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This Needs to Stop

Good Morning... I swear the weekends keep going by quicker and quicker. Not much happened this weekend in my life, however, things did go down in my hometown. I was born and raised in Baltimore, MD. I lived there for about 18 years, which is the majority of my life.

   For those of you who don't know, a man named Freddie Gray died of a severe spinal cord injury while in police custody. This has caused an outrage within the local community and caused uncontrollable extremely dangerous protests. The worst of the protests happened this past weekend and I really do hope that was the worst. There are pictures and videos of some of it all over social media. People are swarming the streets not allowing people to drive. They are throwing things at cops and other people. I've seen videos of people smashing people's car windows, smashing front windows of stores and urging people to steal things from inside, and crowds ganging up on individuals and beating them. They are doing thi…

Let's Get Trendy with Trendage

Trendage is a website (and app) that gives your mind the freedom to style complete head-to-toe outfits. Whether you're a man or a woman, Trendage is fun and super easy to use. As soon as you get to the website, you are presented with the option of choosing "women" or "men". Then it's time to really get started.

   There is a wide variety of tops (which also includes coats and jackets), bottoms, handbags, necklaces, and shoes to choose from. Who else is having flashbacks of Cher standing in her closet trying to put together her outfit for the day? (I'm referring to the movie Clueless if some of you didn't catch on). Now while Trendage doesn't have all of your clothes that you have in your wardrobe, it does gives you the ability to mix and match outfits from the items provided. What's even better is that if you want to purchase the outfit you style, Trendage provides you with the place to buy the items as well as the prices.

   I really enj…

I HATE Spiders

I hate spiders. My morning has started off with some trauma already- but it could have been so much worse. So I go into the bathroom- the only one in my office that I have to share with all of these guys- and the toilet seat is up, of course. So I put it down (with toilet paper of course- there is no way I'm touching that gross thing with my bare hands) and there is a huge spider on the seat. Luckily it didn't move and I was able to kill it. What a way to start off my morning. It could have been way worse though. I could have not even really looked and ended up sitting on it or it jumping on me or getting in my pants or God knows what. Had to share that with you guys lol. Have a great morning!


Teen Mom OG

So who has been watching Teen Mom OG? I have! I finally watched Monday night's episode on Tuesday- ya know, since it comes on past my bedtime. At the end, Farrah Abraham finally made her appearance. Oh Farrah, Farrah, Farrah, what are we going to do with you? During her brief air time, she pretty much did nothing besides complain. Ok, we get it, you feel excluded because you weren't on the new show from the beginning but from your behavior, it seems like you don't even want to be on the show.

   I could understand if she showed a little bit of annoyance or betrayal on t.v., but to be a full blown biotch, that was just unacceptable in my eyes. She already is viewed negatively in the public eye, why contribute to that? And how is that setting a good example for her daughter?

   So do you think this is a one time thing? Or do you think her behavior will continue to be like this for all or the majority of the season? How do you think the other Teen Mom OG…


Happy Hump Day! We've made it to the halfway mark of the work week-kind of. Ugh yesterday was a total mess. My sleep app/ alarm malfunctioned or something, maybe because of the storm, and it didn't go off. So I didn't wake up until 6:30. Not only was I super late but the extra sleep didn't do a thing for me. So it's not like I was well rested or anything. It just made my day worse. On the bright side, my new vehicle passed state inspection and emissions which is a relief.

   Alright, so emojis. I am so clueless when it comes to emojis. Ok, well I'm not completely clueless but sometimes I'm just sitting there like what the hell is this face supposed to mean? One of my exes and I have been talking and he uses emojis quite often. So I'm left scratching my head trying to guess what expression the emojis are representing. Finally I decided to just Google the meanings- ah I love Google. Some of these meanings I was so far off. But now I have my little chea…

Weekend Recap

Weekends are always way too short and Mondays come way too quick. Good Morning! I am freakin' freezing and tired right now and it is raining its butt off here. Cold+Tired+Rain+Work= Not A Happy Camper.

   So besides this crappy Monday morning, the weekend wasn't really eventful. I did the usual errands and got some cleaning done (a little more than usual- yay me!). I was on Pinterest Friday- LOVE Pinterest- and came across a really easy recipe that I wanted to try. A 7 ingredient taco lasagna. So I bought the stuff Saturday morning and late Saturday night I decided to make it so that I could get some more cleaning done on Sunday. Man was this good. I tried taking some pictures but the pictures just didn't make it look all that appetizing. However, if you go on over to the blog I pinned the recipe from (The Girl Who Ate Everything), you can find some really mouth watering pictures as well as the recipe and directions.

