Valentine's Day Weekend Part 2: What I Got

   Friday!!! Yes!!! You seemed like you would never come. Thank God it is Friday! 

   So I wanted to follow up with my Valentine's Day Weekend Recap post with the Valentine's Day presents Steve gave me. At first I didn't even expect him to get me anything and then the night before he told me he got me something. So I definitely wasn't expecting more than one present. I am so lucky :) I'm not sure if I ever mentioned what I got Steve. So if I didn't, I'll tell ya now. When we went to that concert New Year's Eve, he wanted this hoody they were selling but they didn't have any available in his size at the time. So I went online and ordered it. And he loves it, so I feel like I succeeded in getting him a good Valentine's Day present. It's so difficult getting presents for guys. I just got lucky this time.

I tried getting a decent picture of all of my presents together.

Both of these shirts are sold at the 717 Tattoo shops (Where he works as a Tattoo Artist; at the Mechanicsburg location). I love them both and should have gotten a picture of me wearing the one on the left yesterday.

A hippo figurine. My favorite animal besides dogs :)

Of course, an English Bulldog statue. I love it! He knows me so well.

Chocolates. Can't go wrong with chocolates!

He put all of my presents in this really nice wooden box and suggested I use it for the dogs' toys. I really like this box and I really needed a 2nd box for the dog toys, so it was perfect.



  1. Such cute gifts! You lucky thing :) Hope you have a great weekend! xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

    1. Thank you! I do feel very lucky :) I hope you have a great weekend as well!

  2. Wow, these are such thoughtful gifts. It looks like he really took the time to pick out gifts that would have special meaning to you.

    1. I like that he didn't just go for a typical Valentine's Day gift and actually got things that, like you said, have a special meaning to me. It lets me know that he is actually listening to what I say and remembering.


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