Names and Their Meanings

   Good Morning! Actually, delete that exclamation point- too early for that. So as I was listing facts about me for my Versatile Blogger Award post, I got the idea of doing a post about names and their meanings. My mom kept 2 baby name books in our house growing up and I would look in them ALL the time. Whether it was just to look up names, use it to name my toys, or pick out the names for my future dogs and babies. Even at a young age I was always thinking about the future, just like I still do now.

   Let's start off with my name, Heather. According to, my name is "Taken from the name of the plant having very small scale-like leaves and purplish-pink flowers. The word is derived from the Old English haddyr (heather, plants of the heath family)." And according to, the English and American meaning is "A flowering evergreen plant that thrives on peaty barren lands as in Scotland." Other sites say it means plant, heather plant, garden, garden of flowers, etc. So the meaning of my name is basically the heather flower/ plant. I'm cool with that.

   How about my dogs' names? Gemma means precious stone, gem, or jewel. Mowgli's name is being changed to Tigger- i'll have to do a post on that too. Either way, Mowgli and Tigger don't come up on Baby Name Wizard or She Knows. Audrey means strong or noble strength. I actually didn't look up these names prior to naming my dogs, which is pretty shocking. I kind of assumed the meaning of Gemma's name, whether or not Mowgli's/ Tigger's name had a meaning didn't really concern me, and I didn't really think about the meaning of Audrey's name. I actually really love the meaning of Audrey's name and while I don't think that meaning suited her when I first got her, she is slowly but surely growing into that meaning. The meaning is fit for a bulldog too b/c they are built like Mack trucks. They run and ram into everything and anything without thinking twice. And with all of the special supplements and work I did with Audrey, she has definitely gained muscle. She now jumps all over the places and dives/ soars off the couch.

   And even though I don't have any human children, I have thought about names. My top pick for a girl is Rhyan (spelled that way and pronounced like the boy name, Ryan) and top pick for a boy is Broderick (Brody for short)- I know, you may think I'm weird picking those names lol. On Ske Knows, there isn't a meaning for the girl version of Ryan, but Ryan means little king or kingly. So I would assume the female version would mean little queen. The Irish and American meaning of Broderick is surname, while the Scandinavian and Scottish meaning is brother. The English meaning of Broderick is "From the broad ridge."

   On a non-personal note, let's discuss the top two baby names of 2014. According to, the top girl name was Sophia and the top boy name was Jackson. Sophia is a Greek name and means wisdom. "The name was used by European royalty in the Middle Ages." Jackson is a Hebrew name meaning "son of Jack". Then I decided to go back to She Knows and look up the meanings to see if there was any additional information. She Knows lists "son of Jack" as the English Meaning of Jackson. The Scottish and American meaning of Jackson is "God has been gracious; has shown favor." The only additional meaning She Knows gives for Sophia is that it also means wise.

   Some other names I like include Brielle/ Briella, Aubrie, Vincent, and Axel. What are some names that you like? What is the meaning of your name?



  1. I never actually thought to look up my name or either of my fur children's names. Probably because one is Polish and the other one is named after my favorite flower haha. That whole post is very interesting though.

    1. The only dog I looked up names for a little bit was Audrey but didn't pay too much attention to the meaning. I named Gemma her name because she is so beautiful and Mowgli after The Jungle Book. Thank you!

  2. My name means "to defend and protect man" haha! Such a fun post idea, this was really interesting.


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