Three of My Top Makeup Picks

   I wanted to do a non-sponsored review post on three makeup products I use because they work so well and I love them. I am ALWAYS trying new cover ups and foundations. Even with always trying new ones, I stayed away from anything that was over $8 but lately I have been trying things that are a little more expensive than that but not over $16. I can be a little frugal when it comes to makeup.

   Recently I had read another Blogger's post about finding a dupe for a more expensive mascara and she recommended it. Well, Maybelline's Lash Sensational is the dupe! It glides on so smoothly, doesn't make your eyelashes stick together, and there is no clumping! What else do you need in a mascara? I started using this mascara Saturday, so I am wearing it in my weekend recap pictures. This mascara retails at $6.94.
 I also really like the color of the bottle. It is like an aluminum rose gold or futuristic rose color.

As you can see, I use this matte + poreless foundation powder a lot. It feels so light and blends in really well. Retails at $5.94.
 (Don't mind my sister's legs in the bathroom. We were dying her hair)

And then there is the Covergirl TruBlend liquid makeup. This feels really light when being applied too, which I think is really important in a liquid makeup. It also blends in really nicely. This one seems to last a long time. B/c some areas of my skin are red, including the area along/ above my jaw line, I need something that is going to cover the redness and last and this definitely lasts. Retails at $8.44.

   Hang in there, tomorrow is Friday! I have a Doctor's appointment after work today and am hoping to get more answers and see what the next step is for my health. I'm really trying not to lose hope here.



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