OOTD Denim on Denim and a Health Update

   It is Friday!!! I get so happy when this day comes around but get even more happier when it is Friday and I am back at home. Unfortunately, it is snowing right now. Not happy about that one bit. I really hope we don't get as much as they are calling for. Because of all of my "blackouts" and crashing into things when that happens, I am becoming so scared to drive- ESPECIALLY in snow. My commute is 1 1/2 hours, so I probably will end up leaving work early but still have to drive in the snow.

   Sooo I had a Doctor's appointment yesterday. Now my Doctor thinks I have Narcolepsy. I do have all of the symptoms. So I am supposed to be getting a sleep study done at my home whenever they get the appointment scheduled. I'm really trying to stay positive and not lose hope here but it is hard when all of your previous tests have come back normal. So I just feel like this one will too and then I still won't have answers. But there is no point in thinking negative, especially since I haven't even had the sleep study yet. 

   When I got home from the Doctor's, I got my sister to take some pictures of my denim on denim outfit. I used to think wearing multiple pieces of denim usually didn't look right. I never would have worn a denim shirt with denim pants. But as I've grown older, my fashion sense has tweaked a little bit. 

I seriously love these boots! They even have duct tape on them in the front right now b/c Audrey chewed them but I love them too much to throw them away.

Chambray Shirt: American Eagle; Tank Top: Forever21; Jeggings: American Eagle; Boots: Target; Ombre Necklace: Forever21

   Hope you all have a nice safe Friday!



  1. I know that feeling. I am having a lot of muscle/nerve trouble with my upper back and shoulder on the right side an the doctor is like well we can do another MRI but it probably will be normal so I don't know what to tell you. So frustrating!

    1. I am so thankful that my new doctor has actually been ordering these extra tests, like an MRI, because my other doctors didn't go any further after my blood results were normal. I agree, it is so frustrating when tests come back normal and basically say your healthy when you know that there is clearly something wrong. Hang in there!


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