My Sister's First Tattoo

   Monday is here again...ugh.

   Instead of dwelling on that, let's talk about what happened this past Sunday. I (my mom and my sister's boyfriend or guy she is dating or whatever they are) took my sister to get her first tattoo. She always said she would never get a tattoo. She thought that they were pretty but was afraid of the pain. But something changed and she randomly decided she wanted one.

   She waited like 2 months or so before we actually scheduled her appointment with Steve because she kept going back and forth on what she wanted. FINALLY she picked the one. So we made an appointment with Steve. She was so nervous but she had me and my mom there to keep her distracted and the guy she is dating (I don't know their status) there for moral support. Her guy even held her hand- so cute.

   When Steve was about to start tattooing her, I started freaking out inside thinking she couldn't handle it even though I knew she could. I was just being my normal worry wort self. But she was awesome and sat through it like a champ. Steve did an amazing job like he always does and did it in less than half an hour. I swear it had to have been like 15, maybe 20 minutes.

Stencil is on.

Steve getting ready to tattoo Jen

 Steve tattooing Jen.

 Her freshly finished tattoo.

 About an hour after getting tattooed.

   I love it and so does she. She cannot stop looking at it in the mirror. What do you all think?

   If you are ever in PA or live in PA or even live close to PA and want to get tattooed, make sure you hit up Steve Gentile at 717 Tattoo in Mechanicsburg, PA! Their number is (717) 620-8590 and make sure you follow Steve on Instagram



  1. I got a tattoo this weekend too! It wasn't my first though, but I remember my first tattoo like it was yesterday. I was so nervous but it didn't hurt as much as I thought. Congrats to your sister!

    1. I'm so jealous of both of you lol. I'm impatiently waiting for Steve to finish my hippo/ lotus flower tattoo. What did you get a tattoo of?


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