Weekend Recap

   Well, it's Tuesday- which is better than Monday! One day down. These weeks seem like they have been going by so slow and each day feels like it's going by so slow. I hate days and weeks like these. But one thing that feels like it flew by is the fact that Audrey is going to be 1 year old on Thursday. I still see her as a little puppy or a 6 month old. With Audrey's first birthday being Thursday means that my sister's puppy, Eleanor, will be 1 on Wednesday. It's so ironic that our puppies are the same age and born 1 day apart. Jen, my sister, got Eleanor at 8 weeks old while I didn't get Audrey until she was 4 months old. It was just fate lol.

   So Friday it snowed. Like seriously Mother Nature? Thank God it only snowed like 1 1/2" and melted this weekend but still! But I got some pictures of me in my new sweater cardigan from Forever21 with my princess, Gemma. She usually cooperates really well with taking pictures but for these ones I had to hold her. She doesn't really like the cold and was just so excited that I was home.

 ^My favorite picture

   And this weekend? Uneventful. Steve's back was bothering him, he was exhausted from work, and just wasn't in the best mood. So we didn't hang out on our usual Saturday. It kind of bummed me out but I mean, I completely understand. So I watched Silver Linings Playbook for the first time. But earlier that day, I went to Target. I only got 2- well 4 extra things that weren't on my list. Earrings and then an Easter basket for each of the dogs. They were only a dollar- so I couldn't pass up and you know I'm a crazy dog mom, so of course I'm getting my babies presents for Easter.



  1. I just celebrated my dog's 5th birthday because I'm a crazy fur mama too haha. I should get her and the other little one an Easter basket what a cute idea! I also got kind of mad when I saw the snow because it was just too ironic that it was the first day of spring. I think Mother Nature was just being a b and had to do that to us haha


    1. Aw Happy belated Birthday to your fur baby! And I am with you on Mother Nature being a b.

  2. Nice! I came here from "Hope In The healing" (with the bulldog pictures).

    We have a sanctuary for abused and abandoned Pits (and other breeds). The snow would delight some of the bullies...but Denali The Happy Husky would demand to be carried outside, and held with her paws clear of that AWFUL WHITE STUFF whilst she did her duties.

    1. Thank you for all that you do for those poor fur babies! Gemma can definitely relate to Denali. The other two just want to eat the snow lol.


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