   It was easy, quick, inexpensive, and delicious. So…

My New Bed

Yay, it is FRIDAY!!! And my bed frame got put together last night. The nice people that worked higher up at Ashley Furniture found out about the situation and agreed that what happened was completely unacceptable and they sent someone out yesterday to put together my bed frame. So now I have this lovely new bed frame and comfy new mattress and box spring.

   This bed is so much better than my black sleigh bed. However, I'm going to need a new comforter. This one comforter and color scheme just doesn't match this new bed, plus I wanted to change it anyway. But I'll probably just wait until I move to change it since that should be less than a year from now. I can make due until then. I'm just so happy that it is together.

   The mattress sits a little higher up than my old one, so the dogs are going to have to work their leg muscles more to try to get up there if they want to continue sleeping in my bed. When we move, I've been thinking about buying a little toddl…

Mo' Problems

Gooooood Morning! We just have to get through today and get through tomorrow and then it's the weekend. Hallelujah! Sorry about my rant yesterday. So my bed and new mattress got delivered yesterday and guess what? The dumb delivery people didn't bring all the hardware. So my bed was not able to be put together. They also think they threw the hardware away. So now I have to wait until the hardware arrives at my house and then call them and find out when they are available to come out and put my bed together. What a headache! But I stayed calm b/c there was no point in getting worked up and flipping out. It is what it is and although it pissed me off, there was nothing I could do.

   Now onto something that is more important. I read an article on Yahoo! Health the other day. It was one that I can relate to. It is titled, Mom's Open Letter To Handicap Parking Shamer Reminds Us That 'Ghost Illnesses' Deserve Respect. Basically, a 20 year old who has Lupus has a hand…

Trying to Control Your Temper Around Stupid People

Trying to control your temper around stupid people. Something I have to practice pretty much everyday. This post isn't necessarily to show all the ways to do this and what to do. Sorry if you thought this was. I'm writing, well typing, this post because the people who schedule my tests at my Doctor's office are so freakin' incompetent. I know this is just a ranting post, but I need to vent right now. I just had to take a bunch of slow deep breathes and my medication I take for panic attacks/ anxiety attacks to keep the wolf at bay. The sleep study place just called me and said I tested negative for sleep apnea. No shit. I knew I didn't have sleep apnea, I was supposed to be tested for Narcolepsy! First they set up for me to have the at home sleep study and when those people called me and told me they only test for sleep apnea, I had to call my doctor's office to inform them that they do not test for narcolepsy and that I need to go to a sleep study facility …

My "Little" Shopping Trip

Good Morning! I'm so tired but so excited b/c my new bed frame and mattress is being delivered this afternoon! I hope this mattress helps with my back and my sleep b/c I spent a lot more money on this one compared to how much I spent on the last one.

   So I'm finally getting around to doing this post on my crazy shopping binge I went on last month. I got way too much and didn't even get everything I needed but oh well, every now and then I just need to do some shopping therapy. I did get some really great deals on some of the stuff. And I apologize for the quality of these pictures, I was just trying to hurry up and get them done so that I could stop procrastinating on this post.

I've been wanting to get a floppy hat like this one for years but just never did. The hat and earrings are both from Target.
LOVE this new maxi dress I got from Forever21!
Can you believe this Forever21 skirt was only $4.90? And it wasn't even on sale. It is much thicker than other ski…

Pet Giftbox #2

Good Morning. I saw something somewhere on Facebook that said Tuesday is Monday's stepsister or evil stepsister. I thought that was pretty funny and true. Tuesday is almost as bad as Monday. I ordered my free trial from The Honest Company yesterday. I'm eager to try out their products. Has anyone purchased anything from them?

   I forgot to post in my weekend recap that on Friday, the dogs' 2nd pet giftbox came! It was earth day themed and unfortunately that turtle toy has been destroyed thanks to Audrey. That dog just wants to destroy everything. Oh well, Gemma still enjoys carrying the flat empty turtle body around lol. We got some good useful stuff and the lavender scented bags will be perfect for when I start walking Audrey again since it is getting warmer out. I haven't given the dogs the oven fresh quacks treats yet but I did start giving them the Pet Greens treats. They are thin little soft jerky treats and actually smell really really good.

