Happy Hump Day! We've made it to the halfway mark of the work week-kind of. Ugh yesterday was a total mess. My sleep app/ alarm malfunctioned or something, maybe because of the storm, and it didn't go off. So I didn't wake up until 6:30. Not only was I super late but the extra sleep didn't do a thing for me. So it's not like I was well rested or anything. It just made my day worse. On the bright side, my new vehicle passed state inspection and emissions which is a relief.

   Alright, so emojis. I am so clueless when it comes to emojis. Ok, well I'm not completely clueless but sometimes I'm just sitting there like what the hell is this face supposed to mean? One of my exes and I have been talking and he uses emojis quite often. So I'm left scratching my head trying to guess what expression the emojis are representing. Finally I decided to just Google the meanings- ah I love Google. Some of these meanings I was so far off. But now I have my little cheat sheet lol. I'm seriously considering printing it off and carrying it in my purse, no matter how ridiculous that makes me look.

   So if you are in the same boat that I am when it comes to emojis, here is the site I'm using.

emoji meaning 169 Yellow heart
emoji meaning 170 Blue heart
emoji meaning 171 Purple heart
emoji meaning 172 Green heart
emoji meaning 173 Red heart

   Have a great day!



  1. I feel like my interpretation of certain emojis are not what they were originally intended to be, haha!! Yay for hump day, only got to make it through 3 more days of work before the weekend!

    1. I feel the same way. And yes, thank God the work week is almost halfway over.

  2. good post ! :)



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