunflowers, alstroemerias can be given to anyone on Valentine's Day as well.

6. Orchids
   Such a beautiful flower and with a lovely meaning too! Beauty and strength. I love, love, love this! I used to want to get an orchid tattooed on me and then just never did. After knowing the meaning, I definitely want one tattooed on me. 

7. Casa Blanca Lillies
   Lillies are one of my favorites too. The lily is actually my birth flower, specifically casa blanca lillies. Or at least that's what I read somewhere. They mean celebration. I think for Valentine's Day, a bouquet of casa blanca lillies and red roses would look beautiful.

8. Gardenias
   Purity and Joy. I don't really have much to say about gardenias or their meaning. They're another flower you can't really go wrong with and are can be given at lots of celebrations.

9. Irises
   The meaning of irises is faith and hope. Oh how my sister would love this. Her middle name is Hope and so she basically loves everything that means or has the word "hope" in it.

10. Tulips
    And finally...tulips, which means perfect love. Love this, but you have to be careful when choosing the color. According to this article, yellow tulips mean hopelessly in love while white tulips mean forgiveness. So if you give someone a white tulip and they know the meaning, they might think you did something wrong. And if you both know the meaning, well, then obviously the person giving the flower did do something wrong. So definitely avoid white tulips on Valentine's Day!

   You can read more of the details in this article here.

   Happy Friday and Happy early Valentine's Day! I hope everyone has a good one!



  1. This is so cool! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sunflowers and tulips are so beautiful and some of my favorites, mainly because they make me think of springtime!

    1. They are both really pretty flowers. I'm sooo ready for spring.

  3. I love flowers but am so bad with how many kinds there are out there! Great list and thanks for sharing it, I'm a little astonished peonies weren't included, they're so incredibly pretty and sweet :) Hope you're doing well, Heather.

    1. Me too! I for sure thought peonies would be on the list. And thank you Kie!


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