Easter Sunday

   Ugh, the dreaded Monday is here and I definitely didn't want to go to work today. I feel like I need a day off and a vacation but I'll have Thursday off b/c of my sleep study scheduled for Wednesday night through Thursday morning. And then Steve is supposed to tattoo me Thursday- we'll see if that actually happens.

   I was really depressed this weekend, especially yesterday. I'm not entirely sure why but I mean, I do suffer from depression sooo yea. Hope this goes away soon. I slept off and on all day yesterday. I just feel so drained. But at least I have my furr babies to cheer me up.

 These are their baskets. They didn't have purple, so Gemma had to deal with pink. 

They were so cute waiting for me to give them their baskets. Audrey wasn't sure whether she should be excited or scared lol.

     Well I hope everyone had a great weekend and a happy easter!



  1. Your pups are too adorable, nothing like a kiss from a furry friend to cheer you up. Also I totally think we should have the day after Easter off from work, I always need a day to recover.

    1. Dogs make everything better and I completely agree.


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