What the ? Wednesday

    Happy WTF Wednesday and hump day!

1. Bobbi Kristina is in a medically induced coma
   Last weekend, Bobbi Kristina (Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston's daughter) was found face down and unconscious in a bath tub and might have suffered from a drug overdose. She was able to be revived but she had to be put into a medically induced coma when she arrived at the hospital. Her family was told to prepare for the worst and that her brain function is really low.

   I have read a few articles on this particular story and at the end of this one, it kind of suggests that the Lifetime movie about her mother triggered all of this since it just aired two weeks ago. I mean anything is possible but I really don't think that's what did it, plus she was planning on going back to the tattoo shop (her mother used to go to and took her to get piercings) after recently getting some more piercings and get a tattoo of a music note. Bobbi Kristina has been struggling big time since her mother's passing. She pretty much immediately turned to alcohol and was drinking heavily and there have been some reports of drug use- which isn't really surprising. The death of her mother is just something Bobbi Kristina can't seem to cope with. Coincidentally, her mother died of an accidental drowning but heart disease and cocaine use also played a part in her death. My heart goes out to her and her family and while there have been some recent reports of eye movement, the doctors won't know the extent of her brain damage until she is taken off of the prescribed sedatives. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst is the best thing everyone can do right now.

2. Sister Wives star Kody Brown divorces first wife and then remarries his 4th wife just months later
   WTF?!?!?! So apparently last fall Kody and his 1st wife, Meri, finalized their divorce- who even knew they filed for divorce??? But it isn't surprising. What is surprising is that just a few months later, he apparently remarried his 4th wife, Robyn, legally. I'm definitely team Meri- on some things but I don't think I've ever been team Robyn. Meri is pretty independent and just hasn't seemed happy being with Kody in a long time and he seems to not even acknowledge that she is there. What really ticked me off was last season (I think it was last season?), Meri was thinking about wanting another baby. She only has one child who was going off to college at the time. The only thing was that she had trouble conceiving and they would need to use fertility drugs and/ or invitro. Kody was not down with this at all. He said that if God wanted them to have another baby, it would happen naturally. How dumb, ignorant, and selfish are you Kody? So because Kody refused, Meri didn't get a 2nd child. With hearing this recent news about him divorcing Meri and then legally marrying Robyn, it kind of makes sense. Besides the fact that Kody and Robyn have the least problems and conflict in their marriage, Solomon had recently been born when Meri thought about having another baby. Solomon is Robyn and Kody's son together. The one (and probably only) thing I did commend Robyn for was that she had offered to be a surrogate for Meri so that she was able to have a 2nd baby. But that didn't happen because of Kody. It seems like Kody ignores Meri and Janelle (wife #2)- and they kind of focus on themselves and making themselves happy at this point, and then is always having conflict with Christine (his 3rd wife). W/e Kody. Click here for more.

3. Power Ranger arrested for murder
   Woah, woah, woah- what? Yes, Ricardo Medina Jr., who was the red samurai power ranger has been arrested and suspected of murdering his roommate. He allegedly stabbed him with a sword- go figure. I don't even know what to say besides WTF? You can read the story here.

   Well, that's all I got besides a migraine. Enjoy your day!



  1. I've been following the Bobby Kristina story all week, its such a tragedy. I know it's not looking good for her and I hope she and her family can find peace.

    1. It is so sad. Some recent articles have said that there might be hope but you know how stuff on the internet can be inaccurate. As bad as it might sound, I kind of think they should just let her go. She just doesn't seem like she wants to be alive and is miserable and wants her mother.


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