   Are there any …

Weekend Recap

Good Morning everyone. It's Monday- again. Grrr. I really just wanted to stay in bed and sleep but I gotta make that money.

   So this weekend was slightly eventful. I actually cleaned my room and "took" my bed apart. I believe I mentioned a week or 2 ago that I ordered a new bed frame. Well that is supposed to be here Wednesday. So I had planned to take apart my current bed frame this weekend and just put it somewhere so that it could be used as the bed for the guest room of my next house. Well the idiots that my mom paid to fix my bed frame and put it together when I first moved into this house put my bed together with nails. Nails. Not screws. Seriously??? So I took a hammer to my bed frame and just broke it apart. Now it is sitting it pieces on my front porch. Oh well. Shit happens and life moves on. I probably should have taken the hammer to my bed frame a couple more times as therapy lol.

   Well besides breaking my bed frame and doing the usual, my sister and I…

Let It Go

In the words of Elsa, let it go. Sometimes you just have to let things go. For me, that was letting things end with Ryne. He was just moving way too fast and it unfortunately ruined what we could have had. I just played along with it. But it's ok, today is a new day. I think I was also letting him move at such a fast pace (even though it was kind of weirding me out) b/c I wanted someone or something to fill that void in my heart that Steve left and that was just so wrong.

   Speaking of Steve... he was supposed to finish my hippo tattoo yesterday. He finished half of it. And now apparently he is not going to finish it at all. I'm not surprised since he is known for not following through with things but I am still pissed off.

   But I am not going to ramble on and on about how pissed off I am at him. It is what it is. Anyways, my sleep study went well I guess and I should have the results in about 2 weeks. And today I leave work a little early to go to the Psychiatrist. Fun …

No Caffeine...

Good Morning everyone! I do not know how I am going to make it through the day. I am not allowed to have any caffeine at all today-none. I'm already ready to pass out and I feel the migraine coming on. Why can't I have caffeine today? Because my sleep study is tonight (through tomorrow morning). So we'll see if I get any answers from that.

   I have been so unfocused lately and I STILL have yet to do my post on all of the clothing items I bought lately. We'll see if I can have the post up Friday, depending on how tired I am tomorrow. And Steve is supposed to finish my hippo/ lotus flower tattoo tomorrow. I'm sure that will be awkward.

   Well I am going to try to survive today. Happy hump day!


I May Not Be Perfect But Parts of Me Are Pretty Awesome

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was feeling very depressed this weekend- especially yesterday. I still feel a little depressed. Depression is something I have battled my whole life and will continue to battle, but I refuse to let it win and defeat me. Sometimes my depression is triggered by something and sometimes it just comes into my life for no reason at all. It has destroyed my relationships and has taken me to my darkest days but I refuse to let it do that anymore. In the past two years or so, I have really worked on myself and I am continuing to work on myself. I let depression take over me this weekend and it sucks that I let it happen but guess what? Shit happens. I just have to hold my head up and continue on with my life. Today is a new day. So I turned to Pinterest this morning to dig myself out of that sad place and stay positive.
^Love this one!


Easter Sunday

Ugh, the dreaded Monday is here and I definitely didn't want to go to work today. I feel like I need a day off and a vacation but I'll have Thursday off b/c of my sleep study scheduled for Wednesday night through Thursday morning. And then Steve is supposed to tattoo me Thursday- we'll see if that actually happens.

   I was really depressed this weekend, especially yesterday. I'm not entirely sure why but I mean, I do suffer from depression sooo yea. Hope this goes away soon. I slept off and on all day yesterday. I just feel so drained. But at least I have my furr babies to cheer me up.

 These are their baskets. They didn't have purple, so Gemma had to deal with pink. 
They were so cute waiting for me to give them their baskets. Audrey wasn't sure whether she should be excited or scared lol.
     Well I hope everyone had a great weekend and a happy easter!

It's Friday!

It's Friday- thank God! Sorry I haven't been posting lately. I have felt so tired and drained this week and haven't been feeling good. I think I might be getting sick- for the hundredth time this year. Well, tonight and/ or tomorrow I am hanging out with my new boyfriend- yes, I said boyfriend- Ryne, and I'm actually going to meet his 2 year old daughter. So that's pretty exciting. And he is going to change the oil in my car, so that's a plus too.

   Well I hope you all have a great weekend and have a Happy Easter!