Hey, look what came for the dogs on Tuesday...

   One more day til Friday, one more day til Friday- you can get through this! Oh my God my ADD and restlessness is so bad this morning. Anyway, a little while ago, I had come across a dog-related post on Ellen's blog, Ask Away... about a new monthly pet subscription called Pet Giftbox. I had been interested in signing up for something like this and after Ellen gave it a good review and finding out it was only $17.99 per month, I decided to sign Audrey up. Aaand Audrey destroying every single toy in the house played a part in it too.  

They ship out the boxes the 1st of the month.
Look at all the stuff Audrey (and Gemma and Tigger) received!

The girls were sooo excited for the toys.
Gemma even pushed Audrey down so that she could get the first pick. Audrey got her back later by putting her in a doggy headlock.

Look at Tigger's (FKA Mowgli) face! lol priceless.
And then he decided to sit like a good boy.

They even include a card showing the retail prices of all of the stuff we received!

   I think this is definitely a good investment and I'm so happy I signed up for it. Click here for their home page.



  1. I love Ellen, that's my blogger bestie :) I love all her dog related posts, I actually get a lot of my information for my fur children from her blog.


    1. I get a lot of information from her dog related blog posts too!

  2. OMG your pups look like they love the products. I can only imagine how Misa would react to a monthly present delivered to my door, she sure is spoiled.

    1. They were so excited. Sadly both toys are destroyed but that is mainly b/c of Audrey the puppy. But I still have tons of treats left and that paw balm will definitely come to good use on walks during the hot summer and next winter.

  3. Haha! Look how interested they are? So cute!

    1. Thanks! They were going crazy and still go crazy over the treats.


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