Weekend Recap: When One Door Closes, Another One Opens

   It's Monday...ugh, don't remind me.

   Well the saying is true, when one door closes, another one opens because I went on a date Friday night. Some people might think that was a little too quick but I know what I want in life and I'm not going to let Steve breaking up with me get in the way of that.

   The date actually went really really really well and then we ended up seeing each other Saturday and Sunday too. I didn't expect any of that at all. By the way, his name is Ryne- pronounced like "rhinestone". So I've been in a pretty good mood.

   And on Saturday morning, I went and picked up this puppy pad wizard from Ellen at Ask Away... I wanted and needed this, plus I think it is super cute!

   I also went to Ashley Furniture and ordered a new bed and then went to my mom's house to see my cute twin nephews and bring Audrey to see her fur cousins. The twins just keep getting cuter and cuter! I can't believe they are standing up and walking now! They are growing up way too fast.
    Audrey had so much fun playing with her Uncle George and Auntie Gretta (the brindle English Bulldogs). George is 2 and Gretta is 6 months old.
   They ran all around the house jumping on the couches and just having a ball.

   I hope you all had a great weekend!



  1. I'm glad you're happy! Don't ever care what people think, it's only your happiness that is important. Also, Ellen is awesome, she's my blogger bestie we should all meet up one day!!!


    1. Thank you for the support and we definitely should!


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